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Sec 3 is an important year for Chemistry students. Students start off by learning foundational chemistry topics, such as Atomic Structure, Ionic, Covalent, and Metallic Bonding, and Moles. These topics form the basis for future topics learnt in the O level Chemistry syllabus. Hence, it is essential that students fully understand the syllabus they learnt in Sec 3 in order to progress on.

Furthermore, more than half of the content for the O level Chemistry syllabus is taught in Sec 3. This is as the last few months before O levels are usually reserved for revision, hence schoolteachers need to teach more than half the syllabus in Sec 3 to allow for sufficient time for revision in Secondary 4. Sec 3 Chemistry also contains many tricky topics, such as Acids and Bases and Moles. It is critical for students to understand these topics fully in order to not stumble and get confused during their O level Chemistry Examinations.

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Common problems faced when studying Sec 3 Chemistry

Difficulty Understanding Foundational Topics

Many Sec 3 Chemistry students struggle with the first few topics taught during the syllabus, namely Kinetic Particle Theory, Atomic Structure, and Ionic, Covalent, and Metallic Bonding. This could be because these topics are relatively abstract and focus on process at a molecular level that students cannot visualise. 

However, it is essential for students to understand these topics fully, as these topics form the basis for subsequent topics. If Sec 3 Chemistry students find themselves struggling with these topics, they should immediately seek clarification from their schoolteacher or Sec 3 Chemistry tutor to not impede further learning

Problems with Moles and Chemical Calculations

Moles and Chemical Calculations has always been a difficult topic for Chemistry students. Students need to fully understand how various variables are related, such as how mass(g)=Molar mass (g/mol) x number of moles (mol). This requires not only a good foundation in Chemistry, but also a solid grounding in Math. 

Students also often struggle with presenting their answers properly, missing out key steps such as writing a word statement and leaving their answer in three significant figures. Sec 3 Chemistry tutors can come in to teach students how to present their answers in a stepwise manner, as well as to give students a better understanding of the logic behind mole calculations. 

Trouble with Acids and Bases

The topic of Acids and Bases is one of the most difficult topics that Sec 3 Chemistry students face. This is because Acids and Bases is a big topic with many concepts to be learnt. Many concepts in Acids and Bases also require application into the real world and to experiments. Examples are adding bases of different solubilities to acidic soil to neutralise acidity or conducting experiments of Acid and Base titration. 

Nonetheless, it is essential that students obtain a full understanding of Acids and Bases. This is because many subsequent topics in the O level Chemistry syllabus, such as Salts and Qualitative Analysis, require a good foundation in Acids and Bases. Students struggling with Acids and Bases should look for a Sec 3 Chemistry tutor to help them improve.

What can Sec 3 Chemistry Tutor offer?

Highlight Essential Concepts to Students

Sec 3 Chemistry Tutors must be able to identify the important concepts in each topic, and place extra emphasis on these topics when teaching their students. For example, for the topic of Acids and Bases, Sec 3 Chemistry Tutors should highlight the three main acid reactions to students, (acid reaction with bases, reactive metals, and metal carbonates). Most of the other knowledge is built on these reactions and these reactions will appear throughout the syllabus, hence it is essential that Sec 3 Chemistry Tutors highlight these essential concepts to their students earlier.

Simplify Mole Calculations

Many Sec 3 Chemistry students have trouble with Mole Calculations. Sec 3 Chemistry tutors should be able to explain Mole Calculations to their students in a simple and formulaic manner. For example, Sec 3 Chemistry tutors can bring in the idea of mole triangles to help their students understand how to derive quantities like the number of moles when given mass and molar mass. Sec 3 Chemistry tutors should also teach students how to present their answers properly, such as writing word statements and giving answers in 3 significant figures.

Develop student’s interest in Chemistry

Sec 3 Chemistry has many interesting topics inside, such as Separation Techniques and Structure and Bonding. Sec 3 Chemistry tutors should do their best to develop their students’ interest in Chemistry by showing them applications of each topic or by teaching in a more interactive manner. This is as Sec 3 Chemistry tutors will only accompany students temporarily, but interest in Chemistry will inspire students to go much further.

Benefits of Sec 3 Chemistry Tuition

Sec 3 Chemistry tuition will allow students to be exposed to a wider variety of explanations and also allow students to have access to a Sec 3 Chemistry tutor that can promptly clear their doubts. Hence, through repeated explanation and clarification, Sec 3 Chemistry tuition will enable students to develop a clearer understanding of how various concepts work. This benefit provided by Sec 3 Chemistry tuition will enable students to have a clearer view of the bigger picture in the Chemistry syllabus.

Sec 3 Chemistry tuition will enable students to understand Sec 3 Chemistry topics better through routine lessons and doubt clarification. It is essential for students to build a strong foundation in their Sec 3 chemistry topics through Sec 3 chemistry tuition. This is as the O level Chemistry examination tests both Sec 3 and Sec 4 Chemistry topics. Hence it is critical that students have a strong foundation in their Sec 3 chemistry topics in order to focus more on their Sec 4 chemistry topics in Sec 4, and taking up Sec 3 Chemistry tuition is a great way to build a strong foundation.

One of the biggest benefits of Sec 3 Chemistry Tuition is allowing students to adopt a personalised pace. Unlike lessons in school, where teachers have to go at the average student’s pace, Sec 3 Chemistry tuition allows students to study at whatever pace suits them. If students are weak at a particular topic, they can stop their tutors and seek clarification until they fully understand the topic in question. Similarly, if students already understand a particular topic, they can just ask their tutor to go on to the next one. This flexibility that Sec 3 Chemistry Tuition provides is extremely beneficial to each student’s individual learning.

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