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Literature tuition reinforces students’ understanding of their texts and offers fresh insights and analysis, as well as key exam strategies to enhance the quality of students’ answers. It is also the perfect avenue for personalised feedback and brainstorming of ideas.

Importance of Literature Tuition

Many students struggle with Literature and have been convinced that they are unable to do well simply because they do not have a flair for language. This, however, is far from the truth. Literature focuses on developing students’ critical thinking skills and ability to formulate rigorous literary analysis based on textual evidence. There is far more technique involved in Literature than a mere natural inclination towards language. Literature tuition is thus incredibly important as it serves to teach students the key techniques to scoring in examinations.

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General problems faced when studying Literature

Difficulty in Forming Meaningful Analysis

Being a relatively abstract subject, many students struggle with the much steeper learning curve in Literature as compared to English. Students who have not been as exposed to the subject previously often find great difficulty reading between the lines, linking religious or other cultural references found within the texts and are thus unable to form a rigorous and analytical argument. Often, students lapse into storytelling and paraphrase the text instead of demonstrating critical thinking through thorough analysis of the significance of the literary devices used. Many students also struggle with reading too literally instead of being more sensitive and aware of the significance of the imagery, diction and writing styles of the author.

Taking Things Out of Context

Another common obstacle many Literature students face is being marked down for taking things out of context. Understandably, given the tight time constraints, students tend to rush and take discrete words and phrases out of their given text without fully understanding the context in which they were used. This also occurs frequently when students fail to read widely outside of the syllabus and overlook the nuances of certain references used by writers in their literary works. This ultimately stems from a lack of close reading and engagement with the text and the author or poet’s intentions, which can lead to a weighty deduction of marks.

What can Literature Tutor offer?

In-Depth Analysis of Texts

A Literature tutor will go through each text in a systematic and thorough manner so as to reinforce the student’s understanding and appreciation of the texts they are required to study. The tutor will then focus on the more significant parts of the text and delve into deeper analysis of the characters, relationships, setting and literary devices used. 

A Literature tutor will also be able to provide fresh insights and points of analysis that may not have been covered in school. Literature tuition will also substantiate students’ understanding of their texts with supplementary background information on the personal lives of the authors or poets of the texts, therefore offering a novel insight into how their personal experiences may have shaped and influenced their style of literature. This additional background knowledge will definitely enable students to come up with more points of analysis in the exam and stand out from their peers.

Personalised Feedback

A Literature tutor is able to provide one-to-one personalized feedback to help improve your child’s writing style. Given the much larger class sizes and packed timetables in school, school teachers are often unable to devote their time and focus to your child alone. However, with a Literature tutor, all the attention will be focused on your child and there will be much more time for individual feedback after each submitted essay. 

With the additional undivided attention, the tutor can work specifically on each student’s flaws and give more constructive feedback on how to improve more efficiently. Such personalized feedback can prove surprisingly important in helping students excel in Literature as it provides the space required for students to discuss their ideas further with tutors. 

More often than not, many students have a feasible and logical argument that just needs a bit of tweaking. With Literature tuition, students will quickly get the hang of phrasing their arguments in a more convincing manner that better resonates with the reader.

Benefits of Literature Tuition

Unlike the traditional class setting which often leaves students struggling to copy down analysis spoon fed by teachers in class, Literature tuition allows students the comfort of learning at their own pace. A Literature tutor will design lesson plans targeted at the specific parts of the syllabus that students are struggling with. Students also have the luxury of time and undivided attention to consult the tutor in reviewing practice essays and potential arguments that they may have come up with on their own.

As the examination season draws near, mock exam practices will be given during Literature tuition to simulate the actual exam setting and familiarize students with the tight time constraints and stress faced under the actual examination. It is especially important in Literature examinations that students remain unfazed by the Unseen segment they are given and think quickly on their feet to come up with strong potential arguments while staying focused on reading between the lines. 

Additionally, given that the Literature papers involve a lot of writing, this would also serve as very useful practice for them to learn to write quickly but legibly. The extra practice of doing this under a simulated examination setting will unarguably give students a headstart as compared to their peers as they would be much more mentally prepared to tackle the examination.

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Literature is a relatively niche subject and can often be intimidating to students who may not have the strongest foundation in the English language. Here at Distinction Tutors, we connect students with some of the best and most specialized Literature tutors in Singapore, all of whom are highly passionate and knowledgeable in their fields of studies. 

Our tutors are fully committed to providing wholehearted support to our students by making themselves available both in-person after class or over WhatsApp to answer any academic queries that they may have. We have helped many students attain their desired ‘A’ and we believe that our results speak for themselves. Reach out to us to secure your child’s ‘A’ today!

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