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Importance of A-Level Math Tuition

The A-Levels are probably the most important examination students face in their lifetime. A Junior College (JC) student’s A-Level results directly determine which University and course they can get into, and hence their future path in life. A-Level Math is taken by almost all students, be it in the form of H2 Math or H1 Math. 

The A-Level Math grade will definitely be taken into account when the universities are deciding which students to take in. Hence, securing an “A” for A-Level Math is pertinent to the student’s success. Although the A-Level Math syllabus is tough and requires a large time commitment, A-Level Math is also a subject that nets the most proportional returns to the amount of study time invested into it.

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Common problems faced when studying A-Level Math

Lack of Understanding

The A-Level Mathematics syllabus requires students to have a high degree of theoretical understanding of various concepts and formulas. This especially applies to pure math topics, such as graphs and functions, and sequences and series. However, many students are still stuck trying to use their secondary school method of learning Math, which is by memorisation and practice. 

The lack of understanding of the theories behind mathematical concepts at A-Levels is fatal, as many questions are novel and require applications of these mathematical concepts in a way that has not been done before in practice questions. A-Level Math tuition will be able to help students to avoid these pitfalls.

Poor Time Management ​

The H1 Math A-Level examination is a 3 hour paper consisting of 11-13 questions. 5 questions will be pure math questions, taking up 40 percent of the marks, whereas 6 to 8 questions will be statistics questions taking up 60 percent of the marks. The H2 Math A-Level examination consists of two 3 hours papers. Paper 1 (50 percent weightage) is 10-12 questions of pure math worth 100 marks, whereas paper 2 is 4-5 questions of pure math worth 40 marks and 6 to 8 questions of statistics worth 60 marks. 

Although 3 hours seems very long for both the H2 and H1 Math papers, in reality students are fighting tooth and nail with the clock for the entire three hours. It is important for students to have good time management skills, and know when to give up on a question and go on to the next. A good gauge is to allocate 1.5 minutes for every 1 mark, to ensure that there is enough time to figure out harder questions and check through the paper.

High Stress Levels ​

It goes without saying that JC students are perpetually stressed. However, stress levels reach their peak at the A-Level examinations, and some students may suffer insomnia or anxiety attacks due to the A-Level exam stress. This is especially detrimental to the student’s performance during the A-Level Math paper, as Math is a subject which requires a clear mind. Students must find time to relax and also plan out their revision schedules to prevent last minute revision. A-Level Math tuition will help to reduce the student stress level by ensuring that they are well prepared for the exam.

What to look for in an A-Level Math Tutor

Qualified to teach A-Level Math

A-Level Math is a difficult subject to learn, let alone teach. A-Level Math tutors must have the relevant qualifications to show that they can teach A-Level Math to JC students, to prevent students from wasting time and money with an incapable tutor. At Distinction Tutors, we conduct detailed background checks to ensure that only A-Level Math tutors who have years of experience teaching math at a JC level or former A-Level students who have done exceedingly well in Math are placed in our databases.

Teach Student Exam Strategies

Making sure A-Level students understand Math concepts should be the first priority of an A-Level Math tuition teacher. However, closer to the A-Level math home tutors can also impart key exam strategies to help students do well. Some exam strategies are scanning the whole paper first to get an idea of the difficulty, highlighting key values in questions, and dividing the paper into four 25 mark segments to act as checkpoints, using 45 minutes to complete each segment.

Patient and Approachable

A-Level math syllabus is extremely difficult, and students naturally have a lot of queries and doubts while learning new concepts and encountering new questions. It is important that students clarify these doubts completely to do well. By being patient and approachable towards students, A-Level Math tutors can create an encouraging environment for students to clarify doubts promptly. In fact, most students benefitted from A-Level math tuition as the tutors are able to identify mistakes quickly.

Benefits of A-Level Math Tuition

JC students are often strapped for time, with CCA commitments, homework, and revision taking up almost the entire day. A-Level Math tuition would help students understand concepts faster through novel explanations, allowing students to spend more time on other revision.

All our private A-Level Math tutors have gone through A-Levels Math or an equivalent examination and have done extremely well. Our A-Level Math tutors can therefore share their experiences and tips on how to do well and study effectively. This gives students a tried and tested method they can use, instead of having to figure out a method for themselves.

A-Level is an extremely important examination, and students should try to get as many “A”s as they can. A-Level Math is a subject that is easy to score an A in as long as students work hard and are provided with the right guidance. An A-Level Math tuition teacher could help students do better in their exams leading up to A-Levels, and students can walk into the A-Level examination hall with more confidence that they will do well.

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Here at Distinction Tutors, we are committed to helping you achieve your “A” for A-Level Math. Our team of tutors has generated excellent results, with many of our students obtaining “A” for H1 and H2 Math at the A-Level examination.

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