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Higher Chinese Tuition provides a proper and consistent use of Mandarin in a conducive Mandarin-speaking environment. With personalised coaching, Higher Chinese home tutors have a positive track record of instilling confidence in students to score ‘A’s for PSLE and O-Level Higher Chinese.

Importance of Higher Chinese Tuition

The quality and standard of Higher Chinese has inadvertently regressed since English is used as Singapore’s lingua franca. Recognising this gap in the education system, the Singapore government had rolled out programmes such as the “Speak Mandarin Campaign” in the past to facilitate the learning and usage of Mandarin as a language. Being proficient in Higher Chinese is not just beneficial, but essential to Chinese students in the current education landscape.

On an individual level, Mandarin is an integral aspect of being Chinese. Hence, the need to be proficient in Higher Chinese. Higher Chinese plays an important part in Chinese students’ streaming results from Primary to Secondary School, and Junior College. In Secondary School, Higher Chinese contributes to students’ overall points in their O-Levels. Moreover, students who have taken Higher Chinese in the O-Levels are exempted from H1 Chinese in the A-Levels. This saves them time and energy for other commitments. Furthermore, this gives them an advantage over students who have to continue taking H1 Chinese at the A-Levels.

Internationally, having an excellent command of Mandarin would enable students to communicate effortlessly with Chinese-speaking clients in the future. As more Chinese firms set up businesses in Singapore, the need to be proficient in Higher Chinese becomes more prevalent. As such, Higher Chinese tuition helps students develop a stronger command in speaking, reading, and writing Chinese.

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Common problems faced when studying Higher Chinese

Mandarin-deficient Environment

These days, many households speak English instead of Mandarin. Moreover, subjects in school are taught using English as a language of instruction. This results in a Mandarin-deficient environment— limiting students to only using Mandarin during Chinese classes or Higher Chinese tuition lessons. The most important aspect of learning a language is to practise using it frequently. Hence, the lack of a consistently immersive cultural environment can deprive students from doing well in Higher Chinese.

Difficulty of Higher Chinese

Higher Chinese is difficult. It requires students to speak, read, and write well while making use of idioms (成语) to improve their essays. As most idioms have a story behind them, they comprise ideas which can be difficult to grasp. Idioms also comprise characters which are more complex to write. Furthermore, the current curriculum urges students to incorporate poems and quotes from famous Chinese historical writers—making Higher Chinese a difficult subject to pick up objectively.

Lack of Resources

Most of the assessment books in the market are catered for students who study standard Chinese. As such, students taking Higher Chinese may experience difficulty finding adequate resources for practice. This makes it harder for them to improve. Higher Chinese tutors will be able to overcome this by providing their own materials or past year papers for students to practise.

What can Higher Chinese Tutors offer?

A Proper Use of Mandarin

Higher Chinese tutors must be proficient in Mandarin as students emulate their tutors’ use of Mandarin. A sound proficiency in Mandarin helps students eliminate informal slangs and colloquial expressions. Spoken Mandarin is different from written Mandarin. Standard Mandarin might even differ from Mandarin dialects and traditional forms of Mandarin used in mainland China. This translates to different results in examinations. Hence, an accurate command of Mandarin is essential in an effective Higher Chinese tutor to ensure that students learn Mandarin the proper way.

A Deeper Grasp of Higher Chinese

To impress examiners, students must possess a wide vocabulary and a broad repertoire of idiomatic expressions. Higher Chinese home tutors will be able to help students in this area. For instance, a student would be able to pick up different idioms and learn their applications in Higher Chinese tuition classes. Having a better vocabulary sets the student apart from their school peers.

Furthermore, Higher Chinese tutors must be able to provide a broad, differentiated range of practices for students’ exposure to various questions. For example, more attention could be focussed on different types of comprehension questions. These can range from explaining the meaning of certain phrases, the author’s intentions, comprehension summaries, and scenarios in Situational Writing.

Better Tracking of Students’ Abilities

A good private Higher Chinese tutor would be able to consistently recognise plateaus in student’s Higher Chinese learning. This enables them to provide more challenging assignments to stretch students’ language abilities further. Higher Chinese tuition teachers can also identify areas where students are weak at and subsequently employ efficient methods to target such areas. For example, some students could be weak in the component of Email Writing. Higher Chinese tutors can then focus on providing more practices on Email Writing for the student.

Benefits of Higher Chinese Tuition

Students might have problems in different aspects of Higher Chinese. For some, it is limited vocabulary. For others, it could be basic grammar and sentence structures. Personalised coaching of Higher Chinese is essential to adequately addressing each student’s learning needs. This is especially helpful for struggling students as they will be able to receive the attention they need to improve and correct mistakes. 

Students would also be able to clarify doubts which would otherwise be difficult to do so in a large group setting like a classroom since one teacher can be responsible for 30 or more students. Hence, Higher Chinese tuition will help to address each student’s unique learning needs through effective personalised coaching.

The lack of a suitable Mandarin-speaking environment can restrict a student’s learning. This is due to the frequent lack of daily opportunities to practise Mandarin in a strictly Mandarin setting. Higher Chinese tuition provides a conducive environment for students to practise reading, speaking, and writing Mandarin as their tutors are able to correct their mistakes in real-time.

This is a rare opportunity for students to practise and improve their Chinese. There is a direct relationship between time spent on Higher Chinese and improved results. This means that the more frequent their exposure to Higher Chinese, the greater a student’s improvement will be. Hence, Higher Chinese tuition is crucial to giving students the space and environment they need to effectively learn Higher Chinese.

Confidence is a catalyst to achieving stellar results. Confidence is required in sitting for Higher Chinese examinations when using idioms, choosing essay questions, and using certain verbs in the comprehension summary. The more confident students are in using new words, applying idioms, and handling new questions, the more adept they will be at Higher Chinese. 

Higher Chinese home tutors can instill such confidence in students to determine the right words to use. This is the most beneficial aspect of Higher Chinese tuition since students will learn to be more independent in examinations and more self-sufficient when encountering new and unfamiliar content.

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Distinction Tutors’ Higher Chinese Tuition provides a proper and consistent use of Mandarin in a conducive Mandarin-speaking environment. With personalised coaching, Higher Chinese home tutors have a positive track record of instilling confidence in students to score ‘A’s for PSLE and O-Level Higher Chinese.

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