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Importance of Sec 2 Math Tuition

Sec 2 is an important year for students as their performance in Mid Year examinations (MYE) and End Year examinations (EYE) are taken into account to assess their capabilities for various subjects in Upper Secondary. Students would feel obliged to try their utmost best in order to secure their desired combinations for O Levels. 

Some subject combinations require a higher degree of competency displayed during Sec 2 examinations, such as Triple Science (Physics, Biology and Chemistry) combinations. A certain degree of aptitude is required for students to take Additional Math in Upper Secondary as well. Such subjects, depending on the school, may have limited slots. This induces a sense of competition in students. Pressure from parents to take up prestigious combinations may further cause stress for students. 

Typically, students who desire to take up Triple Science combinations may end up putting a lot more focus onto their Sciences. This results in negligence towards Math, and eventually causing them to lag behind in Math. Additionally, some students may not be able to cope with the competitiveness and burn out in their pursuit for their desired combinations. 

Therefore, it is essential that students are provided with support and guidance. Sec 2 Math tutors will ensure that students will remain focused in their Math while pursuing their desired combination, preventing easily avoidable burnout and stress.

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Common problems faced when studying Sec 2 Math

Inability to plot Links between Chapters

The Sec 2 Math syllabus is quite unique as opposed to the Sec 1 Math syllabus. In Sec 1 Math, students are introduced to a wide array of Mathematical concepts, such as Algebra, Volumes, Graphs and Statistics. In Sec 2, however, the focus is largely on going further in depth in these chapters that were introduced earlier. In addition, previously learnt chapters and concepts will start to converge during examinations in the form of one single question. For example, in Sec 1, students learn the concepts behind linear graphs, as well as basic algebra. 

In Sec 2, students dive further into the same concepts, learning quadratic graphs and algebraic manipulations involving quadratic equations. However, in Sec 2, chapters start to become linked and many chapters no longer exist as individual concepts. A frequently examinable Sec 2 Math question involves a mixture of both quadratic equations (Algebra) and Quadratic/Linear Graphs. 

Students tend to perceive incorrectly that the question requires them to use their concepts learnt from Graphs alone, when in reality, they have to bring forward their concepts from Algebra as well. Sec 2 Math tuition can develop an excellent ability to plot links between the concepts through regular practice of like-minded questions.

Panic during Examinations

More so a consequence of inadequate physical and mental preparation, students mostly tend to panic during examinations at the sight of new questions that they are unfamiliar with. For example, the chapter “Geometric Properties” may require students to use the compass, protractor or other instruments from the Mathematical Set. 

An inadequately prepared student who is unfamiliar with using such instruments will begin to fret upon seeing a question on that chapter during examinations. Unfortunately, panicking often sets off a domino effect where a student’s ability to answer every subsequent question will be affected. Sec 2 Math tuition will provide students with countless opportunities to make sure they have the necessary experience in dealing with unique questions. This will enable them to remain calm and focused during the examination.

What to look for in a Sec 2 Math Tutor

Able to Vary Teaching according to Student's Needs

As mentioned earlier, Secondary 2 Math consists of Statistical Math and Pure Math. A Secondary 2 Math tutor must be able to differentiate his teaching style in order to achieve maximum efficiency for the student. Instead of the traditional textbook or classroom style teaching, a Secondary 2 Math tutor must be proficient in identifying various platforms of teaching. For example, the teaching of Quadratic Graphs may be hard to visualise for some students. 

Secondary 2 Math tuition teacher can use graphing applications online like Desmos to visually demonstrate each point of graphs easily. Furthermore, Secondary 2 Math tutors can teach Statistical concepts like Probability in various forms such as models or probability trees. Such methods will expose the student to a wider array of thinking styles, enabling the student to visualise mathematical concepts easier. 

Calm and Understanding

A teacher must understand that Secondary 2, especially towards Term 3 and 4, is a stressful period for most students. Most students are plagued with the worry of failing to secure the grades for their examinations that will enable them to pick their desired combinations. 

As these students are still very young, they may not have developed their emotional maturity to deal with stress yet. As such, Secondary 2 Math home tutors must be understanding of their situation and guide them like a role model instead of forcing them to aggressively practice Math. 

Benefits of Sec 2 Math Tuition

Additional Mathematics is one of the most sought after subjects in Upper Secondary. However, it does not come easy as students have to display proficiency in Lower Sec Math in order to qualify for it. Sec 2 Math tuition will ensure that students are trained well by expanding their abilities. 

This will help them to be proficient in Math and qualify for Additional Math in upper secondary. Additional Math is a requirement to take H2 Math in most Junior Colleges, so do not miss out on the chance to pursue H2 Math in JC simply due to poor performance in Sec 2 Math!

One of the most important skills that students can possess in both Upper Secondary and Tertiary education is their ability to map out the connections between various concepts and chapters. As students progress through the tiers of education, the rigidity of individual chapters begins to loosen. Mathematical concepts will start to be correlated, through the introduction of aligning and reverse engineering proofs that dwell on multiple concepts. 

Therefore, the ability to find links between chapters wherever possible is crucial for a student in the long term. Our Sec 2 Math tutors are equipped with the necessary skills to highlight such links for students.

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Doing well in Sec 2 Math is extremely significant to a student’s educational future. It will qualifies student to take Additional Math in Upper Secondary. In most Junior Colleges, taking H2 Math is only eligible for those who took Additional Math for O Levels. To further add on, H2 Math is a requirement for many University courses in NUS and NTU. 

In fact, H2 Math is the most prevalent prerequisite for University Courses. As such, we are not just securing students’ short-term future, but their long-term future as well! Embark on a journey as far as post-tertiary education with us today! 

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