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Importance of IP Physics Tuition

Most IP programs expose students to all three pure sciences in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. For most students, it is important to pay attention to the IP physics program in particular, because H1/H2 Physics is most commonly taken by students in the Science stream in JC. The IP physics program also prepares students well to take H3 physics, serving to boost the portfolio of students even further. Even if students do not wish to take Physics at the JC level, internalizing concepts learnt in IP physics crucial for students that intend to pursue a STEM course in university. This is because courses like biomedical engineering require at least an O level equivalent understanding of physics.

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Common Problems Faced by Students when Studying IP Physics

Calculation heavy questions

Transitioning from PSLE-standard examinations, students may find significant difficulty coping with the rigour of IP Physics. IP Physics is usually more calculation heavy than the pure physics syllabus in the O levels. This means that students not only have to memorise and understand key concepts qualitatively, but they also have to translate this to mathematical concepts, and be expected to solve problems accordingly. For many students, the disconnect between qualitative concepts and quantitative problem-solving skills in IP physics has prevented them from effectively addressing examination questions, causing them to fall behind in class.

No official external practice available

IP Physics is designed to prepare students for A level physics. As a result, many practice and problem sets are actually derived from JC tutorial questions or from the JC Ten Year Series. Some students that require extra practice may find it difficult to find questions of the appropriate difficulty and are of the same standard as those prescribed by the school. For instance, O level Physics questions on Thermal Physics may focus more on the qualitative explanations of heat transfer, but the IP Physics syllabus may focus on problem solving that requires mathematics.

Students expected to understand easy concepts at a glance

In preparation for A level physics, some topics are completely taken out of the IP Physics syllabus since they only appear for O level physics. However, IP Physics teachers in school still expect students to know how to solve questions from these topics given enough information in the question. For instance, many IP physics curriculum do not place much focus on reflection and refraction of light, but are expected to know how to explain and calculate the angles of incidence and refraction given the appropriate formulas. As the lack of experience with relatively foreign topics can lead to confusion and difficulty applying concepts, students may find it challenging to deal with hybrid problems that tie in concepts from many different fields.

What to look for in a IP Physics Tutor

Strong mathematical background

Since IP Physics is calculation-heavy, IP physics tutors should be able to teach students the techniques to use when approaching calculation-type questions. In addition, they should also have a strong mathematical background evidenced by stellar A level math results because they also need to be able to teach students how to solve even the most challenging wildcard questions set by internal school examiners.

Ability to provide extra guidance when need be

IP Physics students sometimes suffer from a lack of external practice available. Therefore, IP Physics tuition teachers must be able to make up for this lack of practice either by providing their own notes, or adjusted questions from A level tutorials. In addition, IP Physics tutors will be able to answer doubts the students have outside official tutoring hours.

Ability to impart critical thinking skills

Even after mastering all the concepts and learning about mathematical solving techniques for certain questions, students may still score badly for examinations because they are unable to solve application-type questions that tie in many foreign concepts not usually found in the O levels. Therefore, it is also important to teach the student skills that can be applied in all contexts, such as boiling the question down into recognisable concepts and identifying useful information, so that students can be versatile in answering questions.

Benefits of IP Physics Tuition

Our IP Physics tutors have a wealth of experience teaching IP physics, so students can be assured that the concepts and ideas taught during tutoring sessions are the most efficient. With their impressive track record of helping students achieve impressive results and record improvements in IP Physics, students can rest easy knowing that they can confidently get an A as long as they follow the exam techniques provided by the IP Physics tutors.

While many students have problems with calculation questions in IP Physics, some students have the opposite problem – they are able to easily solve problems involving quantitative proofs, but they are unable to fully explain concepts qualitatively in the examinations, causing them to lose marks. With personal one-to-one IP Physics tuition, IP Physics home tutors can customise the lesson to address shortcomings unique to the student, instead of only addressing general problems faced by most students in class.

IP physics tuition teachers are able to effectively guide students through concepts that are abstract and hard to visualize like Wave Physics, Electromagnetic Induction and the Kinetic Theory of Matter, because they themselves have experience teaching these topics to other IP Physics students. Their experience and familiarity with common weaknesses students face can also help them to improve faster. If students are able to understand concepts faster, they will consequently be able to use the extra time to study for other topics or even other difficult subjects in the IP program.

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