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Sec 4 is a critical year for Chemistry students. Around 3 months of time is reserved for O level revision, hence many schools aim to complete the O level Chemistry syllabus by July or August. This results in fast paced lessons that many Sec 4 Chemistry students are unable to cope with. However, it is essential for Sec 4 Chemistry students to follow the lesson pacing and syllabus. This is as it is extremely hard for students to catch up once they fall behind. Students falling behind can consider Sec 4 Chemistry tuition to help them catch up with their peers.

Sec 4 Chemistry also cumulates in the extremely important O level Chemistry examination, and it is essential for students to do well in the O level Chemistry examination both for their L1R4/L1R5 and to take Chemistry in Junior College or a Chemistry related course in Polytechnic. The content in Sec 4 Chemistry also forms the basis to many courses in Polytechnic and University, such as Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, and even Medicine. Hence it is critical for students to do well in Sec 4 Chemistry to get a step ahead in their further education.

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Common problems faced when studying Sec 4 Chemistry

Trouble with Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry is the biggest topic in the O level Chemistry syllabus, and it is a topic that a significant proportion of students struggle with. Organic Chemistry itself has many smaller sub-topics, such as Alkanes, Alkenes, Alcohols, Carboxylic Acids, and Macromolecules. Hence, there is remarkable amount of content to be mastered. 

Furthermore, the nature of Organic Chemistry is quite different from the previous Chemistry topics that Sec 4 Chemistry students learnt. Organic Chemistry is more related to Biology, whereas the other topics of Chemistry likes Moles or Atomic Structure are more related to Physics. Students more inclined towards Physics may find themselves struggling with Organic Chemistry, and they should enlist the help of a Sec 4 Chemistry Tutor by going for Sec 4 Chemistry Tuition sessions.

Difficulty with Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative Analysis is a challenging topic to many Sec 4 Chemistry students. Qualitative Analysis is one of the few topics that can be tested in both Written and Practical Papers, and it is a topic that is bound to come out for the O level Chemistry Practical Exam. Students must be able to fully memorise the tests and observations for eight cations, five anions, and five gases. 

Furthermore, students often need to play the role of a detective and deduce the identity of multiple mystery ions based on tests and observations given in the form of writing or flowcharts. Students will also need to learn the skills to conduct such tests for their practical examination.

Problems with Topics of Salts

The topic of Salts is one that many students have trouble with. Salts requires a good ground in Acids and Bases, and many students struggle with salts because they did not understand Acids and Bases fully. Although Salts seems difficult, with lots of information to be memorised, it is actually much simpler once students approach it in a stepwise manner. A Sec 4 Chemistry tutor would be able to guide students on the steps to take in order to obtain a certain salt.

What can Sec 4 Chemistry Tutor offer?

Teach Students Exam Strategies

Sec 4 Chemistry tutors should go beyond teaching students content, and also teach students key exam strategies that will enable students to do better in the O level Chemistry examination. Many Sec 4 Chemistry students make the mistake of writing too much irrelevant information for their Paper 2 structured questions. 

This causes students to run out of time during the examination, and often the irrelevant information will not even get students any marks. Sec 4 Chemistry tutors should teach students exam strategies, such as answering questions using keywords and allocating a specific amount of time for each mark in the exam. These examination techniques that Sec 4 Chemistry tutors teach will undoubtedly benefit students in their major examinations.

Provide students with more structured answers

Sec 4 Chemistry tutors would be able to provide students with more structured answers for their long answer questions. These structured answers provided by Sec 4 Chemistry tutors would make more logical sense and contain the necessary keywords to answer the question, as compared to answers that Sec 4 Chemistry students will come up with by themselves during the examination. 

An example would be the topic of Salts, where students should adopt the structure of writing the preparation method (Ionic Precipitation or Titration or Excess Insoluble Base/Carbonate/Metal), followed by the separation method (Crystallisation or Filtration), followed by purification. Having a structure given by Sec 4 Chemistry tutors would enable students to have greater clarity when answering their questions.

Ability to show students the relevance of topics to real life

A Sec 4 Chemistry tutor should be able to show their students the relevance of the topics they learn, especially with regards to student’s daily life. Sec 4 Chemistry tutors can explain to students how the topic of organic chemistry is relevant to the manufacture of drugs, and how small changes in the molecule can cause large changes in the effectiveness of the drug. An example Sec 4 Chemistry tutors can use is the thalidomide tragedy, where the body converted one safe isomer of thalidomide to the other more dangerous one that caused birth defects.

Benefits of Sec 4 Chemistry Tuition

Regular Sec 4 Chemistry Tuition sessions enables students to have a routine consolidation of knowledge. This is essential as students are faced with large amounts of content to be memorised and understood before the O level examination. It is impossible to do well in the O level examinations through last minute studying, and hence regular Sec 4 Chemistry Tuition is beneficial in ensuring that students study regularly. Sec 4 Chemistry Tuition also acts as a checkpoint for students to review the knowledge they have learnt in school during the week, and to clarify any doubts they have with their Sec 4 Chemistry tutor.

Sec 4 is an essential year for Sec 4 Chemistry students that cumulates in the O level Chemistry examination. Schools allocate one to two terms worth of time just for students to revise for the O level examinations. However, without proper lessons, many Sec 4 Chemistry students may feel at a lost as to what to study. Sec 4 Chemistry tuition is able to provide students with guidance as to which topics and concepts students are required to study. 

Sec 4 Chemistry tuition also gives students a avenue to clarify their doubts, especially if students have trouble reaching their teachers in school. Furthermore, if students are really lacking time for revision, Sec 4 Chemistry tuition will be able to help students identify the higher priority topics and concepts, allowing for more efficient revision.

At the end of the day, the most important goal of Sec 4 Chemistry tuition is to help students get an A1 at their O level examination. Not every Sec 4 tuition session or Sec 4 Chemistry tutor is able to deliver results. However, Distinction Tutors excels at this aspect, with many of our students scoring an A1 at their O level Chemistry examinations after choosing us for Sec 4 Chemistry Tuition. Hence, you can be assured that choosing us will equate to great results.

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