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Importance of JC Chemistry Tuition

For most students taking the science stream in JC, Chemistry is a mandatory subject to be taken with a complementary science such as physics or biology. Being a step-up from the O levels, JC chemistry covers concepts in greater depth and breadth, which aims to provide students with a strong foundation for University. 

This will significantly benefit students that wish to pursue a career in the STEM field, as many common university courses like Chemical, Biomedical and Environmental Engineering require at least a pass in H2 Chemistry. 

Even if students have passions that lie in other areas, learning about problem solving techniques in chemistry such as in Chemical Elucidation helps students to build crucial critical thinking skills that will allow them to navigate future challenges better. As such students may require JC Chemistry tuition in order to better prepare themselves for competitive courses in the future.

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Common problems faced when studying JC Chemistry

Deluge of content to memorise

Like mentioned earlier, there is a leap to take between O level Chemistry and JC Chemistry. This can mostly be attributed to a wider range of topics covered as compared to the O levels. For instance, Organic Chemistry in secondary school covers simple reactions for basic chemical compounds like Hydrocarbons, Alcohols and Carboxylic Acids.

JC Chemistry covers even more compounds to include Aldehydes, Ketones, Amines and Amides. Considering how content-heavy JC Chemistry is, some students fail to perform in examinations because they are unable to memorise the crucial concepts, let alone apply them in contexts. As a result, they may require additional help such as from JC Chemistry Tuition.

Difficulty adjusting from O level chemistry – because it is more abstract and more in depth

JC Chemistry is more abstract more in depth. Students may struggle to understand some some concepts because they cannot visualize them properly. In secondary school, students can do well by memorising organic chemical reaction reagents and outcomes. However, in JC Chemistry , it is insufficient to merely draw out the reactants and products as students have to also include the mechanism for the organic reactions. Since these organic reactions occur at the atomic level, the shift in electrons during reactions is non-intuitive and difficult to understand.

Calculation intensive

JC Chemistry concepts deal with significantly more calculation than the O level syllabus. Topics such as Acids and Bases now require students to calculate pH levels at every point in an equilibrium using logarithmic functions, and plot them on a graph. Other topics like Reaction Kinetics now extend past simple qualitative descriptions and JC Chemistry students are expected to fully calculate the Enthalpy and Entropy change in each reaction using Hess’ Law. Students that have a poor grasp of mathematics may find it a challenge to score, due to careless mistakes and difficulty providing the necessary proof of work.

What to look for in a JC Chemistry Tutor

Able to provide summarized notes for the overwhelming amount of content

Since JC Chemistry is extremely content-heavy, an effective JC Chemistry tutor should be able to provide well-summarised topical notes for students to internalize in their own time. This is especially important for topics such as Organic Chemistry, where almost every question builds on applying memorised reactions and mechanisms. 

Having summarised notes and formula sheets will also help students save a lot of time on memorizing, so they are able to allocate the extra time to other equally challenging topics or other time-consuming JC subjects such as Project Work. In addition, more time can also be saved during JC Chemistry tuition as the tutor will be able to cover new topics.

Able to help students understand abstract concepts and contextualize with real world examples

Some topics like Atomic Structure are no longer as straightforward as in the O levels with the simple Bohr’s model of the atom. JC Chemistry introduces the concept of the Orbital model of the atom, which ties in abstract and non-intuitive quantum electronic configuration concepts such as the Aufbau Principle and Hund’s Rule. 

To allow the student to better understand these tough topics, the JC Chemistry tutor should be able to effectively guide students through confusing concepts. This could be done through showing self-made videos or hand-made notes representing what an orbital looks like in an atom, so students can visualize it better during JC Chemistry tuition.

Keen mathematical insight

JC Chemistry assumes that students have a strong mathematical background in order to perform calculations. Thus, the JC Chemistry home tutor should also have a strong understanding of mathematics so they are better able to guide students through the answering techniques in calculation questions. Moreover, if they have keen mathematical abilities, JC Chemistry tutors can also help students spot their own careless mistakes or presentation errors when scrutinizing their work during JC Chemistry tuition.

Benefits of JC Chemistry Tuition

JC Chemistry is demanding, and many students may fall behind because they fail to internalize concepts fast enough before teachers in school move on to the next topic. However, with one-to-one JC Chemistry tuition, students can dictate their own pace of learning as the personal JC Chemistry tutor will accommodate accordingly. As a result, they will be able to master concepts fully and increase their confidence in answering concepts.

JC Chemistry requires a lot of self-revision as lecture, tutorial and even tutoring time may be insufficient for students to get enough practice to master the concepts at hand. With a personal JC Chemistry tutor, even when students face difficulties during their own learning at home, our dedicated tutors are on standby to answer any query through messages or a call. This will prevent students from building a backlog of doubts and fall behind in their learning as a result.

Lastly, our personal JC Chemistry tutors are able to provide a wide range of resources including past year papers from other schools, curated questions from the A levels or even their own questions. Students are therefore exposed to a much wider range of question types and challenging questions than in school, so they are more equipped to deal with out-of-the-ordinary questions that may appear in the A levels.

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