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Importance of IP English Tuition

IP English, like most other IP subjects are designed for students to master the techniques needed for General Paper in the A levels. While some schools combine Literature texts and its analysis together with IP English, the focus of most schools are on comprehension and essay writing skills. 

These skillsets are crucial, not only to score an A in General Paper when students enter JC, but also for other subjects that require essay writing or textual analysis. For instance, students can make their JC Economics essays stand out by applying argumentative writing techniques learnt in IP English, while they can apply their comprehension skills to help identify concepts in Economics case study papers. 

Extending past JC, a strong foundation in English can also help students write compelling personal statements and cover letters for admission into Ivy League Universities and other competitive courses both locally and internationally.

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Common problems faced when studying IP English

Lack of Current Affairs Knowledge

Without current affairs knowledge, students will find it extremely difficult to score well for both comprehension passages as well as essay components. For one, the lack of an understanding of real-world affairs may lead students to draw the wrong inferences when analysing texts relating to it. 

Students may also flounder at the application question component, which requires them to narrate their personal experiences in the subject field, which may be hard to relate to. In addition, if they only have limited knowledge on certain issues around the world, then it is also difficult to write a compelling essay to score high marks.

Difficulty Arguing Effectively

IP English emphasizes a lot on argumentative essay writing, as well as critical thinking skills for use both in essays and in comprehension passages. For some, the transition from the well-accustomed creative writing essays in PSLE may be challenging to cope with, because there was no prior need to think critically in creative writing, nor was there a need to evaluate opinions. As a result, many essays tend to lack analysis and be overly descriptive, which can hinder students from getting the top band of grade.

Difficulty Adjusting to the Non-technical Nature of English

Many students tend to adapt better when there is a set structure to doing things, such as a particular way to solve math equations, or a way to explain natural phenomena in science papers. However, for IP English, there are many ways to interpret questions in argumentative writing, and many ways to approach the question as well. 

To some, the lack of a structured and systematic approach to answering can cause confusion, and may lower their confidence level because they may believe that their approach is wrong. Furthermore, students may also overly cling on to one technique of writing essays, such as the PEEL structure, because it is a proven way of writing properly. However, this can cause their writing to appear extremely rigid and boring, which prevents them from scoring high marks.

What to look for in a IP English Tutor

Strong command of English in all aspects

In order to teach students effectively, the IP English tutor must have a strong command of all aspects of English, such as in grammar, punctuation, oral skills, essay as well as comprehension skills. While some may be able to teach how to write effectively, they may be plagued by poor grammar or punctuation usage, which may influence the tutee to copy the mistakes as well. In addition, if the private IP English tutor does not speak proper English with the student, it may accidentally translate to the use of colloquial English in essays, which is unacceptable.

Able to help students to argue effectively

As argumentative essay writing is foreign to many students entering IP English, the IP English tutors must be able to teach students how to argue and not simply describe the situation. They must be able to break down an argument into premises to show students, teach them methods of identifying fallacious arguments, as well as how to write compelling essays by appealing to different forms of reasoning.

Able to expose students to real world affairs

IP English demands a high level of knowledge of current affairs. As such, IP English tuition teachers must be able to help students achieve this level of knowledge through both consistent writing practice, and discussions of hot-button social issues around the world. This will serve to augment the content knowledge of students so they are able to effectively apply arguments with compelling examples in their writing.

Benefits of IP English Tuition

Since the IP program tends to be fast paced, students may not have the time to focus on soft skills such as critical thinking and communication that are crucial in IP English, but are often not the focus of lessons because teachers have to go through numerous practices and texts to boost the content knowledge of students. With IP English tuition, students are able to learn what constitutes an effective argument, how to avoid fallacious arguments, and how best to convince their readers, and not just stop at producing a valid argument.

While schools will certainly cover a set amount of content in lectures and tutorials, the onus is on most students to augment this foundational knowledge with more examples of their own through personal research. However, many students may not have the time for this as they have to juggle between completing homework and dealing with extracurriculars. IP English tuition can help students increase exposure to current affairs without much effort needed for research. One such way is through a summarised example bank for students to pick out from. As such, students can gain confidence in applying a wider range of examples.

Students in the same school under the same curriculum may find themselves thinking in the same manner with regards to common issues, and therefore argue in the same way as well. However, using common viewpoints and arguments will fail to help the student secure an A for IP English because the essay will appear generic. IP English tuition can correct this by offering unique viewpoints or their own take on issues. Through discussions with the IP English tuition teacher regarding social issues, students can also learn to formulate their own viewpoint that is distinct from cookie-cutter arguments that may be prescribed by schools, or lifted from model essays.

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