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Preschool tuition inspires learning in preschoolers with its variety of fun and well-paced lessons. It ensures only the best learning outcomes for children by melding parental feedback with effective interventions.

The years following toddlerhood are crucial to a child’s all-round development. Children from the ages of three to six possess the capacity and curiosity to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

As such, preschool presents an opportune time for children to develop to their fullest potentials.

Preschool education guides children through a process of discovery with varied approaches and curriculum such as Montessori, play-based, and whole-brain learning amongst others. It is in preschool that children pick up the hard and soft skills for life. These include interaction and socialisation skills; reading, speaking, and writing well; self-expression; responsibilities; and appropriate social behaviours amongst other aspects.


To support early childhood educators in Singapore in creating and delivering quality learning experiences for preschoolers, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has launched the Nurturing Early learners (NEL) Curriculum. This framework outlines areas such as Aesthetics and Creative expression, Discovery of the World, Social and Emotional Development, Motor Skills Development, Language and Literacy, and Numeracy.


In addition to the hard and soft skills that children receive in preschool education, Distinction Tutors seeks to support parents with preschool tuition. Preschool tuition offers personal coaching to children for building strong academic foundations in basic language, literacy, and numeracy skills. It provides additional supplementary support to children in developing the competencies they need to thrive in primary school and beyond.

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Common problems faced by Preschool Students

Separation Anxiety

Children entering preschool may commonly experience separation anxiety as this is likely their first time being separated from home and parents for a few hours each day. They feel that their comfortable attachment to familiar routines, people, and places is being disrupted. There is a real fear of the new and unfamiliar. This can range from separation from their mothers or favourite toy(s), to meeting new people, feeling lost, and more.

Short Attention Spans

Retaining the attention of energetic and fidgety preschoolers can prove to be an uphill task as they get easily distracted. Apart from being bored (the most common reason), other possible reasons include stress, anxiety, or attention problems. While inattentiveness is expected of children around this age, cultivating the focus and discipline for tasks that require higher levels of concentration is important too. Fidgeting while performing focussed tasks has been shown to affect memory and comprehension. Children whose minds wander are more likely to perform poorly on tasks that require a greater degree of mental concentration.

Delays in Learning

Every child develops at a different pace. Some children master skills quicker than others. While children gradually learn to read and write when they are ready, parents can get anxious when they find their child lagging behind their counterparts. They worry that this delay will negatively impact their child’s studies in primary schoolleading to an onset of learning difficulties later on.

What can Preschool Tutors offer?

1-1 Coaching

Preschool tutors focus on identifying and shoring up the weaker areas of preschoolers. Whether it is in language, literacy, or numeracy, preschool tutors will be able to target specific areas to ensure that the child has grasped the fundamentals. Moreover, with a personal preschool tutor, preschoolers will learn to interact with a stranger in a 1-1 social setting while observing appropriate behaviour and rules of engagement.

Variety in Lessons

The attention span of three-to four-year olds is 5-10 minutes and 15 minutes for five year olds. Preschool tutors are able to engage children in smaller tasks with strategic breaks in between to commensurate with a child’s ability to stay focussed. With stretch targets and a mix of easy and challenging activities, children will be able to learn constructively and stay focused while having fun.

Effective Intervention

Preschool tutors offer regular updates on a child’s progress along with professional recommendations for his or her improvement and overall performance. Preschool tutors work closely with parents to plan, suggest, and curate meaningful lessons. Melding parental feedback with effective intervention techniques ensures only the best learning outcomes for children.

Benefits of Preschool Tuition

It is important for preschoolers to be able to enjoy learning at a comfortable pace without feeling coerced or pressured into doing so. Having short and well-paced lessons ensures that children space out their learning so that they won’t be inundated with information. This gives them time to process, absorb, and savour what they have learnt. Preschool tuition keeps topics fresh and interesting in order to sustain an enduring passion for learning.

Children who experience severe separation anxiety benefit from preschool tuition as lessons are conducted in a familiar home environment. Children can ease into new experiences knowing that their parents are nearby and that they are safe at home. Parents can keep a close watch as well while attending to other domestic duties.

Preschool tuition offers holistic help that saves time, effort, and money. Rather than enroll your child in separate enrichments for different academic areas, parents merely need to engage one tutor to cover it all. Whether it is basic English, Mother Tongue, or Math, preschool tutors are skilled in interventions for language, literacy, and numeracy to offer the best possible help to children.

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Distinction Tutors’ preschool tuition inspires learning in children with its variety of fun and well-paced lessons. It ensures only the best learning outcomes for preschoolers by melding parental input with effective intervention techniques in curated lesson plans.

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