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Distinction Tutors has a huge database of Math tutors, offering Math tuition for all levels and exams. This ranges from PSLE Math, O Level E math and A math, H2 and H1 Math, IB Math, and even IGCSE Math.

Importance of Math Tuition

Math is a compulsory subject at all educational levels

Math is and will always be a compulsory subject. This will apply from pre-school all the way to Junior College. There is no way to drop Math as a subject or to run away from the idea of studying Math, hence it is much wiser to face the problem and improve in Math as soon as possible. 

At higher levels such as Junior College, sciences like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics will require students to have a good grounding in Math. Even humanity subjects like Geography and Economics will require some mathematical calculations. Students must accept the fact that Math will accompany them throughout their formal education whether they are good at Math or not. Once students accept this fact, they can start making efforts to improve in Math.

Math has many real-world applications

Math is encountered everywhere in the world, and every profession uses some form of math. It is obvious that mathematicians, bankers, engineers, and computer scientists complete complex math calculations in their day-to-day work. However, even doctors and lawyers use math daily, the former to calculate drug dosages and the latter to calculate corporate taxes. We need a good foundation of math to budget our expenses, file our taxes, and invest our incomes. The truth is math is omnipresent in the world and being good at math is a prerequisite to doing well in our world today.

Studying and practising Math makes you smarter

Some studies have shown that studying Math increases a person’s IQ. The act of solving mathematical problems or performing mathematical calculations increases a person’s reasoning and critical thinking skills. This has resulted in a sharper mind that is able to carry out more logically complex tasks. In a way, math is like exercise for the brain. This “brain exercise” is important for developing a more logical and critical mind that can help the person excel in further education.

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Common problems faced when studying Math

Careless Mistakes

Careless mistakes may be the most frustrating problem students face when taking a Math examination. Students often know the concept that is being tested and how to reach the answer. However, a simple careless mistake in the working, such as omitting a zero, could result in the whole question being wrong. Although method marks will be given, it is still a shame that the student could not have gotten full credit for a Math problem they could solve. Students need to find quick ways of double checking their Math papers for any careless mistakes.

Difficulty Understanding Abstract Concepts

A common joke by students bad at math is that they were “good at math until the letters came in”. Completing simple arithmetic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are easy for many people. However, once “x” and “y” come in, it becomes a significant jump in difficulty for many. The letters “x” and “y” represent unknown variables used in algebra, and this concept of using letters to represent unknowns may be abstract and confusing to students initially. In addition to algebra, concepts such as time, speed, and cartesian coordinates may also be hard for students to visualise and understand fully.

Memorising instead of understanding

Maths is a subject in which you either understand the topic fully or you do not understand it at all. Many students are unable to understand complex Math concepts fully, and they instead rely on memorisation to fill up the gaps. This is a dangerous way of studying, as you have to fully understand the application and reasoning behind mathematical formulas and workings to be able to come up with the answer to a Math problem. Just memorising the formula or the correct answer will result in the student not being able to complete similar questions that are testing the same concept.

Benefits of Math Tuition

Clarifying any doubts in Math promptly is extremely important. This is because Math is a subject that builds on itself. Not clarifying doubts will result in gaps in knowledge, which could cause subsequent topics to be even harder to understand. Furthermore, it is not possible for schoolteachers to ensure that all their students understand each Math topic fully, as this would take too long and slow down progress for the average student. Students themselves may also be embarrassed to clarify their doubts in class, and as such students still carry the doubts with them. With 1-to-1 Math tuition, your Math private tutor will be able to spend ample time with you until you fully understand each topic. You will be able to clarify any doubts you have instantly, instead of letting them affect your understanding of further topics.

Math has many branches, such as algebra, calculus, geometry, and statistics. Each of these branches also has many subbranches. Different students find different areas of Math difficult. Often, students struggle much more with one specific branch or sub-branch of Mathematics instead of the whole subject of Math. A private Math tutor can help students identify areas of Math they are weak in, and create a targeted approach to help students improve in these weaker areas. At Distinction Tutors, we ensure that our private Math tutors are experienced in identifying the areas students are weak in and are capable of helping students improve.

Students that are left to their own devices to practise Math problems often find themselves getting stuck at a certain question or a certain step. If this happens for too many times, students may get demoralised and give up practising math altogether. Having a private Math tuition teacher next to the student when the student is practising math problems is a much more effective learning method compared to leaving the student to practise math problems by themselves. The private Math tutor can give students hints as to what step to take when the student is stuck. This will not only increase the student’s confidence, but it will also help the student develop the correct thought process when approaching a Math problem.

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Here at Distinction Tutors, we are committed to helping you achieve your desired grade for Math. We offer private Math Tuition for all levels, ranging from PSLE Math, O Level E math and A math, IGCSE Math, IB Math, and even JC H1 and H2 Math. Our Math home tutors have generated proven results, with many of our students showing an improvement in results after getting help from us. Our services are one click away.

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