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Essay writing tuition provides the tools to write effective essays. With practice, students can perfect essay writing techniques to answer questions suited to their level and subject of study.

Importance of Essay Writing Tuition

Essays can be expository, descriptive, narrative, or argumentative. An expository essay informs the reader about a subject matter. A descriptive essay paints a picture for the reader with words that engage the five senses. Narratives tell stories based on the writer’s real-life experiences, and argumentative essays use evidence to support a claim.


Receiving a headstart in essay writing prepares students for the written assignments that they will encounter throughout their education. In secondary school, students learn structured essay formats to improve their writing skills. In universities, admission essays are used to select applicants; and undergraduate humanities and social science courses use essays to assess students’ performances during their final exams.

Essay writing tuition provides the framework and tools for students to write effective essays. With practice, students can internalise the framework and modify their approach to answer questions specific to their level and subject of study.

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Common problems faced by students in Essay Writing

Structure and Clarity

Ploughing through unstructured sentences and essays can be vexing for the reader as much effort is needed to decipher what the writer is trying to say. Poor paragraphing, convoluted ideas and disorganised arguments can compromise the readability and flow of an essay. Failing to observe good writing practices can affect its coherence as well in terms of incorrect use of grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation.

Idiosyncrasies in Writing

Most of us have a preferred style of writing that looks and sounds right to us. However, what appears to make complete sense to a writer might not be the case for their reader. A writer’s quirks and idiosyncrasies may not conform to standard writing conventions. Poor writing habits can include excessive use of commas, dashes, conjunctions, long paragraphs, and confusing words or expressions. An essay is only successful in its function if readers can grasp what the writer is trying to say the way he or she intended for it to be said.

Not Knowing When and How to Paraphrase

Students may cite whole ideas from external sources without paraphrasing them. To retain the gist of what these sources are saying, students may be tempted to simply copy or lift chunks of text by placing them in quotation marks. As such, papers can be a patchwork of plagiarised ideas from other writers and lack originality. Conversely, students may valiantly attempt to paraphrase ideas not meant to be paraphrased and end up skewering or altering their meanings entirely.

What can Essay Writing Tutors offer?

Format, Flow, and Structure

Essay writing tutors guide students on the finer details of essay writing and provide the structural foundations to do so. Students will appreciate how each section of the introduction, body, and conclusion is instrumental to producing a complete essay. They will practise setting contexts; drafting overviews, outlines, topic sentences, conclusions, and more. Essay writing tutors impart positive checking habits as well by habitually reviewing content, formatting, spelling, and grammar with students.

Constructive Criticism and Proofreading Help

Besides providing essay writing exercises and assignments, an essay writing tutor can identify areas for improvement. He or she can drill down to specific areas to recommend targeted solutions. An essay writing tutor can spot plagiarised texts and highlight poor writing habits. The essay writing tutor is an effective sounding board for students to discuss better ways of getting their points and ideas across.

Paraphrasing and Summarising Skills

It can be tough to find new ways of communicating the same idea especially when it has already been well articulated elsewhere. To avoid plagiarism, essay writing tutors teach students to determine when to paraphrase or summarise, when to use citations and references, and how to do both.

Benefits of Essay Writing Tuition

Essay writing tuition teaches students to plan in their minds what they want to say and how they are going to say it before writing. Students will be able to grasp the question and what is expected of them. They will learn to outline and frame their essays beforehand to present robust and compelling arguments.

Repeating the same point several times in different ways for the sake of emphasis can be redundant. Instead, essay writing tuition helps students eradicate superfluous words, repetition, and long-winded expressions by choosing the best way of saying something. Attempting to articulate ideas succinctly and concisely enables students to improve their written communication.

Essay writing tuition equips students with the hard skills for handling various applications in essay writing. Whether it is for a major national exam, college general paper, or university application, the foundational skills picked up in essay writing tuition will never go to waste.

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Distinction Tutors’ essay writing tuition provides the tools to write effective essays. Depending on their level and subject of study, students will pick up general and specific essay writing techniques that include paraphrasing, summarising, organisation, and structure.

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