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Importance of A Level Economics Tuition

Economics is JC Economics is rather different from university-level Economics in that the latter includes more mathematical calculations, as well as considering the constantly shifting factors in the real-world markets, while A Level Economics is usually structured theoretically. Additionally, students need not have studied Economics in JC to take up Economics as a University major.


Nonetheless, a large majority of JC Students will take up Economics for the A-Levels, be it H1 or H2. This is likely due to recommendations from family or seniors, or a plethora of resources available compared to other humanities subjects (for students in the science stream taking up Economics as a contrasting subject). Even if it may not be a primary subject of concern for most students, not being able to do well will indeed be disheartening. One should definitely aim to score as well as possible, the key is to be well-prepared. A Level Economics tuition can ensure that students are headed in the right direction to success.

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General problems faced when studying A Level Economics

A new subject

A Level Economics will be a fresh start for JC students as they have likely not been introduced to the concepts before. As such, totally new ideas and theories, which may be difficult to understand from the get-go, can be a source of stress for students while learning. This may discourage students from putting in active effort to do well in the subject.

The “Humanities” Aspect of Economics ​

A Level Economics, as a humanities subject, requires a lot of writing: 8 to 10 marks for long answers in case study questions, and 25 mark essays (H2 Economics). Having to complete a well-structured, balanced set of answers within the time limit can also be exceptionally challenging, while juggling concept understanding and appropriate elaboration.

The “Science” Aspect of Economics ​

A common skill required in A Level Economics, especially for case study questions, is the ability to analyse data to answer questions. For example, one must be able to observe trends in a table given regarding the exchange rate between countries and determine whether there has been a consistent increase or decrease. Mathematical calculations will also be necessary: to find out the relationship between two consumer goods (how a change in one’s supply may affect the prices of another), the growth in a nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), et cetera.

Size of content ​

There is a sizable amount of content present for Economics: spanning microeconomics and macroeconomics, there will be many diagrams, theories and keywords to digest throughout the course of studying A Level Economics. A Level Economics is likely to appear highly content-heavy for the average student, and given the amount of content needed to be covered within 2 years, the pace of teaching in schools may be faster than expected. This may be challenging for students fresh to A Level Economics to cope with.

Weak in answering techniques ​

In the answering process, students tend to face issues like being unable to complete essays under the time limit, analysing the wrong effects, and missing out on keywords in definitions or elaborations that may cost valuable marks. It can be frustrating for students as they attempt to refine their answers, while struggling to present a well-rounded answer within the time limit. Some students may even find themselves sacrificing quality answers for finishing on time, or winding up with a lopsided or worse, incomplete, answer. However, such problems can be rectified with consistent practice and clear knowledge of concepts.

What to look for in an A Level Economics Tutor

Clear presentation and explanation of content

An ideal A Level Economics tutor should be able to present content in Economics to students in a straightforward manner. They should clearly understand their Economics theories and explanations, so that they can effectively guide students by clarifying their doubts or misconceptions regarding content, as well as improve on students’ answering techniques.

Able to provide summaries and practices for tutees

With the large quantity of content, an A Level Economics tutor will aid tutees greatly if they are able to provide clear summaries for each topic. Students can eventually refer to such summaries for quick revision and clarification.

Additionally, consistent practice is essential for students to perform well in A Level Economics, as is similar for most subjects. An A Level Economics tuition teacher should be able to provide good questions for students to practice, be able to analyse the question with students in order to guide them in providing quality answers, as well as prepared “model answers” that students can refer to in revision.

Able to pick out areas for improvement

An ideal A Level Economics tutor should be able to look through students’ answers from practices, and offer clear methods of improvement, such as how an elaboration can be made more concise to save time, or how a diagram can be added as a boost to the explanation, and certainly whether or not the answers provided by the student was accurate.

Benefits of A Level Economics Tuition

A Level Economics tuition allows students an extended platform to digest the syllabus content, as well as the opportunity to clarify any doubts on the spot with the Economics tutors, something that may not be readily available in a lecture hall at school, or even in the classroom with multiple students and limited time.

Having an Economics tuition teacher would undoubtedly allow students to learn with greater efficiency, given their different capabilities and speed of learning. Lesson pace can be suited to the student’s needs for different topics, so that thorough understanding is ensured before moving on.  For example, a student who finds market structure exceptionally tough to understand can request for summaries and more practices related to the topic. This greatly benefits learning and is likely to lead to tangible improvements in the subject.

Students may be more confident in themselves with the support of A Level Economics tuition, as they can see themselves on the right track to scoring well for the A Levels. Having an Economics tuition teacher can certainly help to affirm a student’s progress, and work on further improvements to guarantee an A.

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