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H1 Economics is one of the most widely taken subjects at A levels, as many students take the subject as a contrasting subject at the H1 level as part of the 3H2, 1H1 subject combination offered by many schools in Singapore. The primary focus of H1 economics, while similar in content to its counterpart H2 economics, is not the essay question, but rather solely the case study questions which require students to examine case studies and analyse economic issues, all while offering potential solutions with which to resolve these issues.

Prima facie, one might be tempted to dismiss H1 Economics as the easier, more scaled down version of H2 Economics. However, while the content coverage for H1 Economics appears to be lesser than that of H2 Economics, the skills and methods required to answer case study questions for both syllabus are in fact very similar, and both subjects can be considered to have similar demanding standards as to what constitutes a good response especially for the case study questions. 

What does one stand to gain from taking H1 Economics? H1 Economics still has lots to offer despite its reduced content coverage, and it teaches students many things from the basics of economic reasoning to more complex concepts in macroeconomics and microeconomics  and would still greatly benefit students regardless of the discipline they decide to pursue at university, as these ideas and concepts can be widely applied to answer a myriad of questions that one might have even in adulthood.

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General problems faced when studying H1 Economics

Difficulty with analysing case studies

Given that all the questions tested in H1 Economics are case study questions, students must be well prepared to distill key information from case studies in order to adequately answer questions. More often than not, H1 economics students may find themselves at a loss as to what information is essential to their analysis, and what information can be used to give specific and targeted answers to these questions. Choosing the right pieces of evidence to substantiate their economic claims is of great importance, and having H1 economics tutors to guide students through this process would be greatly advantageous.

Case studies are getting more unpredictable

H1 Economics case studies are breaking out of the pattern of the usual, predictable topics and are foraying into more unpredictable and unconventional topics, with more obscure economics issues which students seemingly have to find potential solutions for. This can be intimidating for a large majority of students, who find it hard to adapt to these sorts of case study questions, especially in an examination setting with time constraints and no external resources.

Time consuming subject

Even though the content coverage for H1 Economics is reduced as compared to H2 Economics, it does not detract from the fact that Economics as a subject is still time consuming, and requires great attention to detail in order to perform well at assessments.  As aforementioned, taking H1 Economics is still a huge time commitment, given that students have to take time to fully grasp the relevant economics concepts while learning how to answer case study questions in the most expedient way possible.

What to look out for in a H1 Economics Tutor

Well equipped to summarize content

Even with the reduced content coverage, the H1 Economics syllabus still covers about 60-80% of the H2 economics syllabus. Thus, a good H1 Economics tutor must be well equipped to efficiently summarize content to ensure his/her student has a holistic understanding of all the tested economics concepts. This can take the form of employing certain techniques to memorize key concepts, and often encompasses condensing more dense and complex concepts into more digestible pieces of information that students can easily follow. Here at Distinction Tutors, our H1 Economics tutors will be able to cover all content coverage requirements, and are designed lessons in a way to facilitate the best learning outcome for our H1 Economics students.

Individualized learning environment

There are many different types of students with a variety of learning styles. A good H1 Economics tutor must be able to recognize the needs of specific students and translate that in his or her teaching, where lessons are customized/personalized to allow the student to reap the maximum benefits of 1-to-1 sessions with his/her tutor.

Excellent track record of academic success

Our team of H1 Economics home tutors at Distinction Tutors have an excellent track record of high distinction rates at the A levels. Looking to secure that A at the A levels, or simply to improve in internal assessments and eventually do well at the A Levels? Distinction Tutors has some of the most qualified private H1 Economics tutors to guide you through the process of learning the H1 Economics syllabus, and will help you work towards achieving your academic goals.

Benefits of H1 Economics tuition

H1 Economics Tuition is a great opportunity for students to learn in advance, and to cover more challenging topics before learning about them in school. This allows them to be doubly sure of their content coverage, and to have a more solid grasp on the nuances of various H1 Economics concepts.

Time constraints in school lectures/tutorials often translate to a lack of practice, which in fact is quite dangerous for a student who wishes to do well at the examinations, because inadequate practise would mean that students are less flexible and adaptable when it comes to answering more unpredictable questions. Having H1 Economics tuition allows students to have a specific, allotted period of time to go through these case studies and ask any questions that they might have if they face difficulties in approaching certain questions, which in turn allows them to learn from their mistakes and prepares them for similar questions in the future.

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