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Importance of IB Math Tuition

Without a doubt, Mathematics is one of the hardest subjects to score in IB. Yet it is essential that students do well in it, since there are often grade requirements for admissions to numerous university courses including Physics, Engineering, and Economics. As Mathematics is a compulsory subject in the IB, it is important that students are equipped with the right techniques to master it. At Distinction Tutors, our IB Math tutors aim to fill this gap by identifying key issues and helping students overcome them with high quality IB Math tuition.

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Common problems faced when studying IB Math

Weak foundation

Numerous new and complex topics are taught at the IB Math level. As such, it is extremely important to have a strong understanding of basic concepts. Yet, students often find themselves forgetting what they have learned in their O-Level or IP exams. This weak foundation makes it extremely difficult for them to understand newer concepts, and subsequently score well in their exams.

Uncertainty on how to approach complex exam questions

Within one IB Math topic, there are frequently numerous smaller concepts to understand. Without sufficient practice, students often do not fully grasp or forget what they have learned before the teacher moves on to the next concept. As a result, students may be able to solve basic, one-dimensional problems, but hit a bottleneck in exam-style questions that involve critical thinking and a combination of different methods.

Lack of support

Each student has different weakness. For some, their potential at IB Math is obstructed by poor foundational Math skills. Others may find it difficult to apply what they already know to topics requiring abstract thinking, like vectors. However, teachers have to cater to a large group of students, making it difficult for them to help each student individually. Without targeted help, students can feel that they are falling behind their peers, leading to plummeting confidence in their ability to score. This could lead them to lose passion in the subject and subsequently find it even harder to learn and master new topics. 

What can IB Math Tutors offer

Personalised teaching

Without IB Math tuition, learning gaps may never be fully addressed in school. Each student finds different topics difficult and has their ideal way of overcoming these challenges. IB Math tutors will be able to tailor their teaching to every student, helping them to be caught up to speed with basic math skills, and guiding them to approach unfamiliar questions. With IB Math tuition, each student’s individual challenges are properly recognised and addressed, something which is hard to be done in a school environment.

Extra practice specific to IB Math

Since the IB is a different path from the standard A-levels route, some students find it difficult to improve without the wide array of assessment books available for their A-level peers. With a private IB Math Tutor, more resources become available to them. This includes papers from other IB schools not otherwise available. The tutor will also be able to provide assistance for their Math internal assessments (IAs) which is also known as the Math Exploration.

 This involves the application of what they have learned in the classroom into the real world. Students are required to show a mastery of an area of Math which could be out of the syllabus. This is a challenging task that is daunting to many students, since their textbooks may not provide relevant guidance. IB Math tutors will be there at each step of the way, helping students to choose a suitable topic, guiding them on the right direction to take, and advising them on how to refine their assessments.

Different perspectives

School teaching is often monotonous and follows a set way of teaching which makes Math seem boring. With one-to-one IB Math home tuition, tutors will be able to share different perspectives on the subject. Looking at Math through different lenses is crucial as students will become more motivated to practice and improve. Through lively teaching, IB Math home tutors aim to ignite a newfound passion in a subject they once misunderstood.

Benefits of IB Math Tuition

For students who have been struggling with math since secondary school, IB level Math can be a huge leap in difficulty. Without IB Math tuition, the gap between them and their peers easily widens over the course of the two years in school. Additional guidance from tutors is crucial to closing up this gap. Having IB Math tuition means that they can clarify doubts on earlier concepts and brush up on their basic Math skills, such that they can more easily understand newer topics and tackle exam questions. These are typically not possible in school due to the fast-paced teaching.

Our IB Math tutors ensure that the most basic aspects of each topic are fully understood by students, through concise teaching and simple questions. This ensures that students have excellent foundational understanding of every topic, be it concept-wise or commonly used calculator techniques. 

Our IB Math tuition teachers dedicate effort into lesson design to ensure students can grasp even the trickiest topics, from the ground up. This toolbox of skills taught at IB Math tuition equip students with all they need to answer exam-style questions. Students are able to rebuild their confidence in the subject and take charge of their own learning process.

Though some students can understand the concepts taught in school, they are hindered by lack of confidence in their own abilities. It is important to receive regular encouragement, serving as an impetus for students to put in the effort required for constant practice. Combined, we aim to help students realise their hidden potential and find it within themselves to improve.

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Our IB Math tutors are dedicated to ensuring that students receive the best guidance possible. Students can be rest assured that their Mathematics grades are in good hands. Our results reflect this: many of students attained that much coveted 7 grade. What are you waiting for? Reach out to us today to find your IB Math tutor and help propel you towards excellence.

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