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Importance of Additional Math Tuition

Additional Math is a complicated subject to master, and most students struggle with it, especially when it is coupled with the jump from Secondary 2 to Secondary 3. Additional Math is more than just problem solving, it requires students to have a strong foundation in Mathematics and be able to understand the concepts behind the introduction of many new theorems, such as the binomial theorem. 

Without a complete understanding, students often find themselves blindly memorizing formulae without internalizing the concept, and ultimately, fail to do well when the question turns out different from those they have drilled. Nevertheless, students must not only aim for a good grade, but also strive for an in-depth understanding of the concepts, many of which are either the foundation for H2 Math in Junior College and numerous introductory polytechnic courses, or recycled concepts to be tested in the A-Levels. 

Mastering A Math would thus be a strong advantage for students and open up various opportunities for them to pursue tertiary education.

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Common problems faced when studying Additional Math

New Concepts are Difficult to Internalize

Additional Mathematics is a challenging subject in itself, and introduces many foreign concepts to students. The concepts often require a strong foundation in lower secondary Mathematics, which not all students possess. Moreover, A Math is an intensive subject that requires consistent practice and a wide exposure to the variety of questions that could be tested. Many students will thus find it difficult to score well, given that they already lack a full understanding of the concepts.

Limited Help from School Teachers

Singapore’s education system is well-known for its rigour, and cover a wide range of topics without much breadth involved. This results in the school curriculum being structured and crammed together. Students are introduced to a new topic before getting to understand the previous. 

This is especially so for Additional Math, as students are already expected to have their basics down, and teachers follow a fixed, fast-paced structure for lessons. Students end up lost and are too shy to approach their teachers to clarify their doubts, eventually struggling to do well with a limited knowledge of the content.

No Interest in Additional Math

Some students simply do not find Math interesting, and this impedes their ability to perform when it comes to examinations. The school curriculum also focuses on keeping student’s options open, which leaves little room for in-depth discussion of concepts. Students who encounter teachers who fail to make lessons interesting will fall behind in class, especially if they are already struggling with the content. For a student to yield better results, interest in the subject is imperative, and not every school has the tools to provide that. 

What can an Additional Math Tutor offer?

Targeted Approach Based on Student’s Weak Areas

Additional Math tuition is extremely flexible, and can be adjusted to accommodate each student’s unique learning styles and paces. In a less rigorous environment, students may feel more comfortable voicing out their concerns. 

Additional Math tutors also are more equipped to understand the student’s weak areas, and have the time to analyse their past work to figure out what aspects to place more emphasis on. The student will be able to receive help for past topics which school teachers failed to help them with, and still keep up with the current curriculum.

Provide Extra Exposure to Additional Math Outside of School

Additional Math is a subject that not only requires a good foundation, but also demands intensive practice. Given the fast-paced nature of the public education system, a student needs all the exposure they can get for this subject. 

Additional Math tuition can provide this additional platform, as the student will spend more hours per week attempting the range of questions that are examinable. More practice with an experienced tutor will ultimately help students feel more comfortable with the subject and struggle less for examinations and tertiary education in the future.

Introduce Simpler Methods to Approach Challenging Topics

Additional Math tuition is more streamlined according to the student’s needs and does not have the same structure as school curriculum. Each student understands concept differently, and additional math tuition can provide simpler approaches to difficult concepts. Schools lack the same luxury of time as tuition, and teaching styles are generally standardized across the cohort. 

Additional math tutors can illustrate certain ideas better for students and have the ability to spend more time on areas the student struggles with. An additional math tutor will be more equipped to approach Additional Math from the student’s perspective and introduce as many handy methods as required for the student to better understand the subject.

Benefits of Additional Math Tuition

Most students hesitate to look for help when they need it, and not all teachers have the time or patience to entertain questions on topics taught months ago. Additional math tutors provide another avenue for students to address their queries outside of school.  

Students will also feel more at ease knowing that a tutor will always be available to help them tackle the problems encountered in Additional Math. Additional Math tuition also complements what a student learns in school, and if a student is unsure of a concept, tuition will help reinforce the student’s understanding of the concept.

Additional Math tuition caters to each student’s learning style. Students will not feel pressured to keep up with a set number of topics every lesson, and can work at their own pace, with the assistance of an Additional Math tutor. A student will feel more confident studying the subject, as Additional Math tuition will not be as demanding as the pace set by schools. Furthermore, students have a choice as to what topics will be covered in each tuition session, and this will make additional Math tuition will be more enjoyable to them.

Oftentimes, students cannot learn well in a school environment. Additional Math tuition is personalized for each student and will take place in a more comfortable environment for students. Since students can share with their tutors the areas they are struggling with, they have the autonomy to structure lessons according to their preferences. 

This will help them look forward to studying the subject, as they have more freedom to learn at their own pace, without the same pressure of a formal school environment. Moreover, additional math tutors will provide students with different methods to understand the subject and may peak the student’s interest in Additional Math.

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