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Importance of JC Economics Tuition

Contrary to popular belief, the study of JC Economics is not confined to learning how to make money. Rather, it offers a broader understanding of the workings of markets and consumers around the world. Here are some questions students can expect to have an answer to in the process of studying JC Economics:

  • How would the decrease of eggs imported from Malaysia result in price changes of pastries sold in Singapore?
  • What is the purpose of companies merging, and why are they sometimes disallowed from doing so?
  • Why are countries so concerned about their exchange rate relative to other countries?

Students taking JC Economics will be exposed to concepts on a single-market scale and an international scale amongst others. They will be equipped with crucial general knowledge regarding decisions made in the world, and indeed, how money plays a major role in influencing such decisions.

Despite offering broad-based knowledge, however, JC Economics differs from university-level Economics: the latter involves more Mathematics, calculations and involves uncertainties and volatility in the real-world markets where the former usually omits.

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General problems faced when studying JC Economics

A fresh start

Economics will be relatively new to JC students, given the general lack of exposure to the subject at lower levels of schooling. Concepts may seem completely foreign, which can be daunting in the process of the learning. Students entering JC may also find themselves taking up JC Economics to fulfil their subject combination criteria, and thus often struggle to ignite passion in the subject, as compared to other subjects of their choice. This may have an impact on their academic performance in JC Economics itself.

A Humanities Subject

The nature of JC Economics involves time devoted to writing– explaining Economics concepts, accounting for observable effects in the market, taking a stand on which economic policy would benefit a country’s economy, et cetera. Students less well-versed in writing may face difficulties in this aspect.

Yet also a Science Subject

In spite of JC Economics being viewed as a Humanities subject, it involves a fair share of science-related skills such as drawing graphs and analysing changes in data. Students will be expected to carry a variety of skills when approaching questions, such as calculating the percentage change in price of an item with respect to a change in its quantity available for sale — a prominent recall of mathematics concepts.

Large quantities of concepts

In addition to the freshness of the subject, the quantity of concepts may prove challenging for some students as they dedicate time and effort into memorizing definitions of keywords, various diagrams and their changes leading to specific effects, et cetera. JC Economics is undoubtedly a content-heavy subject that must not be neglected in the revision process, lest students be unprepared when it comes to producing accurate content in their answers.

Poor answering techniques ​

A source of frustration for students can be facing difficulties in boosting their marks despite having written a sizable quantity in their answers. Unfortunately, making repetitive statements or going off topic will not be rewarded in examinations. Some common mistakes students tend to make include missing out on certain keywords, important elaborations regarding theory, or failing to address the significance of an effect. However, such issues can be rectified with knowledge and application of the appropriate answering techniques, in addition to dedicated practice.

What to look for in an JC Economics Tutor

Clear understanding of content

An ideal JC Economics tuition teacher should be able to compile the syllabus content and present them to students in a straightforward manner. They should also have a strong grasp of the Economics concepts and theories, such as the reasons behind various graph curves shifting and their effects, in order to clarify students’ doubts and avoid convoluted explanations that could result in misconceptions.

Provides tutees with adequate content and practice

A key strategy in revision for JC Economics, as with multiple subjects, is consistent practice. On top of delivering content in an efficient manner for students to easily grasp, an JC Economics tutor should be able to provide adequate amounts of practice questions and follow those up with suitable answers that students will be able to use as reference.

Able to pick out areas for improvement

Students will be expected to engage in lots of writing as practice. An ideal JC economics tutor should be able to read through students’ practices and identify specific areas for improvement, such as more elaboration required on a point and how that can be done under timing constraints, or where to insert a diagram to supplement an answer.

Benefits of JC Economics Tuition

Given the large quantity of content that JC Economics carries, students may need time outside of school to catch up on content. JC Economics tuition provides students with a guided environment to fully understand and apply Economics concepts at a suitable pace for their learning. Additionally, having a JC Economics home tutor would undoubtedly cater to higher efficiency in learning, as students can be sure that they are on the right direction to scoring well for examinations.

Students have varied writing techniques and capacity in analysing the information given in questions. As such, a private JC Economics tutor will be able to support students’ individual needs to enable improvement. For instance, a student who faces greater difficulty understanding market structure can request for increased emphasis and practices related to the topic. The pace at which different topics move can be tailored to suit the student’s needs, which immensely benefits learning and undoubtedly leads to improved performance in examinations.

Beyond being guided on the right track to an A, having a JC Economics tutor can help to affirm a student’s progress. Distinction Tutors has had a track record of many students achieving “A” in their A-Levels, which should serve to boost students’ confidence of similarly attaining ideal results.

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