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Having H2 Chinese tuition lets students receive a deeper cultural understanding of Mandarin. With the help of H2 Chinese tutors, students learn to simplify complex ideas and critically analyse Chinese literary texts.

Importance of H2 Chinese Tuition

H2 Chinese Language and Literature is a core A-Level subject taken by Junior College (JC) students with an aptitude for the Chinese language. H2 Chinese requires students to read deeply and broadly on Chinese literature, poetry, newspaper articles, and various forms of Chinese literary texts. The result achieved by students will affect the calculation of their rank point and entry into their preferred course of study at University. This is especially pertinent to students seeking entry into undergraduate courses in Chinese Studies. By offering tangible support, H2 Chinese tuition aims to help students achieve their academic goals.

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Common problems faced when studying H2 Chinese Language and Literature


Students taking H2 Chinese language and literature must be linguistically proficient and be willing to dedicate a large amount of time to reading and analysing Chinese texts. They are required to do preparatory readings on poetry, classical prose, contemporary prose and contemporary plays beforehand to get ready for a lesson. However, it is common to find students only reading these just prior to a class. In addition, students are required to write essays and do exercises to practise their writing skills. As most of their time is already spent on preparatory work and practising H2 Chinese, students may not be able to find any extra time for revision.

Abstract Concepts

H2 Chinese Language and Literature covers a large number of topics and content. It involves the use of many skills and techniques that are new and unfamiliar to students. Even though H2 Chinese offers a unique educational experience for students seeking new knowledge in the language, it can also be an achilles heel for others who have difficulty grasping abstract concepts.

Lack of Deep Analytical Critical Thinking Skills

In H2 Chinese Language and Literature, students are required to read literary texts such as poetry, literature, newspaper articles, and philosophical essays. Even though students may be able to generally grasp what is written, they may not have mastered the skills needed to analyse texts on a deeper level. This requires a more profound degree of critical thinking which must be cultivated, developed, and sharpened.

What can H2 Chinese Tutors offer?

Deep Cultural Understanding of Mandarin

As subject matter experts, H2 Chinese tutors are skilled motivators who ignite an interest in students for Chinese culture. They are capable of broadening students’ points of view, enabling them to infer passages, analyse, and critique any given Chinese text. By conversing with the H2 Chinese tuition teachers, students will learn more, receive exposure to broader content, and gain greater confidence in revising for H2 Chinese.

Expertise in Simplifying Complex Content

H2 Chinese Language and Literature students may find it hard to ace this subject as it requires deep critical thinking and multifaceted evaluations. Experienced H2 Chinese home tutors recognise the common problems faced by students in class. As such, they are well-positioned to resolve students’ weak areas, and proficient at explaining difficult content in ways that are simple and easy to understand.

Exposure to Various Styles of Writing

To do well in the H2 Chinese Language and Literature examination, students must be able to write essays in a variety of styles depending on the topic or question. From narrative to lyrical, and explanatory styles, H2 Chinese tutors will be able to develop unique exercises and review the finer points of each style of writing with students.

Benefits of H2 Chinese Tuition

It is easy to let tasks monopolise our time if they are lumped together. As it stands, students have little time for revision as their majority of time is already spent on preparatory work and practising H2 Chinese. Having H2 Chinese tuition is akin to setting a placeholder for time. Deliberately setting aside a fixed time each week for revision instils greater discipline, prioritisation, and time management skills in students.

Instead of simply replicating writing exercises in school, H2 Chinese tuition has the flexibility of providing supplementary writing practices for the benefit of students. These can range from synthesising and summarising content from newspapers, magazines, or blog articles, to responding to views on online forums and e-mails. Students may also try their hands at writing opinion pieces, reviews, and analyses of artistic forms of Chinese literary works.

H2 Chinese tuition seeks to go beyond the superficial level of readings to equip students with the deep-diving tools to infer, analyse, and critique texts effectively. In cultivating and sharpening their analytical, critical thinking skills, H2 Chinese tuition trains students to respond intelligently. Students can therefore demonstrate that they have digested the literary information, and given it due, thoughtful consideration. This makes all the difference between a mediocre grade and an ‘A’ grade.

The ultimate goal for H2 Chinese students is to clinch that ‘A’ for their A-Level examination. H2 Chinese tutors have consistently coached students for excellent results. With the tutors’ solid track records, H2 Chinese tuition will have your child excelling at the H2 Chinese examination in no time!

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H2 Chinese tuition lets students receive a deeper appreciation of Chinese culture by interacting with H2 Chinese tutors. Students will learn to simplify complex ideas, critically analyse different types of Chinese literary texts, and receive extensive practices to hone their writing styles. H2 Chinese tutors stand ready to help students ace their H2 Chinese Language and Literature exam.

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