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Distinction Tutors’ kindergarten tuition provides personalised coaching for developing literacy and numeracy skills in preschoolers. Fun, interesting lessons ignite curiosity, boost confidence, and develop social skills.

Children from the ages of four to six (preschoolers) are fast learners. Fresh from toddlerhood, they can quickly absorb new information due to their curious, impressionable, and malleable young minds. 

Parents enrol their children in kindergarten to equip them with fundamental skills for life. Kindergartens facilitate child development through early childhood education. It is through this societal microcosm that preschoolers gradually discover their identities while receiving essential skills to thrive as individuals. This helps them develop into fully-functioning and self-actualised members of society.

To support early childhood educators in Singapore in creating and delivering quality learning experiences for preschoolers, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has launched the Nurturing Early learners (NEL) Curriculum. This framework outlines areas such as Aesthetics and Creative expression, Discovery of the World, Social and Emotional Development, Motor Skills Development, Language and Literacy, and Numeracy.

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Common problems faced by Kindergarten Students

Short Attention Spans

Preschoolers may find it hard to focus and keep still. Being easily distracted is understandable for children their age. However, paying attention is imperative too as children without an integrated sense of self-awareness will have difficulty completing tasks that require greater mental focus. In reprimanding preschoolers for being hyperactive, grown-ups may unconsciously expect them to behave like older kids or adults. Hence, parents and preschool teachers may struggle to purposefully engage disruptive preschoolers with short attention spans.

Undeveloped Social Skills

A child attending school for the first time may feel anxious about being separated from his or her parents. He or she may experience anxiety from encountering strange, new people and environments. This is evident in a child’s reluctance to speak up or in their avoidance of group/class participation. If left unresolved, the fear of forming new friendships, meeting new people, and exploring new environments can lead to maladaptive, socially-reclusive behaviours.

Delayed Language, Literacy, and Numeracy Skills

Language and literacy involves speaking, reading, and writing clearly. Numeracy helps with deep logical thinking and reasoning. Children may have difficulty with numbers or expressing themselves with words and language. Monosyllabic replies, Singlish, and a mashup of colloquial expressions detracts from properly mastering any one language. Difficulties in numeracy can also impact everyday activities such as telling the time, measurements, and pattern recognition. If left uncorrected, a weak foundation in language, literacy, and numeracy can lead to subsequent difficulties in English, Mother Tongue, or Math in Primary School.

What can Kindergarten Tutors offer?

Personal Coaching

In private 1-1 coaching, a child receives the undivided attention of his or her kindergarten tutor. A kindergarten tutor is able to identify the child’s individual gifts and strengths while exploring their abilities. The child is encouraged and affirmed; not pressured and put down when they are unable to fulfil expectations. Sometimes a child may feel bored and not listen if they already know how to do something. With tailored lesson plans, the child is able to develop at an individually calibrated pace to ensure that they are adequately challenged.

Instilled Confidence and Social Skills

Engaging a kindergarten tutor encourages healthy social interaction between the tutor and child. Conversing with the kindergarten tutor enables the child to observe social norms and appropriate behaviour in a 1-1 setting. Furthermore, this develops confidence and necessary social skills in interacting with non-family membersenabling preschoolers to comfortably socialise with teachers and classmates.

Guidance for Developing Literacy and Numeracy Skills

Kindergarten tutors are experienced at helping preschoolers build their reading, speaking, writing, and numeracy skills. They accomplish this through the pedagogical use of phonics, alphabets, number recognition, and other techniques. This ensures that the child receives the requisite academic foundations for primary school subjects like English, Mother Tongue, and Math.

Benefits of Kindergarten Tuition

Every child develops differently. At a tender age, preschoolers should find delight in learning.
They must be able to enjoy learning at a comfortable pace without feeling coerced into doing so. Kindergarten tuition offers age-appropriate lessons that engage through fun, interesting activities on thinking and reasoning. Short and well-paced lessons with strategic breaks in between seek to maintain the child’s attention.

The benefit to having 1-1 kindergarten tuition is that the kindergarten tutor goes over to your home. Parents can rest easy knowing that their child is in a familiar and safe environment. Being in close proximity to their child allows parents to keep watch while having the space and flexibility of performing chores or other domestic duties. Furthermore, the child does not need to contend with commuting to enrichment centres nor be subjected to the pressures of group enrichment classes.

Kindergarten is a crucial time for children to develop positive learning habits and to try new things. Their inquisitive minds (like sponges) soak in new stimuli and newfound experiences. Hence, kindergarten tuition engages preschool children in ways that fan their curiosity in learning more about the world around them. Learning to ask questions about what they observe and experience in their daily lives can translate to a greater interest in their studies.

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Distinction Tutors’ kindergarten tuition provides personalised coaching for developing literacy and numeracy skills in preschoolers. Fun, interesting lessons ignite curiosity, boost confidence, and develop social skills. Learn in the comfort and safety of home! 

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