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Importance of A Level Physics tuition

Given the increasing scientific breakthroughs in the ever-changing landscape of our society, modern day Physics has never been more integrated into our lives than now. From thermodynamics to nuclear physics, everything plays a part in how the world functions and serves as the very foundation to how it runs. Take static electricity for example, we are able to dive into the mechanics of a photocopier and understand how it uses electrostatic charges to form an image.

Ultimately, Physics is also an important prerequisite for a lot of University courses, mainly from the engineering field, like chemical engineering and environmental engineering. Although there are some engineering courses that do not require Physics such as bioengineering, being adept at the subject would definitely boost understanding when studying and pave the way to an easy 5.0 GPA. 

Many undergraduates from these courses often lament not having understood the content fully or not having taken the subject previously, hence causing them to fall behind other students who have an edge over their peers. With complete mastery over A Level Physics, one’s university journey would definitely be a smooth sailing one.

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General problems faced when studying A Level Physics

Memorising Without Understanding

It is not a surprise as to why this may be a recurring issue happening to many students, as many a time, students are being force fed Physics content which can prove to be an information overload. Memorising the content and regurgitating it all on the exam script can only take one so far. When faced with application or never seen before questions, it is only by truly understanding will one then be able to tackle the many versatile layers the question may possess. 

With the syllabus constantly changing and the questions getting more relevant to the modern day context, it is no wonder students who do not understand but merely memorise school notes, have a harder time in the subject and are not able to ace it.

Lack of Interest

“Why am I even studying Physics in JC?” is a prevalent question that pops up in many A Level Physics students’ thought process when studying for the subject. Without interest or understanding how Physics is relevant to one’s life, the subject can tend to be very dry and hard to chew on, aggravating their distaste towards Physics. 

It is thus very important to inculcate at least some form of inquisitiveness in the students that can fuel their hunger for knowledge and motivate them to do better in the A Level Physics. By having some form of passion/interest, it will then be easier to process the information and remember through application in everyday life.

Difficulty Linking Formulae to Questions

Undoubtedly, A Level Physics has a lot of formulae that may prove challenging to remember. It might not be an easy feat to many but with proper technique in the memory work, solving questions will be a cinch. Furthermore, it is with proper guidance and tutoring, along with knowing when to use the formulae and understanding them, will then allow a student to be able to apply and answer the questions. Not knowing when or how to apply a Physics formula is akin to failing the subject and can be detrimental in the long run.

What to look for in a A Level Physics Tutor

Has Full Grasp of the Concepts Within and Beyond the Syllabus

Naturally, being proficient in the A Level Physics syllabus is an important but minimum requirement for a tutor to have, similar to other subjects. However, in order to be able to completely answer any queries the students may have, one must possess knowledge outside of the syllabus. 

Even though this may not be in relevance to the A Level Physics syllabus guideline, the additional information will allow the students to have a greater comprehension of what they are learning which will allow them to answer application questions. Furthermore, with complete command of the subject, the A Level Physics tuition teachers will also be able to dish out tips and tricks for the students to have an easier time memorising and studying for the subject.

Possesses Summarised and Easy to Comprehend Studying Material

It is not farfetched to say that most JCs, if not all, hand out A Level Physics lecture notes that are piled with redundant and hard to understand content, which may be hard for weaker students to follow. With a good A Level Physics tutor, they are not only able to handpick the useful and important bits, summarising them for you, but they are also able to be there to guide you through, should you raise any questions regarding the topic. 

With more condensed studying material that encapsulates all the key points, students will also not bore out easily, as compared to the thick lecture notes given by their schools. Nearing important examinations, students will also be able to use the material to quickly touch on the key points to help them remember what they have learnt for an easier and more efficient revision.

Engaging and Passionate About Physics

Listening to a dull and monotonous lecturer rattle on and on will definitely bore his students out with their incessant Physics concepts, causing them to lose interest rather quickly. Instead, an engaging and interesting A Level Physics tutor with a passion for the subject will be able to teach the subject in an engrossing and fascinating manner. 

This may even induce the students to fall in love with the A Level Physics syllabus as the tutors impart their enthusiasm in them. Additionally, their creative and enticing means of teaching will definitely allow them to easily remember concepts learnt and recall them during tests or exams.

Benefits of A Level Physics Tuition

A Levels Physics is a rather demanding subject that requires one to understand while practicing the content simultaneously, hence resulting in many JC teachers speeding through a large portion of the syllabus. Furthermore, one teacher has to account for a large number of students and cannot cater to personal needs, as compared to being in a tuition setting. 

Once you lose momentum and fall behind the other students, catching up may be an extremely tedious and arduous journey. On the other hand, being in an A Level Physics tuition will allow the students to ask as many questions as they want that can clear up any misunderstandings about the subject without disrupting the rest of the class in school. Pertaining to slower learners, A Level Physics home tutors are also able to adjust the curriculum and learning schedule according to the pace of the individual, so as to assist in a more conducive learning environment.

The A Level Physics is structured in a way that it is necessary to expose oneself to as many questions as they can. It is only by doing so that the student will be able to see how the different concepts can be applied in different scenarios and how some topics are interlinked with each other, creating entirely new possibilities for questions to be made. 

With a vast amount of different ways questions can be set and concepts can be used, enlisting the help of an A Level Physics tutor will be extremely useful as they can provide the students with their own self crafted questions. They would also be able to open up perspectives that are not always available in school when tackling different questions.

Having A Level Physics tuition can boost confidence in students as they are able to make mistakes freely. In school, the students are more afraid of getting questions wrong as often, teachers do not have the time to go through all their mistakes in detail or might not be able to provide the students with sufficient details to correct their problems. 

This is in contrast with tuition where tutors are able to go through the questions thoroughly with the students until they are able to grasp the concept. As such, these students are not afraid to get questions wrong as they know they will then be able to learn from their mistakes and improve, thereby spiking their confidence and hence, performance excellence in the long run.

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