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Importance of A-Level tuition

Students who decide to embark on their tertiary education in junior colleges will eventually have to take the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level Examinations, and will be examined on subjects at different standards [Higher 1(H1) or Higher 2(H2)]. Students will also have to take a subject from the contrasting discipline, so a student taking a science stream combination, for example, H2 Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics, will have to choose a humanities subject such as H1/H2 Economics in addition to his/her current slew of subjects. 

One may be curious as to how the A-Level Examination results are determined. The computation of academic units (10 rank points for 1 H1 Subject, and 20 for a H2 subject) under the A-Level grading system will determine the student’s final score out of a total of 90 rank points. These A-Level examination results are extremely crucial for students who wish to pursue further education at the university level, as the results they get have a large influence on whether they qualify for certain subjects/courses offered due to the more competitive nature of such subjects. 

Competitive courses such as Law and Medicine often require students to score all As in their 3H2/1H1 subjects chosen for the final rank point computation, and this is reflected in the indicative grade profiles of most local universities who offer these subjects. Furthermore, some courses (i.e. Engineering Sciences) have specific subject combination prerequisites for applicants to even be considered for the course, and these requirements often take the form of passes in specific subjects (i.e. H2 Chemistry, or H2 Mathematics). 

Thus, a student who aspires towards pursuing a certain subject at university must seek to perform well at the A-Levels, to increase their chances of being accepted into the course of their choice.

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Common problems faced when studying for the A-Level

Great volume of content to cover

Students who previously took the O Level examinations will realise that the general workload of A-Level subjects are much heavier than their O Level counterparts. Students who take the H1 General paper have to broaden their scope of studies to include more areas of current affairs, and have to be well versed with current events happening locally in order to answer the new application questions. 

Similarly, students who take H2 Mathematics will have to study new topics such as vectors and expand on their current knowledge of calculus to include advanced differentiation and integration. The aforementioned changes are just small glimpses into the extremely large volume of content which A-Level students have to cover and this can oftentimes be intimidating for students who have difficulty adjusting to the increased workload which may result in them falling behind academically.

Revision and learning are extremely time consuming

The expansive syllabus coverage for a majority of A-Level subjects poses a significant challenge to students. This challenge is compounded by the fact that the learning processes needed to cover syllabus content are extremely time consuming, and students may find it hard to juggle their academic learning with their co-curricular activities, such as sports/music etc. 

Furthermore, having to specifically allocate time to revise for examinations and assessments such as common tests and preliminary examinations means that students find themselves short of time quite frequently. This often translate to students not being able to effectively fulfill all their commitments to the same degree of completion, as students decide to prioritize certain commitments over others when time-starved.

Difficulty identifying areas of the syllabus to focus on

Students can find it hard to identify what aspects of the syllabus to cover, especially since there are so many different areas to focus on in a given subject. To illustrate, a student may decide to focus on studying national unity in Southeast Asia for H2 History, but may neglect studying the Cold War content for International History, and as a result may still do poorly at his/her examinations. It is increasingly difficult for students to assess and differentiate what is important or unimportant, given the ambitious scope of the syllabus and the unpredictability of the A-Level Examinations.

What to look for in an A-Level Tutor

Well versed in the A-Level syllabus

The mark of a good A-Level tuition teacher is that he/she must first be well versed in the syllabus, and possess the requisite experience to teach students. In the same way that a good H2 Literature A-Level tutor must be familiar with the texts tested at the A-Level, a good H2 Mathematics tutor must be familiar with the more abstract concepts of the syllabus. 

An A-Level tutor who is experienced can offer more detailed advice on how to perform at the examinations, given their familiarity with how each subject is tested, and can thus tailor lessons to teach students specific approaches which will benefit them. A-Level tutors will also be able to equip them with advanced study skills such as the usage of certain mnemonic techniques with which to remember content by.

Adapt to student’s learning styles

Some students have difficulties in grasping certain concepts for a particular topic, when other students breeze through learning said concepts. For example, a student might have difficulty understanding market failure conditions in H2 Economics, while another student might be able to understand said concepts more intuitively, and vice versa. 

Qualified A-Level tutors are able to immediately recognize the areas in which their students require more attention, and can personalize their teaching according to the individual needs of their students. Additionally, given that each student has his/her unique learning and revision styles, good A-Level tutors can help to support their learning and revision processes by creating material and resources in a way that is more conducive to their learning styles.

Good track record

Ultimately, students seeking tuition for A-Level subjects are looking to improve beyond a certain grade, and to achieve an A at the A-Levels eventually. Good A-Level home tutors must thus have a good track record of helping their students improve academically, to show that students under their tutelage have positive progression in their learning outcomes which have translated into significant grade improvements. At Distinction Tutors, our tutors have shown to be extremely helpful in guiding students towards academic success.

Benefits of A-Level Tuition

Having A-Level tuition is beneficial to students who find it hard to clarify concepts in a school lecture/tutorial environment, as they can approach an external source of help (A-Level Tutors) to revise and clarify more obscure concepts with them. This is especially important as some aspects of the syllabus are only covered summarily in school, and students may still find themselves trying to understand these topics. Having A-Level tuition is thus a valuable opportunity, as it is a protected period of time set aside outside of school for students to approach their tutors for help in their individual subjects.

Given the large volume of content in subjects such as H2 English Literature and H2 Geography, a student might wish to cover content ahead of his/her peers in order to set aside more time to revise content in the future. A-Level tuition is especially helpful in this aspect, as tuition sessions are designed so that students have the opportunity to do more pre-learning, allowing themselves to be exposed to newer concepts earlier in order to develop a more nuanced understanding.

Having A-Level tuition means having additional help and guidance from experienced tutors who have studied the available trends in past-year questions and who are poised to help prepare students more adequately for the A-Level examinations.

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Distinction Tutors can help

Here at Distinction Tutors, we believe in offering the best possible learning experience for our students in order for them to achieve the best possible learning outcomes. Our team of dedicated tutors are here to help students improve academically, while inculcating in them a genuine love for the subjects that they are taking. Furthermore, our A-Level tutors have an excellent track record with guiding students towards achieving As at the A-Level examination, as evidenced from our high distinction rates for all their students.

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