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Importance of E Math Tuition

Elementary Math, more commonly known as E Math, is a subject taken by all students in secondary school. As E Math is a compulsory subject, it is crucial that students make every effort to do well in E Math. E Math has many topics that are the bedrock of Mathematics. 

Topics like coordinate geometry and quadratic equations will form the basis of topics like Graphs and Functions in Junior College Math. Topics like set notation and data analysis are also key components of Statistical Mathematics. 

Understanding E Math concepts thoroughly will often help students taking A Math, as topics are often interlinked. E Math also has many real-world applications, such as the calculations of taxes and areas. 

Hence even if students have no interest in Math, it is important to learn E Math properly as E Math is used in the day-to-day world and not just in Math intensive professions. 1-1 Emath tuition will help to prepare students for the real world.

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Common problems faced when studying E Math

Difficulty Understanding Coordinate Geometry​

Coordinate Geometry is about representing an equation in two variables as a line on a plane. This is a basic and foundational skill in Math, however many students struggle with this concept. Secondary school students often find it difficult to visualise an algebraic equation as a line, as algebra and graphs used to be two different topics with no linkage. It is nonetheless essential for students to understand this concept as it will be used extensively in harder topics like drawing graphs for quadratic equations. E math tuition will assist students in understanding these complex topics. 

Too Many Factors to Consider in Geometry ​

Two shapes that come up very often in the geometry aspect of Emath are triangles and circles. For triangles, Emath students need to be well versed in trigonometry and the various rules like TOA CAH SOH (tangent is opposite over adjacent, cosine is adjacent over hypotenuse, sine is opposite over hypotenuse), Sine Rule, Cosine Rule, and how to find the area of a triangle. 

For circles, Emath students need to understand properties of various components of circles, like arc lengths, sectors, and chords. There are many factors for students to consider and students are often confused as to which property or rule to use. It is hence beneficial for Emath tutors to teach students some tips, such as using TOA CAH SOH only when there is a right-angle triangle.

Trouble Working with Vectors ​

Vectors is a standalone topic in Emath that is often confusing to students. This is because vectors involves both direction and magnitude, and requires E Math students to have good visualisation skills. Students must also be able to link vectors to coordinate geometry when representing vectors in the form of (x,y), and this could pose as a challenge to students who do not have a solid grounding in coordinate geometry as well. During E math tuition, E math tutors can make of drawings to help student visualise the vector direction.

What to look for in a E Math Tutor

Provide Students with Summary Notes and Formulae

A common difficulty faced by Emath students is the need to memorise many mathematical formulae. For example, for the topic of trigonometry students have to memorise the sine rule, cosine rule and formula for the area of a triangle. It would be beneficial for students if Emath tutors are able to come up with summary sheets for each topic with all the important information and formulae inside. This would help Emath students study more efficiently and effectively.

Give Straightforward Explanations

Secondary students who are just taking Emath may already have a weaker foundation in Math. A complex explanation may just confuse Emath students even more, causing them to feel that Math is too difficult for them. It is hence essential for E math home tutors to give a simple and straightforward explanation that Emath students can grasp easily.

Integrate Graphing Software to teach Coordinate Geometry

Coordinate Geometry is a difficult topic to teach in Emath. Translating an equation in two variables into a line is often difficult to explain to students, and manually drawing graphs is often time-consuming. Innovative Emath tutors are able to integrate technology into their explanations, by using graphing software to help students visualise graphs. This will also make Emath tuition more fun and interactive.

Benefits of E Math Tuition

E Math has many topics like sets, data analysis, and probability, which forms the basis of statistics. Statistics is a huge component of JC Math, taking up 60 percent of the syllabus in H1 Math and 30 percent of the syllabus in H2 Math. E Math tuition teachers are able to drill secondary students in these topics such that students are better prepared for statistics in JC. E Math tutors can also help students see the relevance of topics like sets, by linking it to the bigger picture in statistical mathematics. 1-1 Emath tuition will help to broaden student’s horizon in understanding how different topics are linked together.

Students will definitely have many questions throughout the 2 years of learning E Math. It is important for students to clarify their doubts promptly instead of letting questions accumulate and result in gaps of knowledge. However, students may be embarrassed to clarify all their doubts in class as large class sizes are not the most conducive environment to clarify doubts. E Math tuition provide students the opportunity to clarify their queries in a safe environment. Students are able to ask any questions they have during lesson time or even WhatsApp message their Emath tuition teachers if they encounter any problems during their self-revision.

Students are often jam packed for time during Secondary 3 and Secondary 4. Students take up to 9 subjects, and have to juggle between academic, CCA, and family commitments. Having a private E Math tutor that goes to student’s homes and provide 1-to-1 emath tuition will undoubtedly save students a lot of travelling time. This time could be used by students in more meaningful ways.

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