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Importance of Primary School Math Tuition

Doing well in Math in Primary School is essential for your child to succeed in later life. Your child will need to take Math from primary school all the way to junior college, hence it is important to lay a good foundation in Math at a young age. Excelling in Math at the primary school level has also been shown to increase a child’s confidence drastically. 

A study has shown people who did not do well in math in their earlier years were led to believe that they were not “math people”, and they refrained from choosing careers heavily reliant in math. This limits their career choices as almost all career in the world require some degree of math. What the study also found out was that there was not much difference in innate math ability between people, and those that were better in Math at a young age simply had earlier exposure and more practice. 

Therefore, it is vital for your child to do well in Math at a primary school level, in order to build their confidence and broaden their perspectives. Primary School Math tuition will ensure that your child receive the best support to excel in math. 

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Common problems faced when studying Primary School Math

Lack of Confidence ​

The biggest problem primary school students face in Math is a lack of confidence. Primary school students that have a later exposure to Math may find themselves falling behind in comparison to their peers. This may cause students to lose interest and confidence in Math, or mistakenly believe that they are naturally not math oriented. This lack of confidence is often fatal, as confidence is essential to doing well in any Mathematics examination.

Trouble Understanding the Order of Operations​

Primary school students often find the order of operations confusing, especially when brackets come in. Yet this order of operations forms the basis of mathematics, and students must understand this concept fully to not make careless mistakes in harder questions. Students can follow the BODMAS rule or remember the order of priority from brackets –> multiplication or division –> addition or subtraction.

Difficulty Understanding 3-Dimensional Diagrams​

One of the topics in Math that primary school students have the most difficulty in is area and volume. This especially applies to finding the volume and surface area of 3-Dimensional diagrams. It is hard for primary school students to translate a 2-dimensional diagram on their test paper to a 3-dimensional diagram in their head. Interactive teaching using 3-dimensional models is often beneficial to student’s learning.

What to look for in a Primary School Math Tutor

Patient with Children

Primary school students are young and have a limited attention span. This especially applies for mentally rigorous subjects like Math. Primary School Math tuition teachers must have the patience to work with children and be able to carry out the lesson plan in a fun and engaging manner.

Able to Develop the Student’s Interest in the Subject

Math may seem like a boring subject to many primary school students. A good primary school math tuition teacher should ideally spark the student’s interest in Mathematics, in order to develop a lifelong interest in Mathematics. Math tutors can do this through teaching primary school students using more interactive methods, like puzzles or games. Primary school math home tutors can also use real world examples to make math more relatable to students.

Experienced at Teaching Primary School Math Tuition

Although primary school math seems easy, it is essential to enrol the services of a primary school math tutor that is both experienced and qualified at teaching Math at a primary school level. Experienced math tutors are familiar with any syllabus change at the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE), and are also able to explain difficult concepts to primary school students in a easy to understand manner.

Benefits of Primary School Math Tuition

Primary school Math tutors are able to adjust their lesson pacing to match that of the student. If the student is strong, then lessons can be sped up to do learning in advance. Similarly, if the student is weak at a certain topic, having a 1 to 1 primary school math tuition teacher would enable the student to revisit the topic and clarify any doubts promptly. This cannot be done in school as the schoolteacher must go at the pace of the average student and cannot cater to every student’s individual needs and learning paces.

At upper primary levels, there are many abstract concepts introduced into the math syllabus. Examples are finding time and speed, and finding the volume and surface area of 3-dimensional figures. Schoolteacher may rush through these topics to complete the syllabus earlier and allow more time for PSLE revision. With primary school math tuition, primary school students can take more time to understand these concepts fully. This will help students build a better foundation for their further education.

Math is the only PSLE subject where it is possible to score full marks. Doing well in Math can help your child pull up their T-score and apply to their dream secondary schools. Even with the abolishment of T-scores, an AL1 for PSLE Math would undoubtedly give your child an edge in their secondary school applications. At Distinction Tutors, our primary school Math tutors have shown proven results, with many of our students scoring an AL1 at PSLE.

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Distinction Tutors has more than 5,000 primary school Math tutors registered in our databases. We have consistently generated great results, with many of our students showing an improvement in Math after taking up primary school Math tuition with us. Our primary school math tutors have gotten many positive testimonials from parents, and we are sure that we can help your child as well. 

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