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The content in JC Biology is vastly different from what students learnt in O level Biology or IP Biology. The JC Biology syllabus focuses on how life works at a “molecular and cellular level”, rather than broad base systems like the respiratory system which were taught in secondary school. 

JC Biology students are expected to know details at an extremely micro level, such as how cells and molecules interact in the Krebs Cycle. This cellular and molecular level knowledge will be useful to Biology students who intend to pursue Medicine or Pharmacy in University. 

In fact, Biology teachers estimate that two thirds of the JC Biology syllabus is to prepare students for Medicine, Pharmacy, or Pharmaceutical Science. Hence building a good foundation in JC Biology will be essential to a student’s success in biologically related courses in University.

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Common problems faced when studying JC Biology

Vastly different content from secondary school Biology

Many students take Biology in Junior College (JC) thinking that it will merely be a continuation of what they learnt in secondary school Biology. While this is true for some topics such as cell division and inheritance, most of the topics taught are vastly different. Secondary school Biology focuses more on broad based systems, such as the digestive, circulatory, and respiratory systems. 

However, JC Biology zooms in to a very micro level, focusing on how the cells and molecules function in human and plant processes. This deviation from expectations may cause the students who did well in secondary school Biology to struggle with JC Biology. JC Biology tuition will definitely be able to help students to overcome this problem.  

Jump in volume of content​

JC Biology is not only vastly different from secondary school Biology, but also a huge jump in difficulty. This mainly manifests in the enormous increase in volume of content in JC Biology. The topics in JC Biology go into much greater details of how processes work. For example, secondary school students were only required to learn that aerobic respiration is the process where the mitochondria of the cell produce energy using oxygen. 

In JC Biology, the process is broken into many more sub-steps, and students are required to memorise all this information in the form of the Kreb’s cycle. Answers to structured questions are much longer and more detailed, and students can no longer expect to get by solely through memorising content.

Insufficient time to study ​

JC Biology is a subject that requires a large time commitment in order to do well. However, JC is arguably the busiest two years in a student’s life, and students need to allocate time to their CCA and other subjects. As a result, many JC students find themselves with insufficient time to study the time-consuming subject of Biology. JC Biology students must learn how to prioritise their time and learn more efficient ways of studying Biology.

What to look for in a JC Biology Tutor

Extremely strong in Biology

The JC Biology syllabus is extremely difficult and a large amount of it borders on what medical students are required to learn in University. Not everyone who has studied Biology can teach it at a Junior College level, and it is optimal if the JC Biology tutor has a higher degree of understanding of Biology than JC level. 

A private JC Biology tutor who is studying a Biology related course in University or someone who has taken H3 Biology would be able to explain concepts to JC Biology students from a higher perspective. These JC Biology tutors would also be extremely good in Biology.

Develop student’s interest in JC Biology

The JC Biology curriculum does not exactly have the most interesting topics. Most of the topics in JC Biology focus on the cellular and molecular level, and students are often not able to see the relevance of these topics to their lives. JC Biology tutors should be able to teach relatively abstract and boring topics in a more interesting way. 

This could be done through helping JC Biology students visualise how these topics are linked to the real world. For example, JC Biology tuition teachers could show the relevance of mutations, cancer, and infectious diseases in the world of medicine today.

Summarise concepts succinctly

The JC Biology syllabus is extremely heavy in content, and most students do not have the time to read through and memorise every piece of information. The lecture notes given by schools usually contain a lot of information, and each piece of information is not equal in importance. To help students save time, JC Biology home tutors can help students summarise each topic. Summaries should highlight what information is essential, what is good to know, and what is irrelevant and unlikely to come out.

Benefits of JC Biology Tuition

A key benefit of JC Biology tuition is the exposure to a variety of explanations for a concept. The method that schoolteachers use to explain a certain JC Biology concept may not be the most intuitive or suitable for specific students. JC Biology tuition will enable students to have access to an alternative and potentially easier to understand explanation that their JC Biology tuition teachers provide them.

Some of the content in the JC Biology lecture books may be deemed extra or irrelevant. Students can choose to read through this content to gain a better understanding of the topic, however, it is not essential for students to understand this content in order to do well. 

Instead of struggling to filter through the lecture books themselves, students can make use of the experience of their JC Biology tutors to determine what content is critical and what content is supplementary. This will minimise the amount of time students use to study Biology, and this time could be used for other pursuits.

All our JC Biology tuition sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis from the comfort of the student’s own home. Conducting lessons at the student’s own home will help save students time, as compared to travelling to a tuition centre. Having lessons on a one-to-one basis with a JC Biology tutor will also allow for a greater degree of flexibility in terms of lesson timings.

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