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Importance of Secondary School Math Tuition

Secondary school math represents a significant jump in difficulty from primary school math. In primary school math students were just exposed to the surface of mathematics through simple arithmetic and problem sums. In secondary school, students learn the more theoretical aspect of Mathematics, with Algebra, Trigonometry, Vectors, and Logarithms being some of the more challenging topics.  

Many students who excelled in primary school math start struggling in secondary school, and it is essential that students have the right guidance to regain their grasp in math. In fact, the four years in secondary school are often the “make or break” years, in which students decide if they are interested and able to pursue Math at a higher level. 

Students who consistently do well will in Math will be more confident and have a better foundation, making them more likely to choose A Math in Secondary 3 and H2 Math in JC. This will open the doors to prestigious University courses like Engineering and Computer Science.

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Common problems faced when studying Secondary School Math

Unable to Understand Applications of Secondary School Math

Secondary school Math is a big jump in difficulty from primary school math. Primary school Math is more focused on basic arithmetic and heuristics, whereas secondary school math dives into the more theoretical aspects of mathematics. 

Primary school math often involves simple questions which students can understand the purpose of, such as calculating the total price of 12 pineapples and 6 bananas. However, secondary school math involves problems that involve applications beyond the students understanding. An example would be the use of matrixes to solve questions. 

Secondary school students often do not have the ability to appreciate the applications of more theoretical mathematics at their age, and are hence just taught how the theory works, which may impede their understanding of the topic. Secondary school Math tuition will help students to cope with the transition from primary school. 

Problems Presenting Working Logically

Secondary school Math requires students to present their working logically. Often the method of presentation students learn at a primary school level is insufficient for students to obtain full marks at O levels. 

However, students have already developed bad habits in primary school and may struggle to present their mathematical workings in a coherent and logical manner. An example is when students do not write the reason for why two angles are equal in their working (ie angle ABC= angle XYZ due to vertically opposite angles), expecting the examiner to know what they are thinking.

Trouble Understanding Algebra

Algebra, or the use of letters to represent unknowns, is often very abstract to lower secondary students. Students are usually more comfortable with the more visual “model method” they learnt in primary school and may be resistant to using algebra to solve questions. This is because the “model method” can also be used to get the correct answer for simpler problem sums. 

However, it is essential for students to learn algebra as soon as possible as algebra is a foundational skill and the “model method” will be much harder to use for more complex problem sums. Secondary school Math tuition will simplify algebra to make it easier for students to understand. 

What to look for in a Secondary School Math tutor

Possess the Necessary Qualifications

Secondary school math tutors must show that they are qualified enough to be able to teach secondary school students math. At Distinction Tutors, we conduct in depth background checks, and ensure that all the secondary school math home tutors in our databases have sufficient teaching experience, have graduated from Junior College, and obtained stellar math results during their formal education.

Help Students Develop their Mathematical Skills

Math is a subject that students will definitely use in their life, whether they go to Junior College or Polytechnic. The critical and logical thinking skills that math helps students develop will be useful in any profession in the future. A good secondary school math tutor will not only help students score higher in their O Level examinations but will also train students to adopt a more systemic and coherent thinking process when approaching math questions. This helps students become more critical thinkers with better logical reasoning skills, which will not only help in math but also in all aspects of life.

Build Student’s Confidence

The secondary school years are essential for students to build a strong mathematical foundation. A capable secondary school math tutor will help students get better grades during their school examinations and tests, which will in turn build students confidence. Confidence in their mathematical ability is useful in helping secondary school students combat stress and nervousness during their O level examination.

Benefits of Secondary School Math Tuition

The pace of secondary school math tuition lessons is determined by the learning ability of the student. If students are able to absorb the content quickly, then secondary school math tutors will be able to move on to the next topic even if the school syllabus has not taught that topic yet. Learning in advance could help secondary school students have a better idea of the topic when it is taught in school, hence putting them a step ahead of their peers.

Students who are not naturally inclined towards the mathematics may find themselves struggling to follow during lessons. This is especially true in upper secondary, as the pace of lessons will quicken to allow for more time for O Level revision. Not understanding lessons fully may result in students accumulating queries and gaps in knowledge. It is hence essential for secondary school math tutors to explain concepts to students again and ensure that they understand everything in the syllabus. This additional guidance in the form of a secondary school math tuition teacher could make the difference between students obtaining their desired grade and having students give up on math entirely.

Our one-to-one secondary school math tutors will teach students from the comforts of their own home. Lesson timings are also flexible to accommodate for any last minute plans, as long as students liaise with their math tutors. This method of learning offers much more convenience compared to tuition centres which has fixed lesson timings and requires students to travel.

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