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Importance of Sec 3 Math Tuition

Sec 3 is a critical year for students, as they will be taking for the highly anticipated O Level examinations in the following year. Sec 3 Math tuition will sharpen a student’s critical thinking skills, as well as his or her problem solving abilities. Such skills are highly essential not just for Sec 3 Math, but also for other compulsory subjects in Upper Secondary. 

By developing such skills with the help of Sec 3 Math home tutors, students will score to their true capabilities for Math, as well as similar subjects that require logical reasoning like Science.

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Common problems faced when studying Sec 3 Math

Losing Confidence due to Lack of Improvement

By practising problems, students are only achieving a sense of surety: that what they learnt is instilled in them properly, and that they are applying their already known knowledge into examinable problems. In the process, it is only normal that students make mistakes and experience roadblocks when they do not know how to proceed with questions. Students often wrongly interpret that simply practising is directly proportionate to seeing genuine progress in Math. 

However, they feel lost when no matter how much they practise, their grades are not improving, eventually leading into a downward spiral of loss of confidence and added stress. Sec 3 Math tuition will help students to learn Maths in a much more productive way: whereby instead of simply repeating and applying known concepts, students are forced to revisit their “roadblocks” and previous mistakes. 

This will improve student’s knowledge exponentially, as practising previous mistakes is much more important than practising similar questions that students can already solve.

Lack of Adaptability

Sec 3 Math dives deeper into different types of Math – namely Statistical Math (which are inherited through chapters like Probability, Congruence, Mean, Mode, etc.) and Pure Math (Algebraic Manipulation, Pythagoras, Surface Area and Volume, etc.). 

Each domain of mathematics require a separate skillset. Statistics requires more critical thinking and “on the spot” thinking, although a solid foundation of concepts is still required. Pure Math, on the other hand, requires a more direct application of concepts and formulae. Therefore, students are often unaware of such differences and simply waste plenty of precious time preparing for Math in futile ways such as attempting to practise their way into scoring for Statistics without thorough understanding. 

Similarly, students often approach Statistical Math questions by actively looking to apply previously learnt formula wherever they can. This often leads to a narrow minded approach to solving the question and rarely covers the true scope of the question. 

As such, students are often unable to differentiate between question types and the skills they require to maximise their marks for the said question. Sec 3 Math tutors are blessed with experience, enabling them to easily impart in students such skills.

What to look for in a Sec 3 Math Tutor

Capable in Going Through Mistakes

A good Secondary 3 Math tutor will be able to bring about positivity in learning Math by encouraging mistakes as this encourages further understanding. Mistakes are best made during times of learning, and as such, the same mistakes made now can be avoided in the future during more critical times like examinations. 

A good Secondary 3 Math tutor will be able to identify and analyse mistakes, by finding out the reasons why students have erred in their problem solving. Finding the root of the problem, the Secondary 3 Math tuition teacher will administer the adequate support and guidance necessary to fix the problem. The Secondary 3 Math tutor must be able to offer his perspective of why the student has erred and make sure that the student fully understands the mistake that has been made. 

This will encourage a good communication front between both teacher and student, enabling the student to be further motivated to cut out his errors in the future.

Provide Ample Checkpoints

Concepts like Algebra are spread across various chapters in Secondary 3 Math. Therefore, Secondary 3 Math home tutors must ensure that progressive practice checkpoints are administered. This helps to gauge the students’ understanding of the previous chapter, becoming a deciding factor on the pace and readiness to move further deeper in concepts. These checkpoints will help students to encapsulate the previous chapter’s knowledge and refresh the content. This prevents them from forgetting the content of the previous chapter after they have done the subsequent chapter.

Benefits of Sec 3 Math Tuition

As students are introduced to unprecedented chapters like Linear Graphs, Statistics and more, students can learn how to learn new chapters from scratch from experienced Sec 3 Math tutors. These Sec 3 Math tuition teachers will guide students in learning how to learn new concepts of Math, as well as how to approach such new chapters. 

Students can apply this skill to other chapters from other domains within Math, and also be more confident when approaching new problems. This is especially relevant as national examinations such as O Levels and A Levels are increasingly testing quick thinking skills of students by examining unique questions that are not similar to previous years’ questions.  

Sec 3 Math tuition will enable students to ace their examinations. This opens the door to many Olympiads and Math competitions, which can be extremely beneficial for students in terms of developing their portfolios. This will be pivotal for students to stand out from their peers when it comes to scholarships, awards and more.

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