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Importance of Sec 4 Math Tuition

Sec 4 Math tuition ensures that students follow the syllabus consistently. Students often tend to neglect E Math, as they perceive that E Math is much easier and requires less effort to study than A Math. This results in many students securing their distinctions in A Math, but failing to achieve their A1 in E Math. 

Students that do not take A Math will benefit from tuition as well, as it ensures that students remain consistent and committed to performing well in E Math. Vastly experienced Sec 4 Math tutors have the necessary materials and knowledge to impart in our students the optimum way to score!

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Common problems faced when studying Sec 4 Math

Requires a Unique Skill Set

Emath is very different from most subjects as simply practising Emath is largely futile. To score, E Math requires students to think on the spot. Most Emath questions are unique and are rarely repeated. As such, students need the skill set, rather than practice, to do well in the subject. 

In Amath, it is often emphasised that scoring for the subject consists of 2 equal parts – one part is to thoroughly understand the concepts, and the second, to rigorously practise problems. However, to score in Emath, especially in the earlier stages, the understanding of concepts consists of a much larger significance. 

While practising questions is still important, it is only necessary for mental preparation and validation as it provides a checkpoint to assess students’ abilities. Students often fail to realise this and spend most of their time practising Emath, just like how they would study Amath. This often leads to misdirectional learning.


Lack of Hard Skills

In Sec 4 Math, students are introduced to chapters like Geometry and Graphs. They must be extremely familiar with skills required to ace these chapters. Hard skills such as use of protractor, graphing rulers are developed over time through frequent exposure to the chapter. 

However, students tend to simply read and assume they fully understand the use of instruments without actively practising the use of these instruments. These hard skills required are not sharpened by the time examinations arrive, leading to a costly loss of time and marks during the examination. Sec 4 Math tuition will ensure that students received sufficient practices is using these instruments.

What to look for in a Sec 4 Math Tutor

Hands-On Learning

Students often lack the confidence when attempting to use mathematical instruments by themselves. An excellent Secondary 4 Math home tutor would immerse himself into the student’s learning journey by setting an example on how to use the instruments. 

This would greatly help the student as he can have greater visualisation and understanding of how to approach such chapters that require the use of instruments. The Secondary 4 tuition teacher then will progress to allow the student to approach similar problems using a step by step basis, maximising learning in the process.

Develop Logical Thinking in Students

Often, E Math papers consist of trick questions and questions that probe further thinking. These questions require students to remain calm and think of approaching a problem in multiple ways. One example is the Real World Problem which can often be found as the last question on O Level E Math Paper 2. These questions require students to apply their basic mathematical concepts into problems that involve the context of daily life. 

These questions generally can demand the application of any mathematical concept from the whole syllabus, and therefore, is not something one can prepare for by simply practising. A thorough understanding of the syllabus is pivotal in solving these problems. Therefore, a good Secondary 4 Math tutor will be able to develop logical reasoning ability in all questions, not just Real World Problems. 

This will ensure that students are always aware of what and why they have decided to approach the problem in a certain way, building complete understanding in the process.

Identify Root Cause of Mistakes

A good Secondary 4 Math tutor will be able to identify exactly why a student is making a mistake. This is critical as many may assume that a student simply requires more practice, or was careless. However, this may not always be the case as there may be underlying reasons why students often get questions wrong. 

A good Secondary 4 Math tutor will be able to note when a student consistently makes mistakes in a certain chapter, or often never gets beyond a certain mark for some concepts. This would highlight that there are lapses in knowledge, which a good Secondary 4 Math tutor should be immediately able to identify and rectify.

Benefits of Sec 4 Math Tuition

Sec 4 tuition teachers will provide the necessary material for students to be constantly immersed into the subject, enabling a continuous upward trajectory in knowledge. Tutors will be able to develop discipline in our students as scoring for E Math requires an intrinsic discipline routine. With the help of Sec 4 Math tutors, our students will be able to attain these necessary traits.

E Math is a subject that demands sharp thinking and undivided attention from students. Often, losing focus and attention can be extremely costly as students may end up making careless mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes like these can be devastating in subjects like Math, where each question could tally up to as high as 12 marks. Therefore, Sec 4 Math tuition ensures that regular assessments and progressive practices are provided for students to build on their focus and ensure that they do not lose focus during important times.

Emath has the highest distinction rate out of any subject during the O Level examinations for most years, which often ranges around 55% or more. This shows that Emath is one of the most important subjects to secure a distinction as it is highly possible, per statistics. Sec 4 Math tuition can guarantee that our students’ mathematical and critical thinking skills are trained, enabling them to be more than adequately prepared to secure a high distinction in Emath.

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