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Importance of GP Tuition

Almost all students, with the exception of H2 Knowledge and Inquiry students, will have to take GP at the A Level examinations. With the large number of students taking the subject, GP is known to be notoriously difficult to score a distinction grade. By virtue of its wide scope covering current affairs-based content ranging from environmental sciences to gender studies, GP often requires students to synthesize and understand abstract concepts. 

These concepts will then be moulded into well-crafted argumentative points which can be used in the essay section. GP may seem like a small component of the A Level examination as it is a H1 subject. However, a good grade in GP is required to enter into most courses in university. 

Holistically, GP also counts towards the overall tabulation of rank points under the A Level Grading system. As such, scoring well for the subject is critical especially for students who wish to enter more competitive courses such as medicine and law.

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Common problems faced when studying for GP

Large volume of content and themes to study

GP often deals in more abstract concepts which require a metacognitive approach to understand fully. Students who are not well-read or well versed in applying such an approach when studying content may face significant difficulties in digesting these concepts. 

Given that the essay questions can come from a gamut of topics, and cannot be accurately predicted, students must be well versed in a variety of key topics (for example, governance and censorship or culture and arts) to be able to accurately respond to essays with sufficient evidence to substantiate their points. This is often hard to achieve as students are largely time-constrained. Having GP tuition, however, would mean that students will set time aside to understand and revise these concepts.

Difficulty with crafting essay responses

Even with the requisite knowledge, students taking GP often find it hard to craft essay responses due to the lack of familiarity with answering techniques. GP differs from narrative essays that students may have dealt with at the O Levels. 

It requires a more nuanced and sophisticated understanding of the topics at hand. Thus, students who are unable to adapt to the demands of the subject may find themselves at a loss as to how to approach essay questions. GP tuition is thus useful in equipping students with the necessary skills to overcome this obstacle in essay writing.

Inability to apply existing knowledge in the application question

The application question requires students to synthesize knowledge within the passage and to commensurate that with their existing knowledge of existing societal structures. To do this well often takes a certain degree of exposure and practise, coupled with a strong foundational knowledge of social issues and their solutions. 

This is something that not all students have experienced or possess. Thus, the inability to apply their knowledge to the application question is a common challenge which students taking GP faces.

What to look for in a GP Tutor

Knowledgeable and able to help students better understand concepts

It is important that the GP tutor is knowledgeable and kept up to date with the current affairs. They will be able to share their knowledge with students who may be less current or familiar with global issues/happenings. Additionally, a good GP home tutor should have specialised knowledge in certain subject matters. This would greatly help students who face difficulty understanding aspects of said subjects

Well versed in answering techniques

A good GP tuition teacher must also be well versed in answering techniques, ranging from the essay section to the comprehension, summary and application questions. This is so that he/she can impart his experience in answering these sections, and equip his students with the necessary techniques to answer the aforementioned questions in the most efficient and precise way.

Good track record of helping students academically

It is important for a GP tutor to have a good track record in helping his/her students in achieving academic success. This will often translate to tangible results for students at the A-Level examinations.

Benefits of GP Tuition

With a well-structured GP tuition class, students can better cover content in a way that is more expeditious and systematic, rather than trawling through a sea of content which may not be relevant. GP tutors can help focus on certain talking points/current affairs that students can use in their essay writing and which are the most relevant to a topic, creating a learning environment that is more conducive for comprehending a large scope of content.

Having GP tuition is also useful in giving students more opportunities to practise essay questions and to expose themselves to more essay question types. This is extremely important as having more practise would allow students to hone their answering techniques, while revising existing content when applying them in the process of essay writing. GP tutors can also guide students and clarify their thought processes when crafting essay responses during GP tuition. This is extremely useful as it reinforces metacognitive thinking.

Students may find it difficult to clarify doubts in a lecture or tutorial style setting, but may feel more comfortable in a personalized session with GP tutors who can directly clarify any doubts they might have while offering greater insight into related topics/content. Having GP tuition is thus advantageous for students who wish to revise concepts and refine their understanding of existing concepts.

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