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One of the more widely taken subjects in JC is physics, which can be attributed to the numerous courses in university that require at least a pass in the subject. However, if students wish to get into more competitive courses in order to secure a good career, they should consider taking physics at the H2 Level instead of taking H1. For instance, many popular engineering courses like computer engineering or biomedical engineering require at least a H2 pass in Physics as a minimum. 

Moreover, engineering students who do not take H2 Physics are forced to take a bridging course before they are able to start on the main modules, putting additional workload on them which may cause them to fall behind. For students aiming for the prestigious double degrees, programs such as Business Administration and Computer Science also require a H2 pass in Physics. 

Others like Computer Science and Mathematics having even stricter requirements, needing a good pass in H2 Physics, implying at least a B grade or above to qualify. Therefore, it would be useful for students to take up H2 Physics provided they can afford the rigour.

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General problems faced when studying H2 Physics

Difficulty with practical skills​

Many students taking H2 Physics may struggle to do well in the subject because there is an added practical component in paper 4 of the A levels. Practical papers test students on their hands-on ability to conduct experiments as well as their theoretical knowledge, but while most students are able to complete the experiments smoothly, they may not be able to bridge the gap between theory and practical, leading to the inability to answer the evaluative questions at the end. 

This problem is worsened by the lack of lab time that students are able to get in school, which is 2-4 hours per week at the most optimistic estimates, which is much less than the time spent learning about theory in lecture or tutorials.

More content to deal with​

The main difference between H2 and H1 Physics is the range of topics that students are exposed to, with H2 physics students needing to learn many more topics than their peers that take Physics at the H1 level. For instance, some of the challenging topics such as Oscillation and Waves and Quantum Physics are taken out of the H1 syllabus. With a greater variety of topics to study for, some students may find themselves unable to keep up, and find that it takes much longer to actually master the content within H2 Physics. H2 Physics tuition will aid the student in understanding these complex content. 

Stronger mathematical skills needed​

H2 Physics may require students to have stronger mathematical skills as compared to when taking H1 Physics. Shared topics such as Newtonian mechanics use simpler mathematical tools like simultaneous equations and algebraic manipulation, but topics that are absent in H1 Physics such as Gravitational Field, Electric Fields and Electromagnetic Induction call for students to have prior knowledge of more advanced mathematics such as differentiation and integration, since it contributes heavily to understanding the fundamental concepts behind the topic. 

In addition, some H2 Physics questions require students to provide mathematical proofs and derivation, which they may not be able to obtain full credit for if they have poor presentation attributed to a poor foundation in mathematics.

What to look for in a H2 Physics Tutor

Strong Mathematical Foundation

Because H2 Physics relies on mathematical understanding of concepts, the H2 Physics tuition teachers should also have a strong mathematical background in order to properly guide students in understanding certain topics. In addition, some questions require full mathematical working As such, it is important for private H2 Physics tutors to be able to check for the mathematical coherence of their answers to prevent careless mistakes.

Ability to tie in real world examples with theoretical knowledge

Because a huge proportion of H2 Physics is theoretical, many students are disconnected from the reality of physics, which may lead to some difficulty when it comes to the practical component since they are unable to appreciate the underlying concepts in the experiment. As such, an effective H2 physics tutor should be able to guide students through both theory papers and practical papers, perhaps through occasional practical experiments that deal with difficult-to-visualize topics such as waves and oscillations.

Ability to guide students through challenging topics

Taking H2 Physics is not always easy because there are so many topics that are tested. It is important that H2 Physics tuition teachers are able to guide students through the additional topics and provide whatever help that they may require along the way. This may include dedicating themselves to answering more questions that H2 Physics students may have regarding the topics, while also providing more notes and test papers in order for them to achieve mastery over the subject area.

Benefits of H2 Physics Tuition

H2 Physics is no doubt challenging, and some students may fall behind in school because they are not able to keep pace with the rigour of the curriculum. However, with private H2 Physics tuition, students get the opportunity to learn at their own speed, with the H2 Physics tutor monitoring their progress at all times to make sure they are still able to grasp concepts in time for major examinations. This can help to lower stress levels associated with the feeling of inferiority in school if students are unable to catch up.

Different students will inevitably have different learning styles and methods, which may not be addressed when learning difficult H2 Physics concepts in school. By taking the time to individually understand students and their learning style during personal tutoring sessions, H2 Physics home tutors are able to provide the best possible teaching method in order to heighten their understanding of topics in the fastest possible time.

Private H2 Physics tutors can also provide students with many notes and past year papers from other schools. This can serve to add on to the resources already given by the school, or the Ten Year Series. This is especially important for H2 Physics because students often need more exposure to the different types of questions asked during practical papers and not just questions from the school or from the TYS because it can lead to tunnel vision. By learning from a wide range of sources, students are better prepared to deal with curveball questions that can come up In the A levels.

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