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Our professional team of A-Level Geography tutors has a long track record of helping students achieve that highly coveted ‘A’ for A-Level Geography. They possess years of experience and are well-qualified to help your child improve their grades.

Importance of A-Level Geography Tuition

In today’s increasingly technology-driven world, you might think, “Geography is only a humanities subject and my child just needs to pass. Why do I need to spend so much money on Geography tuition?” Yes, in the dynamic world we live in today, a greater emphasis on Mathematics and the Sciences might seem more beneficial at first glance. However, we still need to consider the benefits of Geography, and how it can contribute to society in the long run.

Currently, the world faces two major problems — climate change and pollution. For many years since the Industrial Revolution, global carbon emissions have been rising steadily, contributing to ever-rising temperatures. Our land, seas and air have become polluted by waste materials.

The study of Geography helps us understand the relationship between the world and human beings, as well as emphasising the significance of sustainable development. As global literacy rates increase, more people are now aware of the environmental destruction caused by economic growth and are calling for action to combat climate change. New innovative technologies such as more efficient solar panels are being rolled out to reduce our carbon footprint. In the financial sector, ‘Green Bonds’ are becoming more popular. The Green Economy will continue to grow as we strive to seek harmony between development and conservation.

Singapore is also at the forefront of sustainable development. The Singapore Green Plan 2030 reveals ambitious goals of completely phasing out diesel vehicles and replacing them with Electric Vehicles by 2030. In addition, the government intends to encourage the use of technology to reduce energy consumption and make Singapore more sustainable. Therefore, doing well in Geography is important and your child will have a better chance of doing so with A-Level Geography tuition.

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Common problems faced when studying A-Level Geography

Extremely Content Heavy

JC Geography is academically intense and content heavy. A-Level Geography has 6 topics and a Geographical Investigation (GI) component with many more sub-topics while H1 Geography has 4 topics and GI with many more sub-topics. This mountain of content is heavy compared to the Secondary School Geography syllabus. 

Thus, JC Geography students often find themselves having to spend lots of time studying key geographical concepts. The enormous amount of content might overwhelm JC1 students initially, but with patient guidance and adequate practice from our A-Level Geography tutors, your child will be confident of improving his or her grades.

Hard-to-Understand Abstract Concepts

JC Geography seeks to examine many new concepts extensively. For example, students are required to understand the variable climate for the past 2.6 million years (Holocene and Pleistocene) with large fluctuations in temperatures categorised by alternating periods of warming and cooling. 

These new abstract concepts are much harder to grasp. As a result, students might struggle to cope with understanding JC Geography, more so for A-Level Geography which focuses more on physical geography compared to H1 Geography.

Higher Order Evaluation Skills Required

To score an ‘A’ for H1/A-Level Geography, students are required to demonstrate higher order evaluation skills by analysing the interdependence between various geographical themes such as scale, space and place. They also need to come up with their own stand and justify it with specific examples. This is very much different to the Secondary syllabus which focuses more on explaining the content with less emphasis on evaluation. Therefore, many JC Geography students often fail to get the desired ‘A’.

What can an A-Level Geography Tutor offers?

Professional, Well-Qualified Guidance

Our H2 Geography tutors are driven and qualified experts in the subject with substantial teaching/tutoring experience. They are more than capable of providing professional guidance to students, bringing out the best in them. They are also highly motivated to help your child excel in the subject.

Customised Teaching

A good H2 Geography tutor has the bandwidth and capability to anticipate and understand the needs of each student before customising their teaching styles to best fit each student, according to his or her learning pace. This method of customised teaching will cater to the strengths and weaknesses of every student, allowing them to improve.

Simplified Concept Explanations

Geographical concepts may be abstract, but a competent H2 Geography tutor will be able to simplify the content and explain it in a way that students can understand. They will break down the content into different steps, giving students access to watered-down concepts that are easy to understand. This will help students to better organise and categorise the content, as well as to process the content in a logical manner, ultimately boosting their chances of performing well in Geography.

Benefits of A-Level Geography Tuition

Having A-Level Geography tuition provides students with relevant help that is up to date with the current MOE syllabus. Tutors will also work with students to come up with student-friendly notes that are easy to digest without compromising content. These notes offer everything a student needs to achieve that ‘A’, from explaining theoretical geographical concepts, to providing specific examples for Structured Essay Questions (SEQ), to teaching GI skills.

Having private A-Level Geography tuition allows every student’s needs to be addressed and for each tutor’s lesson to be tailored according to those needs. This increases their chances of  scoring the ‘A’ that he or she deserves. Our A-Level Geography tutors are all experts in the subject with years of teaching experience.

Key skills such as question analysis, describing trends and data representation are essential for scoring high marks for Data Response Questions (DRQ). DRQ accounts for more than half of the examination for A-Level Geography and half of the examination for H1 Geography so it is imperative for students to be exposed to different question types and hone their skills. Enrolling your child in A-Level Geography tuition gives them access to sufficient past year papers for practice and allow students to hone their geographical skills. Our A-Level Geography tutors will give customised coaching and impart the key skills needed to improve grades.

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