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Chinese tuition sets the stage for your child to develop an interest in his or her Mother Tongue.

Importance of Chinese Tuition

Being literate and conversant in two or more languages is hugely advantageous. Bi/multilingualism is a much sought-after skill set especially in today’s globalised economy where intercultural communication and adaptability are highly valued.

In Singapore, learning a second language is compulsory for students studying in government or government-aided schools. As such, it is necessary for them to have an adequate grasp of their Mother Tongue. Students who are of ethnic Chinese descent will be required to learn Mandarin as part of their curriculum. They are also required to sit for Chinese exams at the PSLE, O-Level and A-Level.

Chinese Tuition helps students practise proper writing and speaking habits through the correct use of Mandarin phrases and sentences. In addition, tips and materials from a Chinese tutor seek to enhance students’ confidence in their use of Mandarin—allowing them to improve and excel in their school/national examinations.

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Common problems faced when studying Chinese

Colloquialism and Singlish

Having Singlish as a culturally-evolved mix of local languages and dialects means that students may lapse into a habitual use of an eclectic hotchpotch of English and Mandarin to communicate when they are unable to find the right words to express themselves. This detracts from establishing solid foundations in any single language.


Poor results leave students disheartened and a consistent run of bad results can lead to a general distaste for the subject. As such, students who are unfamiliar with Chinese culture and do poorly in their Mandarin exams will feel discouraged from speaking and writing the language. They revise the bare minimum and fail repeatedly. This negative reinforcement loop results in an overall distaste for the Chinese language.

Bilingual-speaking Homes do not Guarantee Good Grades

Parents who are bilingual may be of the impression that Chinese tuition is unnecessary since their home environment already facilitates the use of both languages (English and Mandarin).

However, merely speaking Mandarin at home does not automatically translate to doing well in other examinable areas. It is possible for a child to converse confidently in Mandarin at home but still be unable to write well. Aside from the spoken component (oral), written components such as composition and comprehension help to ensure that students are holistically adept in all aspects of the language.

Boring Syllabus

Despite MOE constantly revising the syllabus, students may find the content in Chinese textbooks uninteresting. Unlike English, which is considered livelier and more relevant, the themes found in Chinese textbooks can seem routine and repetitive after a while.

What can Chinese Tutors offer?

Attention to Students' Needs

In contrast with a classroom setting, a Chinese tutor will be able to offer greater guidance in a one-to-one tuition setting. This benefits the student as the Chinese home tutor will be able to assist each student and cater to individual needs. Students will also be able to ask the tutor questions during lessons and consult with the tutor before and after sessions. Rather than replicate lesson plans, a Chinese tutor will be able to tailor lessons accordingly to accommodate the learning needs and pace of each student.

Greater Exposure to Chinese Words, Idioms, and Phrases

A private Chinese tutor can offer additional tips, resources, and the opportunity to learn new idioms, phrases, and words not taught in school. Chinese tuition enhances the vocabulary of the student and provides them a wider assortment of language tools to use at their disposal.

Fun and Easy Chinese Lessons

No more boring lesson plans! Through the use of immersive methods, our team of Chinese tutors are committed to making language-learning fun, relevant, and interesting to boost students’ confidence in the use of Mandarin in contemporary, day-to-day applications.

Benefits of Chinese Tuition

Finding the right sort of help is vital. By enrolling in Chinese tuition and having a Chinese tutor cater to individual needs, students will be able to identify weak areas, build on their strengths, and benefit from a personalised approach for improvement.

Our team of Chinese tutors are professional in speaking, writing, and teaching students in a purely Mandarin-speaking environment. Furthermore, the Chinese tutor will provide additional tips and resources on Chinese phrases and words. Students can use these idioms in spoken and written assessments.

Learning the Chinese language is not only important in acquainting ethnic Chinese students with their Chinese roots, but it is beneficial as a language of commerce in professional spheres and in preparation for entry into the workforce.

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Distinction Tutors can help

Distinction Tutors can help you find a Chinese tutor to improve your child’s Mandarin proficiency. Our team of dedicated and supportive Chinese tutors are committed to assisting you on Mandarin-related enquiries. With a proven track record of students achieving ‘A’s in Chinese PSLE, O-Level, and A-Level exams, we believe that our Chinese Tutors have what it takes to help your child succeed.

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