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Importance of IB Chinese Tuition

IB Chinese is one of the most commonly taken subjects taken as part of the IB programme. Despite this, many students struggle with achieving high scores. IB requires a more global mindset from its students, where the syllabus includes learning vocabulary and comprehension skills about environmental issues, cultures and societies, technology, health, and many more. This proves to be difficult for many students that are unfamiliar with the IB curriculum, or not confident in the Chinese language. 

However, as the Chinese language becomes more prevalent, students must still do their best to understand and excel in IB Chinese. IB Chinese tuition will allow students to have an increased amount of opportunities in the working world, and a greater appreciation of the Chinese culture, its traditions, and its history. A good score in IB Chinese will also help pull up a student’s overall IB score, providing a competitive edge when applying for many university courses, even if many courses do not require a good IB Chinese score as a prerequisite. 

Many students may choose to pursue higher education overseas, and a good understanding of Chinese culture and the Chinese language can allow them to feel closer to home despite being in a foreign country, and even tap into the Chinese market. Hence, it is highly important for students to excel in IB Chinese, which may require the help of IB Chinese tuition.

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Common problems faced when studying IB Chinese

Lack of Exposure to the Language

For many students, Chinese is not their first language, but rather, their mother tongue. This means that Chinese is likely not spoken at home, and does not come intuitively to these students. A lack of exposure to Chinese can result in a lack of confidence and familiarity with the language. This can then reduce the likelihood of speaking and practising Chinese actively, affecting the student’s ability to speak fluently. 

IB Chinese includes many oral components and listening comprehensions. Without this exposure and confidence in the language, listening comprehension can become very difficult to score in, and oral examinations that test a student’s fluency can drag down a student’s overall grade. It is important to consistently practice Chinese in an encouraging environment, like IB Chinese tuition, to ensure that students develop confidence and fluency to score well in the listening and speaking components of the IB examinations.

Use of Overly Simplistic Vocabulary and Incorrect Grammar

As part of the IB curriculum, students are required to write several compositions and engage in a conversation for oral examinations. It is here that many students will realise it is easy to pass, but very difficult to score well in these components. This is largely due to the lack of keywords and incorrect grammar structures in their essays and speech. These mistakes greatly affect their language and fluency marks for said examination components. 

To score a 7, it is important to include keywords, use idioms, creative words and sentences, and maintain excellent grammar throughout the essay or oral examination. This is difficult for students with limited vocabulary and a weak foundation in Chinese, as they are more comfortable with simple phrases. Thus, students should learn to use key phrases and creative sentences more effectively, and this can be difficult when studying by themselves without guidance.

Difficulty Memorising Essay Formats

IB Chinese is taught at quite a fast pace, and in the span of this rigorous, two-year programme, students will be required to learn and memorise over fifteen different essay formats, and correctly pick the most appropriate format when writing their essays. Being a very writing-focused programme, it is important for students to pick the correct format to write their essays effectively. 

The format is the easiest way to pull up a student’s essay score, and hence, their overall grade. However, with such a large variety of formats to choose from, it becomes very difficult for students to memorise all the formats in such a short period of time. It is essential that students learn the nature of each format and question, in order to study efficiently and master essay writing.

What can an IB Chinese Tutor offer?

Teach Students to Study Smart

Studying every chapter, every format, and every key phrase can be very time consuming, and very tedious. A good IB Chinese tutor can offer students various exam tips and guide them through the different IB Chinese themes to ensure they get through the IB examinations smoothly. These tips will enable students to memorise important vocabulary, terms and formats effectively, as well as instil confidence in every student to excel in their examinations.

Curated Vocabulary Lists

The IB curriculum requires students to learn a large variety of different key terms and phrases regarding the different themes. These key terms will become useful for essays, orals examinations, and can be used in the comprehension passages as well. Having an IB Chinese tutor will ensure that students can easily and confidently utilise and understand these terms by creating vocabulary lists so that students are able to read, write, and understand the terms. This is especially important for students who rely on pinyin often!

Explain Topics in Engaging and Interesting Ways

Many students find Chinese difficult because they have trouble understanding what is being taught, and they find it boring or meaningless. An IB Chinese tutor can help students understand the topic in easier, relatable, engaging ways to allow them to be interested in what is being taught. This allows students to want to learn more and find the initiative to understand, rather than feeling like they are being forced to learn the language.

Benefits of IB Chinese Tuition

With IB Chinese tuition, students will be able to properly learn and understand the diverse, open-minded themes and topics of the IB Chinese curriculum, like Chinese traditions, Chinese culture and its history. Properly understanding these themes will allow students to appreciate the different aspects of Chinese culture. An IB Chinese tutors can help spread the passion by explaining the syllabus engagingly, ensuring students’ interest and desire to learn.

Being taught in big groups in a classroom can be distracting, and difficult for individual students to learn effectively. With private IB Chinese tuition, students can learn on a 1-on-1 basis allowing for discussion and conversation practice. Personalised teaching and guidance will always be the most effective method to ensure students’ progress in their fluency and confidence. This also provides students more time in IB Chinese tuition lessons to practice with their IB Chinese tutor to target their weak areas and develop their skills based on their individual needs.

Ultimately, the goal of IB Chinese tuition is to help every student reach their full potential and excel in IB Chinese. IB Chinese tuition provides a welcoming, safe environment where students feel comfortable making mistakes and growing. This will encourage students to express themselves openly and be less afraid to practise Chinese and strengthen their fluency. IB Chinese tutors will patiently guide students through the curriculum, correct their mistakes and answer any questions the students may have, in an encouraging environment.

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Our tutors have an amazing track record of student improvement, and many reviews of patient, helpful mentors. Our IB Chinese tuition teachers are highly experienced and will dedicate themselves to your child’s success and confidence. IB Chinese tutors are only a text message away from answering questions, and will effectively help students memorise, understand and grow in their abilities. This has resulted in outstanding scores, with many students obtaining a 7 in either SL or HL IB Chinese for their IB Chinese examinations. Reach out to us to secure your child’s “7” as well! 

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