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Our Primary School Higher Chinese tutors are able to help students increase their word bank, write better compositions and secure a 'Distinction' in Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE).

Importance of Primary School Higher Chinese Tuition

Over a quarter of Primary School Chinese students take up Higher Chinese as an examinable subject during their PSLE. In order to secure a ‘Distinction’, students will have to stand out amongst the crowd. Not only do they need to have a good foundation in terms of their word bank and spoken Chinese language, they have to also produce good eye-catching compositions for PSLE markers to award them with better grades. 

Scoring a ‘Distinction’ is especially important if students are intending to enter Special Assistance Plan (SAP) and Integrated Programme (IP) schools. The ‘Distinction’ will give students an added advantage during Direct School Admission (DSA) and Secondary One Posting Results.

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Common problems faced when studying Primary School Higher Chinese

Unfamiliarity with the Chinese Language

With a decreasing number of students speaking Mandarin outside of school compounds, many students struggle with Higher Chinese lessons. The lack of practical use of the Chinese language in everyday life will hinder students from scoring during their examinations.

Simply being able to identify and use words and phrases is insufficient. Unlike normal Chinese lessons, students taking Higher Chinese are required to know 20-30% more words and have better mastery in the language. With limited vocabulary, it translates to difficulty in crafting good compositions and comprehensive answers during their PSLE.

Large Class Size

In recent years, Higher Chinese has become an increasingly popular subject that Primary School students opt to take up. This means that class sizes are huge, especially so for SAP Primary Schools. With a large class size, teachers use generic teaching methods such as giving weekly spelling tests and assigning workbook assignments. 

However, students within the same class are likely to have different standards of mastery in the language. Some students who have a good foundation in Chinese are being held back from achieving better grades, while others with a weaker foundation lag behind and struggle to catch up in class.

Unmotivated to Improve

The combination of a lack of foundation of the Chinese Language and the oft-mundane teaching methods used by teachers in school results in the wrong impression that Higher Chinese is a tedious and boring subject. Many students do the bare minimum when it comes to their preparation during examination seasons, prioritising their other “core” subjects. Without putting in the effort, it is unsurprising that students cannot score well for their Higher Chinese examinations.

What can Primary School Higher Chinese Tutor offer?

Cultivate Interest

On top of written assignments, another main objective of Higher Chinese is to expose students to the Chinese culture. Due to limited time in school, teachers often neglect this aspect in their teaching. However, it is important for students to recognise the beauty of the language and culture in order to be motivated to learn. A Primary School Higher Chinese tutor can engage students through the exposure of common cultural aspects, and leverage on this to provide interesting and value-adding Primary School Higher Chinese tuition classes. 

Provide Consolidated Word Bank

Being a language subject, it is definitely worth learning words and characters beyond the syllabus. Higher Chinese examination papers will often feature words that students are not exposed to in class, leaving them incapable of deciphering its meaning. A Primary School Higher Chinese tutor is able to provide adequate guidance in this regard, helping students increase their vocabulary and perform better during their examinations.

Improve Writing Skills

A Primary School Higher Chinese tutor can guide students by helping them analyse model compositions to better understand what comprises a good composition essay. A Primary School Higher Chinese tutor will also expose students to more phrases and sentences. Students will learn how to accurately apply them in their compositions to help them score marks during examinations.

Benefits of Primary School Higher Tuition

The two main components of Primary School Higher Chinese are composition and comprehension skills. Primary School Higher Chinese tuition provides tailored lessons according to each student’s needs. For instance, students who struggle with composition writing skills will spend more time during Primary School Higher Chinese tuition crafting essays for different topics and learning good phrases and idioms that they can apply in their compositions. 

Students who are weaker in comprehension skills will instead spend more time reading articles and conversing with Primary School Higher Chinese tutors, to improve their ability to understand the text and accurately respond to questions asked in relation to it.

Primary School Higher Chinese tuition prepares students adequately to perform well during examinations. With a better mastery in the language, students will find themselves more confident when answering questions and writing compositions under time constraint. Primary School Higher Chinese tuition will definitely give students an added advantage, with the extended knowledge and content they are exposed to in comparison with their peers.

In the long run, attaining a good grade in Higher Chinese for O-Level is necessary for students to be granted exemption from taking H1 Chinese in Junior College. As students progress in their academic routes, they will be taking on more subjects. Having an added subject is definitely time consuming and unnecessary stress loaded on students. In order to avoid such a situation, it is important for students to build a good foundation early on. Primary School Higher Chinese tuition not only helps students attain ‘Distinction’ during their PSLE, but also provides long-term benefits for students.

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Distinction Tutors comprises passionate Primary School Higher Chinese tutors, who are not only committed to helping students attain ‘Distinction’ during their examinations, but also increase students’ receptiveness to the Chinese Language as a whole. Reach out to us to help your child secure ‘Distinction’ as well!

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