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Importance of H1 History Tuition

H1 History may prove challenging for many due to the tremendous jump from Secondary School History. With students now expected to dive deeper into sources and provide a more critical analysis of them, rather than simply memorising content which might have proven effective in Secondary School, it is no doubt that H1 History tuition is highly sought after by many. 

While H1 History might not be prerequisite for courses taken in universities, doing well in H1 History would boost one’s chances of entering competitive Humanities-related courses in universities as it does demonstrate one’s analytical and writing ability given that such skills are tested in the H1 History paper. 

As such, all students should aim to excel in H1 History, and H1 History tuition would greatly complement efforts of school teachers in ensuring students have a solid understanding of the various techniques required in both source-based questions as well as the essay component, allowing students to achieve their ‘A’ during the H1 History examination.

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Common problems faced when studying H1 History

Huge Amount of Time Spent

H1 History is one of the subjects with the lowest candidature at the H1 examination, as the sheer number of topics tested causes many to shun away from the subject. Such fears of taking the subject are indeed justified to an extent, as students taking H1 History do indeed spend a lot of time trying to read and absorb a large volume of content. 

A lot of time is also required in understanding the different new techniques to approach source-based questions. Despite this, H1 History is extremely beneficial to students in improving their analytical and critical thinking skills, which would prove necessary at the university level or even as they enter the workforce. Thus, H1 History tuition could complement students’ efforts in studying for the subject, allowing them to better score an “A” in the H1 History paper.

New and Complicated Techniques to Master

H1 History requires students to pick up certain source-based skills such as critical analysis and evaluation of sources and essay skills such as analysis of relationships between factors as well as significance of factors to strengthen one’s arguments. 

In particular, Part B of the source-based questions requires students to pair up sources and explain them in conjunction, determining which sources support or contradict the hypothesis. With such complicated techniques required, students often struggle to master them when taught in schools, thus H1 History tuition would be able to come in handy in improving students’ understanding of these techniques.

Inability to Develop and Connect Ideas

H1 History is a subject which is extremely content heavy. Thus, students need to be able to identify important details and events from topics, and connect them to the larger topic discussed. Essays also require students to be able to develop proper topic sentences that adequately answer the question, as well as demonstrate the relative importance of various factors in the essay. More often than not, ideas end up entangled in the connection process and can prove to be confusing for students.

What can a H1 History Tutor offer?

Simpler Explanation for Harder Topics

H1 History contains topics such as the Cold War, where students are expected to, for example, analyse the active manifestation of the Cold War conflict across different contexts over time, and identify the reasons that led to the end of the Cold War. 

With various events such as the Yalta and Potsdam conferences, and wars such as the Vietnam and Korean War in the syllabus, An H1 History tutor will help simplify such events, and highlight only the main points that students should focus on. This will allow students to master content quicker, reducing the amount of time needed to absorb large amounts of content.

Provide Concise Notes

School notes are often crafted in a way to expand on the various topics tested in the H1 History examination. As such, such notes are often too lengthy, resulting in students stressing over their inability to memorise all the content in the notes. An H1 History tutor will help students condense excessive content into main topics to be focused on. By providing concise notes for students to revise for examinations, it will greatly reduce their stress levels, as well as provide them with more time to focus on improving their answering techniques and achieving their desired score.

Timed Practices

With few timed practices in schools, students often encounter time constraints in actual examinations. Thus, having out-of-school timed practices, where an H1 History tutor is able to guide students and provide them with feedback on how to further improve is necessary in order for students to excel in H1 History. An H1 History tutor can also guide students alongside the rubrics, training them to be aware of the requirements in order to achieve a higher band in their source-based and essay questions.

Benefits of H1 History Tuition

H1 History, while largely seen as a subject that one could score through memorising content, does in fact require students to make excellent use of sources in source-based questions through demonstrating critical evaluation of sources. Similarly, essays require students to demonstrate clear and accurate understanding of historical concepts relevant to the topic and adopt effective analytical and explanatory approaches rather than writing descriptive or narrative essays. As such, having H1 History tuition will allow students to improve on their techniques and allow them to achieve better results in examinations.

Different students require different forms of support in H1 History. While some may struggle to craft analytical essays with sufficient historical evidence to display a proper understanding of the subject matter, others may struggle to analyse and understand the gist of sources. Thus, being enrolled in H1 History tuition enables students to be guided through their challenges in learning the subject, which in turn strengthens the aspect in which they are weak in. For example, if a student is struggling with essay writing, an H1 History tutor can provide guidance on the required depth and format in which the essay should be written.

H1 History tuition can greatly enhance a student’s chances of attaining an ‘A’ in the H1 examination. With a pool of H1 History tutors who are well trained and experienced in providing the necessary materials needed to students, Distinction Tutors will support students through their journey leading up to the H1 examinations. By engaging our dedicated H1 History tutors, students are better equipped to excel in their H1 History examinations.

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