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Principles of Accounts (POA) is an elective subject that requires a good mix of concepts and common sense in students. With Sec 3 POA tuition, students can have the upper-hand in both.

Importance of Sec 3 POA Tuition

POA is more than just crunching numbers. It teaches students the principles behind reporting their dollars and cents. Through this subject, students will get to learn about how businesses measure their profits and losses as well.

Besides building their knowledge in accounting, students are also acquiring life skills such as learning how to budget their spending as an adult, understanding the different sections of their bank statements and how their CPF statements come together.

With POA tuition, students are can learn about the subject further in-depth. Students will gain an additional teaching figure on who they can rely on for advice, tips and smart learning techniques. They will benefit from personalised learning materials and will understand how the POA can offer them opportunities that can transverse into their career.

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Common problems faced by students when studying Sec 3 POA

Challenge in Balancing Debit and Credit

The purpose behind preparing a trial balance is to prove the equality of both the debits and credits balances. Rightfully, the total debit balances should equal the total credit balances. If the final digits of both sides are not equal, it signifies an error such as miscalculation, omitted entries, posting on the wrong side of the account and more.

For example, an error in the calculation of cash balance is one of the top reasons why a trial balance will remain unbalanced. When such an oversight happens, a student would have to redo the trial balance right from the very start. This would eat into their time during examinations and will add pressure as they move onto the next sections.

Understanding the Books of Prime Entry

The books of prime entry contain business transactions that have to be recorded first before they are posted in the ledgers. There are a total of 4 books of prime entry, namely the special journals, general journals, cash book and petty cash book.

Each journal/book serves its very own purpose in the concept of accounting and should not be confused for each other or miscalculations will happen. Students will have to fully comprehend the benefits and advantages of each books of prime entry to be able to utilise them accordingly.

Troubles in Understanding the Various Accounting Concepts

The second topic in the current MOE syllabus speaks about accounting concepts that will be used and tested during assignments and exams. There are a total of 12 concepts to learn and fully understand just for the second topic itself. Just the thought of having to digest 12 concepts within a few lessons is already a lot to think about but students would have to endeavour and know all concepts.

The 12 concepts are Accounting Entity, Going-Concern, Accounting Period, Historical Cost, Matching, Materiality, Monetary, Prudence, Consistency, Objectivity, Realisation and Monetary.

To do so, students need to be equipped with great memorisation skills to know what each concept means. Only after students recognise each definition of a concept will they be able to understand the essence of the question and what is required to solve it. If the student have troubles absorbing the various accounting concepts, they will find the next upcoming topics to be unnecessarily complicated.

What to look for in a Sec 3 POA Tutor

Customised Resources that Encourages Learning

The perks of being enrolled in Secondary 3 POA tuition is definitely having immediate access to nicely done up summary sheets. As the POA tutor will have their undivided attention on one student at a time, they are well aware of the areas which the student needs most help with.

With an exclusive customised learning material to rely on, students are made well aware of the mistakes to avoid and the key points to remember when doing homework or during exams.

Ability to Explain Concepts

Since POA is an introduction to the world of accounting, it is important that a POA tutor is able to explain concepts, terms and definitions in a simple manner. If a POA tutor use unfamiliar words while explaining, students will find grasping concepts to be impossible.

Students may also find POA to be intimidating when it is anything but that. As such, it is important for students to be matched with a POA tutor who has a knack for using easy to understand terms.

Commitment and Dedication in Teaching POA

Without commitment or dedication by a tutor, Sec 3 POA tuition classes would not be of much help to any student. First and foremost, a POA tutor has to be devoted to their teaching craft to help students achieve optimum results in their report cards.

Tutoring is not only limited to teaching and learning but is also about working out struggles and clearing misconceptions. With dedication, POA tutors are able to help students find the root of the problem and help them find a solution to overcome it. Otherwise, it will be just like another POA class in school which makes no difference to their quality of learning.

Benefits of Sec 3 POA Tuition

To master the art of balancing a balance sheet, students would need to have tons of practice. But even so, it will not do a student much good if they are not using fool-proof techniques throughout their rounds of extra practice outside of school.

Taking on Secondary 3 POA tuition classes will let the student in on tips and tricks that have proven their effectiveness. POA tutors with years of experience are usually packed with techniques that can help students easily breeze through balance sheet questions thrown at them. For example, students will benefit from using acronyms such as A=L+S (Assets = Liabilities + Shareholders’ Equity) that is essential for arranging balance sheets.

With the aid of a POA tuition teacher by their side, students can learn in a creative manner that takes on a different angle from what they are used to in schools. In Secondary 3 POA tuition classes, students will get to delve into the subject better via innovative methods. For instance, the POA tutor can use diagrams to explain concepts instead of telling students to memorise content.

Undeniably, some students decide to study POA as an elective due to reasons like hearing how it is ‘easy’ to score As for the subject. Then again, students should know that passion is what will take them further and help them ace a subject. Without an ounce of interest, students may find POA to be a chore in the time to come.

With the help of Sec 3 POA tuition, students will be able to understand why and how POA is relevant to their future and applicable in their daily lives. When a POA home tutor has a passion in teaching the subject, the same enthusiasm can be transferred to a student. A positive-minded POA tutor can make every tutoring session fun. As time passes by, students may also develop a higher appreciation for the subject.

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Our POA tutors’ have the ability in making learning the subject fun and exhilarating. POA might be just an elective subject but it takes just as much importance as the other core subjects. If a student does well in POA, it opens up potential career doors and may even push a student into pursuing a highly-sought-after career path.

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