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Distinction Tutors has one of the best team of secondary school Science tutors in Singapore. Our tutors have helped numerous Singapore school students obtain A1 for their O-Level and N-Level Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and combined Science examinations.

Importance of Secondary School Science Tuition

The secondary school Science syllabus in Singapore builds upon the content that was learned in primary school. Students take their learning to the next level with more abstract Science concepts being introduced as they dive deeper into the different branches of Science like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Through investigative tasks and practical lab activities, Science lessons come to life and students explore the themes of diversity, models, interactions, and systems.

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Common problems faced when studying Secondary School Science

Greater number of subjects taught

Secondary school is wholly different from primary school. Students are exposed to a wide range of 6-8 subjects, compared to only 4 subjects in primary school. As the teachers need to squeeze the syllabus into 4-5 years to prepare them for the GCE O-Level or N-Level, less time given to each subject.

Independent learning is greatly encouraged, with lesser spoon-feeding and guidance from the teachers. Some students struggle with the sheer number of subjects taken and may need help in their secondary school Science, especially students with a weak foundation in the subject.

Hands-On lessons

With more scheduled laboratory sessions in their timetables, students are expected to put the Science theories they learn into practice like dissecting a frog during Biology lab lessons, observing chemical reactions during Chemistry lab lessons, and measuring objects during Physics lab lessons.

From test tubes to vernier callipers, they are exposed to a variety of apparatus to help them to validate their observations and explanations without bias. They need to be skilled in handling the equipment to achieve the desired experiment results and record them down.

What to look for in a Secondary School Science Tutor

In-depth teaching

Secondary school Science involves more abstract Science concepts as well as principles like chemical and mathematical formulas.

Science, especially at the upper secondary level, has a large amount of content and formulas to be memorised. To expedite the learning process, secondary school science tutors can create different summaries of key information and formulas in each chapter for their students to refer to.

In the recent O-Level and N-Level Science theory examinations, there are lesser repeated questions from the past years. Simply memorising past year answers will not be enough to score A1 for the Science examination. The students should be encouraged by their tutors to develop their own sense of scientific inquiry by gathering and using evidence. Good secondary school science tuition teachers will teach their students how to formulate and communicate their explanations based on the evidence gathered. The secondary school science home tutors will also teach students to apply scientific concepts learnt to understand daily events and phenomena.

Possesses good practical skills

In secondary school, students are tested on both their practical and theoretical skills. Their practical skills are put to the test by conducting experiments.

One common feedback from examiners is that many students do not record detailed observations during Chemistry laboratory experiments. They will forget to state the colour change or test for the type of gas formed.

Secondary school science tutors should teach their students the common laboratory mistakes and how to avoid them. Different tips and tricks on how to operate the scientific instruments and apparatus more efficiently during the laboratory examinations are also very effective ways to avoid these mistakes.

Awareness of the different Science routes available

A secondary school Science tutor should be aware of the different routes available to the students at upper secondary levels and guide them to their desired pathway. Common routes include the double Science route (the student takes Biology and Chemistry, or Chemistry and Physics) or the Triple Science route (the student takes Biology, Chemistry & Physics).

Benefits of Secondary School Science Tuition

With secondary school science home tuition, students will develop the flexibility to respond to different abstract contexts, which will greatly help in their upper Secondary and their tertiary years.

Secondary school Science also goes beyond simply knowing and understanding the facts of Science. In secondary school, the student needs to develop his/her reasoning and analytical skills to solve application questions.

Secondary school science tuition can provide your child with a good head-start in the different branches of Science such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. With an earlier introduction to Biology, Chemistry, and/or Physics, the transition to upper secondary school will be much easier.

Biology, Chemistry, and/or Physics may not be your child’s favourite subject(s). Getting secondary school science tuition allows your child to be more familiar with the subjects. In the process, they may appreciate the subject more. Physics, for instance, helps students to develop a thorough understanding of the different principles like forces. Students are taught how to apply them to solve real-world problems. 

Some topics in Science are more important than others such as the mole concept and chemical reactions. Secondary school Science tuition will help your child reinforce these common theories tested.

Certain key topics in laboratory sessions like the speed of reactions have also been repeated for many years. Going for tuition will help your child easily prepare for the Chemistry practical examinations.

Choosing the right Science branches (i.e. Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics) is important as this will go on to affect the student’s future school choices.

Some subjects are only offered at certain schools. Doing well in Science is a pre-requisite to enter most Science and Engineering courses in polytechnic and junior colleges, including competitive courses like Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, and Computer Engineering.

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