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Importance of PSLE Tuition

The PSLE is the start to Singapore’s major national examinations. It determines a student’s streaming level in Secondary School and is part of the education system that has been recognised worldwide.

Even if PSLE is not the last determining factor of a child’s future, it is still important to note that it decides the secondary school that the student goes to. Should a student fail to do well in PSLE, they can be off to a rocky start in their otherwise long academic journey. PSLE Tuition will help your child in their journey to academic success!

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General problems faced when studying for PSLE

Overwhelming Pressure and Stress to Do Well

The move up from Pre-School into Primary School may not bring about the smoothest transition of change especially since students are suddenly introduced to multiple of new subjects. Right off the bat, the pressure and expectations from them are heightened.

It is notable that the PSLE will be every Singaporean child’s first major examinations. In addition, hearing stories of how their PSLE results will affect their tertiary education route does nothing to soothe their troubled nerves. To ace PSLE, students will need to learn to adapt fast to changes and take things with stride. 

Inability to Keep Up With the Learning Pace in School

After being introduced to an array of subjects, students will then be exposed to concepts they have never came across before. This could be Mathematical functions, Scientific facts, English or Mother Tongue proverbs and more.

Lessons are continuously scheduled one after another and students are kept on their toes lest they do not mind missing out on any important bits of information shared in class. When a student becomes unfocused or start slacking off, they can easily lose track of the concepts taught and find themselves stuck, unable to keep up.

Difficulty in Concept Application During Exams​

Primary School is all about learning, memorising and knowing when and where to apply concepts into problems to get to a solution. A big chunk of PSLE depends on a student’s familiarity with concepts which proves how important having a solid foundation is.

Students who have difficulty in concept application are usually not confident in determining the correct formulas and models to use on written paper. To fix this problem, a student would need to go back to square one and start building their basics again.

What to look for in a PSLE Tutor

Genuine Desire to Help

When looking for a PSLE tutor, parents should keep in mind that a good heart goes the extra mile. Finding a PSLE home tutor who is genuine about their craft is as important as finding one who is well-versed and experienced.

With a passion to make a difference, a private PSLE tutor would not hesitate to make lesson plans that will spark interest and joy in students. Each lesson will be thoroughly planned and they will instinctively know how to explain even the toughest concepts as they have your child’s best interest in mind.

Connection With Student

If a PSLE tutor is unable to speak on the same wavelength as a student, communication between the two will be stiff and challenging. When teaching and learning, communication has to go both ways to bring about the best results possible.

If both the PSLE tutor and student’s personalities match, the child will take in lessons much more willingly and co-operatively. They will be more receptive towards and advice or feedback given and may even develop a new interest for learning.


After all, the PSLE will be your child’s first ever experience with Singapore’s big-scaled national examinations. Stress and pressure would be increased a tenfold as students progress a level higher each year.

Other than support from teachers in schools and family members at home, the extra words of encouragement from tutors will make a lot of difference. Students would usually be burnt out after school but having a motivating tutor will help them persevere and not give up easily. Any advice and tips shared by the PSLE tuition teacher can also pose a positive effect in their studies.

Benefits of PSLE Tuition

In classrooms, learning methods are centralised to cater to the majority, and most times, concepts are just glossed over due to the lack of time. When a student is unable to process what was taught as the wrong learning method was forced on them, they might fall behind their peers.

Every student has a unique learning method that is unique only to them. What works well for some children, may not work best for the rest. 1-1 PSLE tuition will enable the learning method used to be adapted to the student’s preference.

The time spent in school for each subject daily is limited to an hour or two at most. During this timeframe, a lot would have to be covered with no remaining time left for review. When teachers are unable to help each student individually and feedback is missing, students will never know what their weaknesses are and how to fix them.

Through PSLE tuition sessions, students will bloom under detailed and constructive feedback provided by the tutor regularly. Any spotted mistakes can be corrected immediately and students can learn how to turn their weaknesses into strengths.

Apart from the usual textbook questions, homework and past papers to practice on, schools rarely distribute extra materials for students to further sharpen their understanding. It is a known fact that practice makes perfect, but with no additional materials to work on, a student’s academic progress becomes limited.

With PSLE tuition, students will never be starved of practice questions. Right after the assigned work is completed, both the tutor and student can sit down and go through the paper together.

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At Distinction Tutors, our PSLE tutors are well-acquainted with every PSLE subject tested and promises undivided for each student. Understanding how big of a deal PSLE is, our PSLE tutors will work on fine-tuning a student’s hold on concepts, improve their learning speed and fill in any missing learning gaps left unattended.

Help your child get on their ideal stream in Secondary School by acing their PSLE with the help of an expert tutor here!

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