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Importance of Secondary School Biology Tuition

Biology is the branch of science concerned with the study of living organisms and their life processes. The syllabus in secondary school Biology introduces students to this interesting branch of science, giving them a broad overview of the various components of Biology. 

In lower secondary science, students will be introduced to the basics of biology, mainly cellular structure, movement across membranes, and how various animal and plant systems work. In upper secondary, students continuing Biology will delve deeper into the reasons why biological systems work in the way they do. Upper secondary Biology students will also be required to explain the various chemical and cellular interactions within biological systems.

Much of the content taught in secondary school Biology is useful in daily life. The secondary school Biology syllabus will allow students to have a sufficient understanding of the life processes happening before their eyes, such as photosynthesis and respiration. Students will also be able to apply their Biology knowledge in real world scenarios, like understanding what nutrients their body requires to be healthy.

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Common problems faced when studying Secondary School Biology

Memorisation without Linking Concepts

Many secondary school students have the misconception that Biology is a subject that purely requires memorisation. Students memorise as much information as they can and simply regurgitate this information in their examination. Blindly memorising biological facts is a dangerous method of studying secondary school biology. 

While there are questions that require students to simply recall a fact, most questions in a secondary school Biology examination will require students to understand biological concepts, link different concepts together, and apply them to different contexts. For example, the topic of the circulatory system is often tested in conjunction with the respiratory system, and students are often required to compare between information from the topics of nutrition in plants and nutrition in humans. 

Hence, interlinking topics and understanding the context of various biological facts is essential to helping secondary school students do well in Biology. 

Trouble with Inheritance

Inheritance is one of the most difficult topics in secondary school Biology, and it is a topic that many secondary school Biology students struggle with. Out of all the topics in secondary school Biology, Inheritance is the topic that requires the most understanding and application. Students must fully understand how parental genotypes and phenotypes affect the genotypes and phenotypes of offspring through Punnett squares and genetic diagrams. 

To make it even more difficult, there is a great variety of genotypes and phenotypes with different conditions, such as homozygous, heterozygous, dominant, codominant, and recessive. Secondary school biology tuition will help students in understanding these complex topics. 

Not Writing Keywords

A common problem facing secondary school Biology students is not structuring their answers to include biological keywords needed by the question. Other than MCQs, all Biology questions will require students to give a certain set of keywords. Although secondary school Biology students may be fully able to explain the concept tested in their answers, marks will not be awarded if they do not write the keywords required by the answer key. Hence, it is advisable for secondary school Biology students to memorise some model answers for common questions, in order to ensure that they will give the relevant biological keywords in their Biology exam.

What to look for in a Secondary School Biology Tutor

Qualified and Experienced

It is essential that the secondary school Biology tutor has the right experience and qualifications to teach students. This is why Distinction Tutors checks our databases constantly, ensuring that only secondary school Biology tutors who have years of teaching experience and ex-students who have had outstanding Biology results for both O-Level and A-Level Biology remain in our databases.

Simplify Complex Concepts

Some secondary school Biology topics are more difficult than others. For example, Inheritance, Cell Division, and Reproduction are topics that may require secondary school Biology tutors to spend more time going through. Private secondary school Biology tutors should be able to untangle these convoluted concepts such that students are able to understand them easily. For example, secondary school Biology home tutors could draw out what chromosomes look like in the nucleus at each of the stages of mitosis (PMAT; Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase) and mark out the respective ploidy level (ie 2n or n).

Show Students the Applications of Secondary School Biology

Many topics in the secondary school Biology syllabus contain content that will be useful to students even if they do not pursue a Biology related course in their further studies. For example, the topic of Nutrition in Humans will teach secondary school Biology students about the components of a balanced diet, and hence students would be more aware of what foods they should consume. 

The topic of sexual reproduction in humans can also give female students a more in-depth explanation as to the various hormones causing the menstrual cycle. Secondary school Biology tuition teachers should link the content of the Biology syllabus to real life applications, in order to show students the relevance of secondary school Biology.

Benefits of Secondary School Biology Tuition

There is a huge amount of content to be learnt before the O-Level Biology examination, and it is almost impossible to pick up all the Biology content right before the examination. Hence, secondary school Biology students must regularly review their Biology knowledge of older topics throughout the two years of upper secondary. Having weekly lessons with a private secondary school Biology tutor will allow students to actively recall older topics, making it easier to do revision before Biology examinations.

Having a one to one secondary school Biology teacher will allow students to be exposed to alternative explanations. School teachers may not always have the best explanation, especially for more complicated processes like meiosis and genetic diagrams. A secondary school Biology private tutor can explain complicated processes in ways that are more suitable for the student. Students can also learn acronyms or frameworks that were not taught in school from their secondary school Biology teacher to help with their memorisation.

All secondary school Biology tuition will be conducted in the student’s own home, hence students can save a lot on travelling time as compared to going to a Biology tuition centre. Furthermore, secondary school Biology home tutors will help students filter through their notes and create summaries, retaining only the useful information. This process saves students time as students no longer need to comb through their notes trying to memorise every piece of information they find useful.

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