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Our team of JC Chinese tutors are geared towards helping students prepare for their A-Level Chinese examinations.

Importance of JC Chinese Tuition

Chinese in Junior College (JC) is taken only in the first year of the two-year JC education (three years for Millennial Institution). Students have to sit for their last Chinese paper in Year One as part of the A-Level requirement.

JC Chinese differs from secondary school Chinese as the standard of Chinese is much higher, requiring students to adopt a greater level of thinking and a deeper understanding of the subject.

JC students will benefit significantly from scoring well in their JC Chinese national examination as the grade adds on to the rank point they receive to enter University. As such, JC Chinese Tuition seeks to help students to do well in JC Chinese in their first year in order to boost their overall A-Level result.

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Common problems faced when studying JC Chinese

Little Time to Prepare for Final Exams

Students have little time to prepare for the JC Chinese national examination as it is conducted at the end of Year One. Most students struggle with the lack of preparation time due to the need to absorb copious amounts of content, techniques, and skills within a few months. Furthermore, the lack of practice leads to an incomplete understanding of concepts and poor results.

Increased Level of Difficulty

The tougher standard of JC Chinese means that students who did not take Higher Chinese in secondary school may struggle to adjust to the new level of difficulty. Writing competently for essays and speaking eloquently for oral are key to excelling in the A-Level Chinese examination. Furthermore, complex and lengthier comprehension passages require students to construct their answers with greater depth and substance.

Intense School Curriculum

The JC academic curriculum is taught briskly as teachers seek to complete all topics before the school and national examinations. Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) which require students’ participation two-to-three times a week means students must be able to juggle academic and non-academic activities well. 

Furthermore, the move to independent learning requires students to assume greater personal responsibility for their studies by consulting teachers for help if needed, during or after lectures and tutorials. These combine to add to the pressures of having to adjust and adapt quickly to JC life.

What can JC Chinese Tutors offer?

Effective Preparation

Time is of the essence. As the JC national Chinese examination is conducted in Year One, JC Chinese tutors seek to improve students’ writing and oral skills in the short span of a few months. With the expertise of a JC Chinese tutor, students stand to receive more practice. Promptly marked exercises also allow students to maximise their learning ability and quickly review their mistakes. This ensures a constructive and efficacious use of time.

Fast Response

In the interests of time, JC Chinese tutors render efficacious and immediate help to students outside standard tuition hours by responding to students’ queries through messaging apps where possible. This shortens the waiting time for responsesensuring that students can contact their tutors when they need to.

Empathetic, Expert Help

Our team of JC Chinese tutors understand the rigors and demands of JC life. They take the stress out of learning Mandarin by empathetically communicating with students to coach them in their Chinese schoolwork and provide the most effective solutions to their questions.

Provision of Summary Notes

Quick summarised notes are effective for revision. With the convenience of summary notes, students will be able to build their vocabulary and improve their techniques and language skills. Our dedicated team of JC Chinese home tutors can readily provide summary notes for students to review their understanding before the final examination.

Benefits of JC Chinese Tuition

JC Chinese school teachers may not be able to individually coach students as they are required to complete all topics within a short, designated time frame. To address the learning gaps of students, JC Chinese tuition teachers offer personalised support by thoroughly explaining concepts, responding to questions, and checking that a student has fully understood the content of their syllabus.

Students must be able to understand a comprehension passage before attempting to answer its questions. Furthermore, complex and lengthier comprehension passages require students to construct their answers with greater depth and substance. Proficient JC Chinese tutors meticulously unpack comprehension passages and concepts with students to hone their critical and analytical abilities.

Instead of spending precious time wrestling with unknown words, phrases, or questions, receiving JC Chinese tuition will enable students to acquire the necessary skills to perform well in the A-Level examination. Our JC Chinese tutors train students to view a question from various perspectives in order to apply the suitable, relevant techniques in future assessments and during the final examination.

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Distinction Tutors can help

Distinction Tutors offers JC Chinese support for students through analytical thinking in comprehension, personalised coaching, and exam-ready skills. JC Chinese tuition is especially structured towards helping your child improve quickly in time for the JC Chinese examinations in Year One.

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