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As one of the best tuition agency in Singapore, we provide highly experienced Sec 2 Science tutors to help students achieve A1 for their secondary two and upper level Science examinations, including O’ and N’ Levels Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and combined Science.

Importance of Sec 2 Science Tuition

Sec 2 Science is a crucial link between lower secondary Science and upper secondary Science. The syllabus contains important topics like ionic and covalent bonding, DC electricity, and human circulation that will be explored further in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at upper levels. Without Sec 2 Science tuition, it is hard for students to fully understand and remember what is being taught during Science classes in school.

Other than the increased subject demands, secondary two is also a streaming year for students. They will be streamed into different classes that offer Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics. This is an important year that will affect the student’s future class and school choices.

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Common problems faced when studying Sec 2 Science

Increased stress levels

In secondary two, students will have a heavier workload across all subjects. There is bound to be more stress for students as they struggle to keep up with their teachers and peers. Students may be turned-off by their subjects, which isn’t ideal as we want them to focus and do the best they can during their streaming year. A good Sec 2 Science tutor can help them to clarify scientific doubts and lighten the workload.

Greater commitments in school

Whether it is extracurricular activities, voluntary services or taking up leadership positions in class, your child will have greater commitments as he/she moves up to secondary two. There is less time available for him/her to focus on his/her studies. This is problematic as Science is a subject that requires time to understand the theories and concepts. These cannot be learnt overnight. More time is needed to understand and practise the numerous questions. Going for Sec 2 Science home tuition under a specialised and experienced Sec 2 Science tutor will benefit your child.

More complicated and in-depth content

The secondary two Science syllabus has more complicated topics like chemical equations and DC electricity that require calculations. This layer of complexity adds more depth to the topics taught. Students who are poor in calculations may have a hard time answering the Science questions, without the help of Sec 2 Science tuition.

More abstract topics like chemical bonding, biological molecules, human circulation, and circuit diagrams are also introduced. Students must understand the theories and applications behind these topics to score well in their Science examinations. A Sec 2 Science home tutor can explain these theories and how to apply them.

What to look for in a Sec 2 Science Tutor

Experienced teacher with proven results

Results matter, especially in such a critical streaming year like secondary two. It is strongly encouraged for parents to engage a Science tuition teacher in Singapore who is familiar with the secondary school Science syllabus.

Not only is the Sec 2 Science tutor able to impart his/her knowledge and skills for your child to tackle the examination questions, the secondary two Science tutor is able to advise your child on which Science route to take, as he/she had walked this same path before.

Build a strong foundation in Science

By the time your child reaches secondary two, he/she may have forgotten what was previously taught in secondary one. The child’s Sec 2 science tuition teacher will go through previously taught topics and build up his/her foundation in them. Some important topics that students often have trouble with are atoms and molecules in Chemistry, ray models of light in Physics, and the human digestive system in Biology.

With one-to-one Sec 2 Science tuition, any doubts faced by shy and quiet children can also be immediately clarified, which is critical if one wishes to fully understand Science as a subject.

Provide Timely Feedback

A Sec 2 Science tuition teacher can assess your child’s different strengths and weaknesses in the topics. The private Sec 2 Science tutor can focus on ways to help him/her understand the concepts during the Sec 2 Science tuition, unlike in school where teachers cannot slow down their pace of teaching to cater to individual students.

A personal Sec 2 Science tuition teacher can also track your child’s progress and inform you about his/her performance. Together, the tutor, you and your child can monitor his/her results and strive for greater improvement in future.

Benefits of Sec 2 Science Tuition

Students have a diverse level of interest and comprehension. Your child may become lost or discouraged in school due to boredom or lack of understanding. With one-to-one Sec 2 Science tuition, the science tutor can complement your child’s learning style and develop them to their fullest potential.

If your child is struggling to keep up with his/her peers in Science, Sec 2 Science tuition can close the gap. Sec 2 Science tuition will help them to keep up with the local curriculum. With extra practices during secondary two Science tuition and under the guidance of a secondary two Science tutor, he will get to learn new knowledge ahead of the class.

Secondary two is the streaming year and this is when things get serious. If your child would like to study certain courses in future, he/she needs to get into his/her desired class that offers those branches of Science. Common classes include the double Science class (where the student takes Biology and Chemistry, or Chemistry and Physics) or the Triple Science class (where the student takes Biology, Chemistry, and Physics).

Some courses in junior colleges or polytechnics can only be taken if the student have chosen specific subject(s) i.e. Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics in upper secondary. In university, most engineering and computer science courses have a prerequisite of Chemistry and/or Physics.

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