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Students can score well in A-Level Chinese provided they have the proper grounding and techniques. They will most certainly exceed their potentials with the help of A-Level H1 and H2 Chinese Tuition.

Importance of A-Level Chinese Tuition

Chinese in Junior College (JC) is considered a H1 subject for most students and is taken at the end of the first year. Students who wish to pursue H2 Chinese as a core subject will take their examination at the end of their second year. JC students may find it challenging to cope with A-Level Chinese because of the increased difficulty compared to secondary school Chinese. 

In A-Level Chinese, students are required to develop critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding of Chinese in its various literary forms. Doing well for A-Level Chinese is crucial to earning rank points for a good A-Level result and gaining entry into a desired course of study in University. A-Level Chinese tuition helps students to step up from secondary school Chinese and adapt to the new language requirements in JC in order to ace their A-Level Chinese.

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Common problems faced when studying A-Level Chinese

Inadequate Understanding

The quick transition from receiving their O-Level results to entering JC leaves students with only a few months to prepare for their A-Level Chinese exam. As such, students lack time to practise and revise the subject. Furthermore, as school teachers need to quickly cover a large amount of content within a short space of time, students are left with little time to check their understanding amidst readings, schoolwork, and assignments. A-Level Chinese can seem daunting to students especially if they do not receive adequate practice and revision.

Multiple Commitments

Both the academic and non-academic aspects of JC life are vigorous and equally important. JC students already have numerous commitments in their first year of school. Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) can take up a significant amount of their time on top of attending lectures, tutorials, and managing schoolwork. With CCAs taking place as often as three times a week and stretching until evenings, JC students are left with little to no time for revision. Hence, students are expected to manage their time effectively in order to perform well in both academic and non-academic aspects.

Inconsistent Feedback Source

Since JC life is focussed on independent learning and teachers may not always be available to respond to questions, students are mostly left to fend on their own. Without a sounding board or consistent source of feedback to gauge their abilities, point out weak areas, and offer constructive help, it is no wonder that students struggle to do well. Students can therefore feel pressured to manage their weak areas, take steps to improve, and do well in the exam all on their own.

What can A-Level Chinese Tutors offer?

In-house Expertise

An A-Level Chinese tutor can help students go further. Armed with comprehensive first-hand knowledge, A-Level Chinese home tutors know the right techniques and skills to use in the A-Level Chinese examination. They are well-equipped to hone students’ writing, listening, and speaking skills. In addition, A-Level Chinese tutors will be able to assess the individual strengths and weaknesses of students, dispense tips, and suggest the best solutions for improvement.

Flexible Schedules

Schedules can change at a moment’s notice. A-Level Chinese tutors understand that JC life can be hectic and that despite students’ best efforts at planning, unforeseen circumstances and disruptions are unavoidable. As such, they are able to flexibly accommodate students’ schedules in order to provide them with the best support. This involves rescheduling tuition lessons and adjusting timings to suit students’ convenience. In doing so, A-Level Chinese tuition teachers seek to minimise disruptions in order to focus on the real work of helping students do better.

Summary Notes

Summary notes contain useful key information and phrases for revision. Their succinctness and portability makes them an easy and effective quick reference. Since students may not have the time to compile these notes on their own, A-Level Chinese tutors can do so on their behalffor the benefit and convenience of students.

Benefits of A-Level Chinese Tuition

A-Level Chinese tuition reinforces the fundamentals and gives students the tools to go further. Tutors check with students that they have understood what is being taught in school and encourage them to surface any questions that they might have. Steeped in a deep appreciation of the Chinese culture, A-Level Chinese tuition is focussed on inciting the same passion in students which then fuels their desire to voraciously study Chinese literary texts. With hard work from the students and a little help from their A-Level Chinese tutors, students will be able to achieve their desired results.

A-Level Chinese tuition gives students additional supplementary exercises to expose them to a wide array of A-Level Chinese questions. A-Level Chinese tutors will be able to cover the relevant concepts and practices such that students can familiarise themselves with handling a larger variety of questions. This enhances students’ learning capacity, boosts confidence, and results in a more efficient use of exam time. Students will therefore need less time to plan and structure their answersallowing them to move quickly to more challenging questions during the A-Level Chinese exam.

A-Level Chinese tuition can serve as an academic sounding board for students in need of assistance for Mandarin. Since A-Level Chinese assesses students’ understanding and logical reasoning, it is imperative for students to have a timely, responsive “feedback loop” for them to gauge their linguistic competence and ability. A-Level Chinese tuition is one such platform for students to ask questions, revise, and check their understanding. The best part is, they don’t need to do this alone.


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A-Level Chinese is a subject which lets students score well provided they understand the content and use the right techniques. Students will more certainly exceed their potentials with the help of A-Level Chinese Tuition. Learn how to ace the A-Level Chinese exam with guidance from A-Level Chinese tutors.

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