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Whether you are a parent looking for language support for your child or an adult learner picking up a new language, Distinction Tutors’ language tuition provides 1-1 support for learners of all ages.

Importance of Language Tuition

Being literate and conversant in two or more languages is hugely advantageous.

Formal education in Singapore emphasises language and literacy skills in English and one’s Mother Tongue. English is the language of instruction for subjects like Humanities, Science, and Math; while a good grade in Mother Tongue is imperative for gaining entry into Junior College.

In a professional capacity, bilingualism or multilingualism is a much sought-after skill set especially in today’s globalised economy where intercultural communication and adaptability are highly valued. Being able to converse with and understand colleagues and workers of various nationalities places one in an advantageous position.

At Distinction Tutors, we understand the importance of mastering languages in global competency. Hence, we have curated a series of language tuitions for learners of all ages. Support is readily available for English, Standard Malay, Tamil, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

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Common problems faced by students when learning a new Language

Lack of Time

Many people desire to pick up a new language but may postpone learning it due to a lack of time. Unless required by circumstance, learning a new language is often seen as a “nice-to-have” and not a priority.

Learning a new language can be time-consuming as it requires discipline and a large investment of time and energy. Many self-taught individuals start excited by the novelty of learning a new language but pause indefinitely or give up midway as they may lack the tenacity to master it.

Limited Exposure to Target Language

Learning a new language can be challenging especially for individuals with limited exposure to its culture. This is due to several reasons. Firstly, our minds are hardwired to think in our first language. Secondly, it may not be feasible to relocate to the country of the target language to interact with its native speakers. And thirdly, spending merely a few hours each week in the target language is not enough to develop proficiency.

Linguistic Domination and Switching Scripts

Learning a new language gets more difficult with age. This is because the primary language occupies a greater space in our minds’ linguistic maps as we get older. We may also subconsciously impose learned language scripts on a new language. For example, English does not assign genders to inanimate objects; whereas French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian do. As such, students may have difficulty adjusting when they find that certain language conventions do not always apply to other languages.

What can Language Tutor offer?

An Immersive Speaking Environment

A language must be used for it to remain relevant. Otherwise one runs the risk of losing proficiency or fluency in it. Private language tutors are adept at recreating a speaking environment that is specific to the target language. The language tutor facilitates conversations to encourage students to express themselves coherently and reviews the finer points of articulation to enunciate pronunciations. This cultivates and finetunes students’ habitual use of the language regularly.

Boost of Confidence

It is one thing to revise or learn a new language on your own but another to have someone guide you along. With a language tutor, students have a qualified sounding board to check their understanding, map out areas for improvement and pace their learning. The language tutor listens, provides constructive feedback, and converses with students to ensure that they are provided with the right tools to speak and write confidently.

Expert Help

A language tutor who is effectively bilingual or multilingual would be able to astutely identify differences in language conventions. He or she can delineate between language conventions and recognise students’ difficulties. Moreover, language tutors can moderate the expectations of students learning new languages and motivate them whenever they feel discouraged.

Benefits of Language Tuition

A private language tutor can offer additional tips, resources, and the opportunity to learn new idioms, phrases, and words not taught in school. Language tuition enhances the vocabulary of students and provides them a wider assortment of language tools to use at their disposal in spoken and written assessments.

It can be tough to learn or revise a language on your own without specific goals and set targets. Language tuition provides graded assessments, practices, resources, and structured lesson plans to monitor progress. With set milestones and achievable short-to mid-term targets, students will know how much time they need to spend on a particular area and what they need to do to get there.

How we manage and use our time matters. Whether self-taught or as part of an academic curriculum, learning a new language requires a great deal of time and effort. Language tuition saves students time by offering learning interventions that work. With carefully planned lessons, language tuition reduces the need for trial-and-error approaches by fast-tracking students to achieving their goals of language proficiency.

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Distinction Tutors offers language tuition for academic, self-improvement, and professional pursuits. Language tuition is readily available for several languages: English, Standard Malay, Tamil, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

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