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Importance of O-Level Biology Tuition

O-Level Biology lays the foundation for the further study of Biology, be it H2 Biology in Junior College or a University course like Medicine. A pass in O-Level Pure Biology (or an A2 in Combined Science Biology) is a prerequisite to taking H2 Biology in Junior College. 

The content learnt in O-Level Biology would also give students a better picture of the much more complex H2/H1 Biology. Many H2/H1 Biology topics are simply extensions of O-Level Biology topics, such as Cellular Structures, Movement of Substances, Cell Division, and Inheritance. 

Hence doing well in O-Level Biology would give students more confidence of choosing Biology as a subject in Junior College, allowing students to have a wider variety of subject combinations. Furthermore, as people become more conscious of their health, the popularity of Biology heavy courses like Pharmacy and Life Sciences will increase. 

Having a solid grounding in O-Level Biology will help students better understand the biological concepts taught in University courses centred around Biology.

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Common problems faced when studying O-Level Biology

Not Understanding the Question before Answering ​

During Biology examinations, O-Level Biology students are often too eager to regurgitate the information that they have memorised. This results in students “spamming” whatever they memorised before even understanding what the question is asking. The problem with spamming is that students often write answers that do not answer the question. Even if the answer is relevant, students often write way more than is needed in hopes that at least a few of the points will be relevant. 

Students must realise that most O-Level Biology questions have an answer key with a fixed set of points. For example, a 3 mark question will require students to give 6 relevant points, with each point being half a mark. Students should take enough time to look through the question and plan their relevant points such that they do not write extra information unnecessarily. This will save students lots of time and energy during their O-Level Biology paper.

Difficulty Understanding Molecular Genetics

Molecular genetics is a jump in difficulty from most other O-Level Biology topics. Many O-Level Biology topics deal with systems (ie Digestive system), and organs (ie stomach). These topics are often more relatable to O-Level Biology students and hence easier to understand. 

Molecular genetics goes to a much more micro level, and introduces students to molecules like DNA and RNA, which students find harder to visualise. Much of molecular genetics is rooted in H2/H1 Biology in Junior College, and hence O-Level students may not be able to get a full picture and comprehensive understanding of molecular genetics through the O-Level syllabus.

Too Much Content ​

Biology is definitely a content heavy subject. Out of all the secondary school textbooks, secondary school Biology probably has the thickest textbook with the most information to memorise. With 16 different topics to be learnt in two years, Biology tuition teachers are often forced to rush through the syllabus, finishing one topic every month. 

However, each topic contains copious information, and the content in each topic often requires much more time to digest. Students also struggle with trying to memorise and understand all the information in 16 topics before their O-Level Biology examination.

What to look for in a O-Level Biology Tutor

Create Summaries for Each Topic

Biology is an extremely content heavy subject, with a lot of information to learn for each topic. However, not all of this information is equally important. An ideal O-Level Biology tutor should be able to filter the content for each topic, creating summaries that only contain the most important information and the most updated model answers. This would make revision much easier for O-Level Biology students.

Teach Students how to Structure Answers

O-Level Biology students can memorise most of the O-Level Biology syllabus by themselves as long as they as diligent enough. However, the role of an O-Level Biology tuition teacher is to teach students how to weave this content they memorised into an answer that addresses the question. In fact, there are a limited number of variations of O-Level Biology questions that can come out. 

Although this limited number is well into the hundreds, O-Level Biology tutors could help students brainstorm the points students would give when a specific question comes out. O-Level Biology home tutors can then show students how to link these points together to make a relevant, succinct, and coherent answer to the question.

Teach Student Exam Strategies

To do well in O-Level Biology, it is important to not only know the content well but also go into the examination hall with an exam strategy. A common pitfall of O-Level Biology students is writing too much for every question, which results in a lack of time and unfinished questions towards the end. 1-to-1 O-Level Biology tutors should impart exam strategies in their student, such as setting a certain time limit for every mark.

Benefits of O-Level Biology Tuition

Schoolteachers often have to rush through the O-Level Biology syllabus in order to allow for more revision time for the O-Level Biology exam. This often results in students not fully understanding a topic but being forced to go on to the next one. With 1-to-1 O-Level Biology tuition, lesson pacing can be adjusted to what suits the student. Students can also revisit older topics with their private O level Biology tutor.

Understanding the O-Level Biology content well will greatly help students taking Biology in Junior College or Biology related courses in Polytechnic and University. A private O-Level Biology tutor will expose students to different explanations and allow students to clarify any doubts promptly. O-Level Biology students will hence gain a better understanding of Biology and be better prepared for further studies relating to Biology.

The most important goal of O-Level Biology tuition is to help students get an A1 at their O-Level Biology examination. Distinction Tutors excels at this aspect, with many of our students scoring an A1 at their O-Level Biology examinations after engaging the services of our O-Level Biology tutors. You can be assured that choosing us will equate to great results.

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Here at Distinction Tutors, we have an extremely talented team of O-Level Biology tutors. Our team has always generated great results, with many of our students obtaining an A1 at O-Levels. Reach out to us to secure your A1 as well!

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