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Importance of Primary School Tuition

Primary School tuition not only develops a student’s ability to think and answer, but also teaches them reasoning skills. This is a critical skill to possess as it helps students develop analytical abilities that will help them comprehend and justify the answer to a question. Students will be taught that studying is not only limited to memorising but also involves reasoning and understanding.

Primary School tutors for one, are equipped with the aptness of providing quality study materials and fill in the void in a student’s studying needs. Through primary school tuition sessions, a student can build up and strengthen their basic concepts which make moving onto the advanced concepts a breeze.

Other than just mastering the basics, engaging in the service of Primary School tutors can motivate a student into gaining interest in the subjects being taught in school. Studying materials used during primary school tuition tend to be a lot more engaging and fun which makes learning fun for students. Eventually, with time, the students are able to focus better in class out of sheer passion and pass with flying colours in exams and tests.

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General problems faced by Primary School students when studying

Poor Attention Span or Focus

As students step into Primary School, it is common that they will find themselves struggling to adapt to the new academic structure and heightened expectations from parents. To overcome this problem, students need to make changes to their pre-existing routine and be smart about managing play and study time. However, not all students are equipped with a great attention span and focus, so some may need adult supervision – be it a parent or tutor – to ensure the assigned school work is meticulously done.

Sudden Exposure to New Subjects

In Primary School, students will be introduced to core subjects such as English, Maths, Science and Mother Language. As they advance into a higher level each year, the concepts and theories taught in each subject becomes more complex. As such, it is very important that a student is able to digest and master the basics first. When a student is able to comprehend the basic concepts, acing the more intricate concepts moving forward will prove to be not as difficult after all.

Difficulty in Expressing Thoughts Into Answers

Another concern lies in a student’s inability to string their thoughts into written form on paper. Usually, a student is able to formulate their thought processes in their mind but find it difficult to translate it into words. This is especially worrying when it starts affecting graded assignments, tests and exams.

What to look for in a Primary School Tutor

Subject Matter Mastery

Just like any other expertise, the more tutoring a Primary School home tutor has done, the better they are at it. Subject matter mastery involves a tutor’s ability in comprehending concepts and how they can communicate the teaching materials to the student with ease. Without this, a Primary School tutor can be one who is an expert in the subject but does not have the technique or means to effectively pass on their knowledge to the student.


Another attribute that makes a great Primary School tutor is the passion that they possess in what they are doing. When the Primary School tuition teacher is excellent at engaging and spreading enthusiasm for the subjects being taught, the student will find learning to be exciting. In return, the student will not only be able to capture the essences of the lessons taught but may also find a connection or liking with a studying method – verbal or written – that they find fits them best.

Growth Mindset

A Primary School tutor should be more than just someone who aides a student’s learning process outside of curriculum hours. A Primary School tutor should be someone who can further nurture a student’s mind and develop their attitude in learning and achieving success. Essentially, a Primary School tutor is ideally one who can permeate and encourage mindset growth to a student with every passing tutoring session.

Benefits of Primary School Tuition

As opposed to being taught in a class of about 40 students, an individual child would be able to benefit more from being taught individually or in smaller groups. Attention and focus from the Primary School tutor to student is more equally distributed. Communication from tutor to student would flow a lot smoother too as some students might feel more comfortable about speaking up in a smaller classroom setting. Through this, a child’s exact study needs can be met.

Parents and students can streamline their concerns regarding the subjects or syllabus being taught in school and discuss them in detail with the Primary School tutor. Thereafter, a timetable that aligns well with school work and other expectations can be created. With a customised plan, students can benefit better as they will be attending tutoring lessons that can help them improve in areas that they were previously lacking in.

Ultimately, having the added advantage is always beneficial to a student. Students enrolled in a Primary School tuition program are more likely able to be ahead of their peers as they were given a head start during tuition sessions. Since the student was already introduced to the topic or concept beforehand, they will be better prepared when they are officially taught the matter in school.

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Building a good academic foundation for a Primary School is deemed to be very important for children schooling in Singapore. Having a strong foundation from a young age can help students progress fluidly up the academic ladder throughout the years to come.

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