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To understand the global trends of today, students need to know how the past has shaped the present. Nobody wants to be left behind so it is important to keep up with current affairs. Understanding the past lets students understand the present. It is also important for students to learn how to handle different opinions. 

History is shaped by multiple perspectives and it is essential to think critically about them. What can be trusted? Which historical sources are accurate? Who should we believe? Knowing how to check sources is an important skill that is increasingly relevant in the age of fake news. After all, not everything is what it seems. Learning how to read in between the lines, both in history and in life, is essential. 

History trains students to question things beyond the surface. Not everything should be taken at face value. As with people, historical sources can be layered with multiple intents and it is important to understand their true motive.

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General problems faced when studying History

Huge memory work needed

Was it 1989 or 1998?  Most people find it hard to remember different dates and events and it is a common challenge for students. History requires students to understand significant events and that includes knowing the dates and details. After all, the devil is in the details. To analyse historical sources accurately, historical context is needed. Hence, history requires students to memorize various significant events and dates. As such, history content can be quite dense, which is a struggle for many students.

Difficult to express themselves on paper​

Some students find it hard to express themselves through writing. There is no need to be the next Shakespeare but it is important to write coherently in History. Students may find themselves struggling to put their point across in their essays. They may feel that their points are perfectly coherent in their heads but it does not translate in writing. Their history essay may feel jumbled and all over the place. Their teachers may also struggle with understanding their history essays because their points are off tangent or too vague.

Difficult to analyse historical sources accurately​

History is all about analysis. Historical sources need to be analysed critically and students might find it a challenge to do so. Students are required to understand the context of the source and provide evidence that supports or undermines them. All these can be difficult if they do not have a strong foundation in history. Students might also find it difficult to understand the sources themselves. What are the sources trying to say? Without understanding the intent of sources, it is hard to analyse them.

What to look for in a History Tutor

Passionate about history

This is an extremely important quality in a history tutor. Passion is infectious and even though history may not be a student’s favourite subject, a good history tutor’s passion will be key in making classes entertaining. History can get dry and a passionate history tutor is best at livening things up. Naturally, a passionate tutor would also understand historical concepts at a deeper level. These history home tutors would present complicated concepts in a simple yet fun manner. In essence, passion makes or breaks a history tuition class.

Understands your weaknesses

There is always room for improvement and in order to improve, we need to target our weaknesses. A good history tutor will strategically zoom in on their student’s shortcomings and work on it with them. Some history students might be unsure of their specific weaknesses. Through careful assessment, a good history tutor would uncover these weak areas and help them improve. It’s key to find a history tuition teacher that knows how to tackle the weaknesses of their students.

Able to engage students

We all love a charismatic teacher. Likewise, it is important to find a history tutor that is able to make lessons fun and engaging. Even the most entertaining subjects would be made boring by someone who cannot engage students. When students are truly engaged in a lesson, they will find themselves enraptured by the history tutor. The sole focus would be on the history tutor and the students would be actively listening in class. Most importantly, the students would be having fun in history tuition class.

Benefits of History Tuition

Our history tutors are here to make things easier for the students. Student will learn useful memory techniques to help them remember the different dates and events of history. Besides memory work, our history tutors are experts at crafting concise notes that contain important historical concepts and frameworks. Beyond simply memorizing them, our history tutors will teach students how to digest these concepts. After all, studying is not about rote memorizing but understanding what has been taught.

Our team of experienced history tutors will provide step by step frameworks to help students understand historical sources. The guidelines our history tutors provide will greatly benefit students in analyzing sources at a quick glance. Since source-based analysis is such a huge component in history, history tuition would give our students an edge over other history students. Moreover, a good understanding or sources is key in scoring well for history. History tuition would help in curating a more nuanced understanding of historical concepts. 

To better express themselves on paper, students need to work on their writing. Our history tutors are well versed in helping students sharpen their writing skills. As experts in coming up with various writing frameworks, our history tutors will help students organize their writing. History tuition helps students write clearly with the use of a structured writing framework. It helps keep them on track so they do not deviate from their main points. Our history tutors understand that a clear and structured essay is the way to a marker’s heart.  

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Distinction Tutors offer a vast range of experienced history tutors with a passion for history. Our tutors have always gone above and beyond to provide extra help to students. The efforts of our history tuition teachers are reflected in the results, with many of students scoring A for history. 

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