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Importance of A-Level Literature Tuition

H2 Literature is a beautiful but difficult subject to master. While many may enter JC thinking that it is simply a slightly more difficult version of O-Level Literature, there is actually a steep learning curve that many students end up struggling with. Not only are there more books to comprehend now, the analysis required in essays is also expected to be much more nuanced and in-depth. Signing up for H2 Literature tuition would hence allow students to obtain personalised teaching that helps students plug the gaps in their understanding of various texts while carefully honing their essay-writing and critical analysis skills.

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Common problems faced when studying H2 Literature

Not Understanding the Text

While many may think that simply reading the text once through and listening to their tutorials and lectures attentively would immediately help them understand the text, that is simply not the case. Many students may have a cursory understanding of the text, but have little appreciation and awareness of the bigger themes and the author’s stylistic flair. 

With H2 Literature tuition, students will be able to learn how to close-read their texts more critically according to the various themes by picking out the most important lines to study and the best way to analyse them. Another huge hurdle that students face is being able to link their evidence about characters or settings to larger thematic concerns. 

Such a problem stems from the fact that such linkages are unfamiliar given that they were largely untaught in secondary school. Being able to see the deeper meaning and bigger picture is therefore something that many students struggle with when they first start learning H2 Literature.

Learning How to Close-Read Properly

Gone are the days when a one-line explanation of an evidence would make the cut. A mere paraphrasing of the quote or stating the literary device used would not earn a student any plus points with their examiner. Instead, examiners are looking out for the way students are able to appreciate the writer’s craft by drawing links between the evidence used and the larger themes while taking into consideration the context of the question. 

For passage-based questions, misreading is also a key problem when students are still largely unfamiliar with the text and miss out on the context of the passage. Another huge hurdle for Literature students is knowing how to tackle unseen texts and being able to close-read their prose or poem in under 45 minutes. Close-reading is hence a key skill that Literature students must master before their A-Levels in order to showcase their literary abilities.

Structuring and Planning of Essays

Many Literature students choose to structure their essays by providing 3 body paragraphs with no links to each other and writing whichever comes to mind first. While this method may allow students to attain a “B” or a “C”, it is unlikely to provide the “A” students want. Other students may also struggle with coming up with distinct key points as they either end up overlapping or not making sense. 

With H2 Literature tuition, students can expect to learn how to plan their essays properly by creating links between paragraphs and learning which key points to start and end with. Such a method would give students an edge over their peers by ensuring cohesion in their argument, which is often missing in many essays that struggle to even have strong key points.

What can a H2 Literature Tutor offer?

Teach Proper Close-Reading

Students will learn how to close-read and provide in-depth analysis from their H2 Literature tutors in order to impress the examiners with an insightful essay by including keywords that demonstrate an understanding of one’s set-text. By learning how to draw important linkages between writer’s craft, thematic concerns and the question provided, students would be able to prepare themselves before every examination such that they would be able to tweak their close-reading to answer the question directly while demonstrating their understanding of the text. Additionally, one would also be given guidance by the H2 Literature tutor on how to break down unseen texts such that close-reading can be done efficiently and effectively.

Create Summaries

A H2 Literature tutor can provide students with summaries in the form of mind maps and tables which are the perfect way to categorise their evidence and explanations. By picking the most versatile quotes and highlighting the key themes related to each of them, students can rest assured that their H2 Literature tutors will provide them with the best study methods. By grouping evidence together in a succinct and straightforward manner, students would be able to revise more effectively: allowing them to save on precious time!

Practice Essays and Essay Outlines

Many students feel that they are underprepared for every Literature exam as they are not confident of their abilities. As the saying goes: Practice makes perfect! Practice answering past year A-Level questions or other schools prelim papers by writing out full essays or by crafting essay outlines. 

A H2 Literature tutor can then provide students with personalised feedback that targets their strengths and weaknesses such that they would be able to hone their essay writing skills. A H2 Literature tutor can also practice text comparison with students which is a key component of the elective paper that many students struggle with as it is not something that was taught at the secondary school level. This would give students the confidence they need to ace their internal and national examinations.

Benefits of H2 Literature Tuition

Some Literature teachers in schools may teach in a slightly more abstract way that leaves many unanswered questions for students as teachers in schools may be unwilling to give their students a clear-cut model explanation. While such a teaching style is favoured by teachers who encourage students to think more critically and creatively on their own while engaging in self-directed learning, it may not be for everyone. 

As such, H2 Literature tuition will provide students with multiple perspectives and ideas for explanations while ensuring that a clear understanding is given to students. H2 Literature tuition provides students with guidance to get through their texts in a systematic manner such that they would be able to produce insightful and novel essays under exam conditions.

Different Literature students are weak at different texts and genres. For example, some students may feel more confident in Paper 1 while others may feel more comfortable with the elective paper (Paper 2 or 3) where there is a set theme. 

With H2 Literature tuition, students can choose to focus more on texts that they are weak in so that they can become comfortable with all texts. By gaining familiarity with all texts, students can also gain confidence in doing text comparison, which some may struggle with if they are unfamiliar with one of their texts for the elective paper. Students can also choose to target a certain genre of text that they are struggling with such as poetry or drama.

Students often find themselves demoralised after failing or just scraping through their essays despite the amount of effort they put into studying and writing their essays. This is especially so for students who had previously done well for their O-Level Literature. 

However, with H2 Literature tuition, students can put aside their worries and fret no more. H2 Literature will no longer seem like a foreign subject that appears impossible to master. Instead, with the step-by-step guidance from H2 Literature tutors, students can be assured that their understanding of their Literature texts and their essay-writing skills will improve tremendously.

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