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Our H1 Literature tuition can improve students’ ability to comprehend texts and identify relevant literary devices. They will also learn how to compose better essays during A-Levels to secure their ‘A’.

Importance of H1 Literature Tuition

Like other Arts subjects, Literature gives students the chance to express their own opinions and perspectives. With a variety of perspectives expressed in essays, markers look for those that explore new and interesting ideas while staying relevant and accurate in their interpretation of texts. With mass lectures and tutorials in school, students generally end up with similar text analysis discussed in class. As such, they will need additional guidance in order to stand out from the crowd and score well.

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Common problems faced when studying H1 Literature

Poor Foundation

Regardless of whether students took Literature back in Secondary School, most students will struggle when they are first exposed to H1 Literature. This is because the required skillset for H1 Literature is drastically different from Secondary School Literature. 

Students are now required to propose their own individual perspectives on both given and unseen texts, which means that they can no longer simply rely on their teachers and prescribed texts. To do so, students will need to have a degree of independence in their learning. Without a good foundation in Literature, students will find themselves incapable of identifying literary devices in the texts and use the correct terminologies to craft succinct and accurate answers. This directly translates to poorly written essays and low grades.

Inability to Identify and Understand Context

There are three main categories of texts in H1 Literature — Drama, Poetry and Prose. Each of these has its own unique writing style which means that students will have to analyse them through different lenses. Students will have to have a good grasp of the essence of each of these styles when they critique and propose their points in their essays. 

Additionally, texts are also written in different time periods. Students will therefore have to familiarise themselves with the cultural norm and language present in their texts. With little exposure to the historical side of Literature, students may end up making inaccurate assumptions of the background and context of texts, which will lead to misinterpretation.

Lack of Time

Just like any other subject, students will have to dedicate time to H1 Literature if they wish to do well. Students ought to read and re-read their texts multiple times as they will be able to capture new interesting ideas that they might have previously missed out on. They should also dedicate time to research the historical context of their texts to improve their understanding. 

Additionally, they also need to expose themselves to as many literary devices and terminologies as possible in order to excel in their unseen texts. With the number of things that they need to do, and the nature of Literature being an Arts subject with endless revision materials, students need to learn how to juggle H1 Literature with their other subjects.

What can a H2 Literature Tutor offer?

Literary Devices and Terminologies Word Bank

The importance of correctly identifying literary devices and using relevant terminologies cannot be ignored. With the wide array of such terms out there, students may find themselves at a loss when they attempt to consolidate these themselves. A H1 Literature tutor can help consolidate a list of important terminologies that are frequently featured during H1 Literature papers. During H1 Literature tuition, students will also learn how to correctly identify these literary devices in their texts.

Contextual Knowledge of Texts

During H1 Literature tuition, students will be introduced to interesting elements and key writers of the different time periods. A H1 Literature tutor is able to explain the intention behind the unique writing styles of each author. This will aid students in understanding their given texts and the references made by the authors. 

With time, H1 Literature tuition will help students familiarise themselves with these key elements, which will help them craft better answers during their papers. The exposure to different time periods during H1 Literature tuition will also help students when they analyse their unseen texts as well.

Analysis and Annotation Skills

Since students are allowed to bring their texts into the examination hall, they should make good use of this benefit. A H1 Literature tutor can help guide students in identifying the key quotes that they can make reference to during their papers. Students will also learn how to best annotate their texts during H1 Literature tuition, such that they can efficiently locate the relevant quotes for different themes when they answer questions during H1 Literature papers.

Benefits of H1 Literature Tuition

Beyond curriculum hours, students should spend time analysing their texts. However, without guidance, they may find themselves going off-tangent and drawing inaccurate conclusions. H1 Literature tuition provides students with a platform to discuss their thoughts with a H1 Literature tutor. These tutors will keep students in check when they explore ideas that are out of the norm. Through the discussions held during H1 Literature tuition, students will also take ownership of these ideas, which translates to better-crafted answers written based on a fully comprehensive understanding of their texts.

With limited time in school, students may not be given sufficient written practices to hone their writing skills. H1 Literature tuition will train students to write good essays under the time limit, to help them learn how to manage their time when they sit for their H1 Literature papers. By exposing students to more unseen practices also trains their ability to quickly and correctly identify literary elements. 

Additionally, the same text identified by a H1 Literature tutor may simply come up during their examinations. With prior practice during H1 Literature tuition, students will stand to gain an advantage when answering such questions.

By providing both content knowledge and written practices, H1 Literature tuition prepares students adequately for their H1 Literature papers. This will boost students’ confidence when they sit for their papers, which helps them craft good essays despite being under a tight time limit. The added knowledge students learn during H1 Literature tuition will also help them stand out from the crowd and impress examiners.

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