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Guitar lessons provide the foundations for learning the instrument. With step-by-step instructions and 1-1 coaching, guitar tutors explore strumming patterns and playing styles to have anyone playing like a pro.

Overview of Guitar Lessons

Music is food for the soul. It helps us to reminisce, express feelings and a range of emotions in ways that even words elude us. Devised to create music, musical instruments have been integral to developing compositions and the performance of melodies for entertainment.

A popular choice for anyone who wishes to learn a musical instrument is the guitar. The beloved stringed instrument has spawned many variations: from 12th-century chordophones and baroque, to classical, semi-and-electro-acoustics, bass, and electric guitars.

Popularised in no small measure by guitar virtuosos such as Chet Atkins, Carlos Santana, Brian May, and Eric Clapton among others, the guitar has been central to helping compose some of history’s most iconic riffs across eras and musical genres.

Aside from being able to play our favourite tunes, playing the guitar has multiple benefits. It enhances creativity and coordination and boosts confidence and self-esteem. The guitar is commonly played in music therapy by health organisations and charities to recreate songs that evoke positive emotions and memories. It helps people cope with stress and enhance their memory.

Guitar lessons teach students the proper foundations. With step-by-step instructions and 1-1 coaching, guitar tutors explore strumming techniques and playing styles to have anyone playing like a pro.

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Common problems faced by guitar students

Self-Styled Shortcuts

Self-taught students may end up taking liberties that detract from the proper methods of learning guitar. For instance, poor posture can cause unnecessary tension in the hands and wrists or other long-term injuries when individuals play through their pain. 

A self-taught student may opt for a more convenient alternative of pressing strings despite it not sounding the same—causing communication issues when playing with other musicians. While it is fine to take creative liberties when playing, taking too many shortcuts can produce undesirable effects in the long run.

Lack of Perseverance and Tenacity

Learning a musical instrument takes time, effort, perseverance, and tenacity. Attracted at first by the novelty of playing a musical instrument, individuals may give up when they hit a snag. There are many reasons for this: from restringing guitars for left-handers to wrestling with calloused fingertips and the struggle of contorting one’s fingers. Not having to pay for formal guitar lessons means there is no risk for lacking commitment. This makes it much easier for individuals to quit or stop whenever they feel like it.

Procrastination and Lack of Time

Leading busy lives means that many of us will always have more important priorities and responsibilities. This leaves little to no time for recreational pursuits such as learning to play the guitar. Perceived as “nice to learn” but not a priority, the tendency for many is to procrastinate and be unwilling to set aside time to learn the instrument.

What can Guitar Teachers offer?

1-to-1 Coaching

Instead of watching a guitar tutorial and having to pause, rewind, and play back the video multiple times, consider engaging a guitar tutor to guide you through the motions. Guitar tutors can demonstrate in person and real-time various strumming techniques and playing stylesbreaking songs into manageable segments according to the pace and ability of students. They can connect concepts like notes and chord progressions to raise students’ levels and have them playing seamlessly.

Tailored Lessons

Guitar tutors can search for relevant songs and sheet music for students to play depending on their current level of expertise. Rather than use standard cookie-cutter songs found in books and guitar guides, guitar tutors can source and recommend genres of songs that students would like to play. Switching genres and being able to choose from songs of varying difficulty levels accelerates students’ progress and boosts their versatility. Such personalisation helps maintain the interest of students.

Constructive Feedback

Unlike books and videos, having a personal instructor allows students to interact and learn from their guitar tutor’s technique and experience. A guitar tutor can offer advice, constructive feedback, and suggestions on how to improve. Moreover, engaging a guitar tutor is akin to having a captive audience to let students know how they are doing. Students can seize the opportunity to ask questions, clarify doubts, and correct mistakes on the spot.

Benefits of Guitar Lessons

One must learn the rules, to bend (not break) the rules. Guitar lessons reinforce the basics to ensure that additional skills learned are built on firm foundations. Depending on their level of knowledge and expertise, students will recap on topics like chord shapes and diagrams, strumming patterns, reading musical/rhythm notation, tablature, and fretboard diagrams amongst others.

Guitar lessons boost the advantage of a tactile learning environment. In guitar lessons, guitar tutors can demonstrate the correct methods of positioning, adjusting straps, tuning, and finger placements. Early intervention is crucial for forming positive playing habits and eliminating the need to unlearn poor habits later on.

Since guitar lessons involve paid lessons, students are more likely to put in greater effort and are less likely to quit. Students are accountable to themselves and their guitar tutor to follow through on lessons by practising. Furthermore, committing to weekly sessions carves out time amidst students’ busy schedules for regular sessions and deliberate practice.

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Distinction Tutors can help

Distinction Tutors’ guitar lessons teach the proper techniques for learning the guitar. With a solid foundation, students can eradicate poor habits and develop techniques that build upon firm fundamentals. From strumming patterns to fingerpicking, hammer-ons, and pull-offs, guitar lessons will have anyone playing in no time!

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