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Importance of Sec 1 Math Tuition

Math is one of the most prevalent subjects in a student’s Secondary education. It remains a pivotal subject in moulding a student’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. Sec 1 Math tuition can provide the necessary assistance to help our students set their 4 year journey in Math on the right foot. 

It is extremely critical to do so, as students will learn to develop the optimum way of approaching questions, as well as proceeding with the questions in order to solve them. This skill will be nurtured and further developed throughout the next 4 years. In addition, well-equipped Sec 1 Math tuition teachers will develop students’ problem solving skills by guiding them to think outside the box and come up with multiple ways to approach problems.

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Common problems faced when studying Sec 1 Math

Lack of Understanding of Concepts

One of the most prevalent causes of students performing poorly, especially in Sec 1 Math, is the lack of sufficient understanding of the concepts behind each chapter. Math, more so than practice, is about understanding – Why do we use this formula? Why do we add X to Y? Why is the graph a straight line? There is a large jump in depth of Math concepts from Primary school to Secondary school. In Primary school, students were able to get away without understanding the genuine mathematical reasoning behind solutions to a greater extent. 

However, most do not realise that in the Secondary level, the understanding of concepts is as important as simply practising. In Sec 1, students are introduced to Algebra, as well as Volumes (of Cylinders, Prisms, etc). These subjects require the use of formulae and many tend to simply memorise these, without understanding why such formulae exist. 

As these chapters are built upon throughout years to come in both Upper Secondary and even Junior College, some students realise that their foundation is weak. This can easily be prevented by building a thorough foundation since Sec 1. Sec 1 Math tutors will ensure that students understand the concept before progressing further to enable them to ace the subject.

Inability to find a Progressive Practice Routine

Another common problem students face is their loss of confidence after attempting a few questions that they may be unable to answer. This happens solely due to the fact that students plunge themselves into the most difficult problems as soon as they believe that they have understood the core of a Math chapter. However, this is the wrong approach to build Mathematical knowledge. 

Becoming an Expert in Sec 1 Mathematics requires students to follow a progressive practice routine: one that begins with easy questions, and slowly follows a pattern of increasing difficulty. This is vital as it helps build the basic foundations of each chapter along the way, and also further develops the necessary skills through progression. Sec 1 Math tuition guarantees that students will remain motivated and confident by providing them with progressive practice based on their abilities.

What to look for in a Sec 1 Math Tutor

Regularly Checks for Understanding

Secondary 1 Math tuition will ensure that students have an immaculate understanding of the concepts and mathematical reasoning behind each and every chapter, before progressing further. This is key to build the necessary building blocks of Math, and without this step, students will find it much harder to score in Math. 

Secondary 1 Math tutors will often assess students’ abilities in each chapter, enabling them to critically identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student. After which, private math tutors will administer varied forms of teaching to make sure that their strengths are further enhanced, and their weaknesses are diminished. Eventually, students will master new chapters like Algebra, Linear Graphs and more, which are chapters that most Secondary 1 students struggle with.

Striking a Perfect Balance in Questions Given

Most importantly, Secondary 1 math home tutor must be able to set out question patterns that vary in difficulty, concept tested and more. A student who is only given easy questions to try will not make any progress, as he is simply repeating the learnt concepts again and again. 

A student who is only given difficult questions, will easily lose his motivation in Math, especially when he is unable to solve many of them. While it may make progress in math, this progress would be hampered by the loss of interest, motivation and confidence. This eventually leads to a downward spiral. As such, a good Secondary 1 math tutor will strike the perfect balance, occasionally giving confidence boosters and on other times, nudging students to push their perceived limits and think out of the box.

Benefits of Sec 1 Math Tuition

Sec 1 Math tuition will guarantee that students master the content of Sec 1 Math and are equipped with all the skills necessary to ace Sec 1 Math. This is hugely beneficial, especially for a subject like Math which is progressive in nature. For example, the algebra learnt in Sec 1 will be further explored in upper secondary Additional Math, as well as in Junior College Math. A strong foundation paves students in the right path to have a continually successful educational journey in Math.

Sec 1 Math tutors will develop students’ ability to analyse questions and think critically. Through continuous development of problem solving skills, our students learn to possess innate critical and analytical skills in anything they do – which is a useful skill set that is applicable not just to Math, but many other domains of education like Physics and Chemistry.

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