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Importance of JC Tuition

JC is an extremely short educational journey, yet the most important educational test of their lives as it largely determines their future careers. Most JCs aim to finish the content for all subjects by the middle of the 2nd year. This leaves students only an extremely short 1.5 years to fully grasp the syllabus. With extracurricular commitments, personal commitments and more, a typical student’s JC life will not be a breeze. JC tuition aims to loosen the academic burden on a student’s life in these 2 years, helping them to cope with their various subjects as these subjects, especially in the H2 Level, can be especially heavy.

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Common problems faced by students in JC

Too Many Commitments

While a good portfolio may seem appealing, especially at the start of one’s JC life, a student has to be careful before deciding to dive into various commitments. Having research experiences, H3 subjects, multiple CCAs and leadership positions may boost their chances to get into top universities, scholarships and more, but at the end of the day, the most important factor is still a student’s grades. Therefore, students may unknowingly commit themselves to various positions and only face the repercussions later – by which they are unable to cope with their academics due to lack of time.


Another common problem students face is inconsistency. 1.5 years to learn the syllabus is a very short period. A continual momentum has to be built across the 1.5 years where a student slowly and progressively builds on what he learnt the previous day. Most students often gain a bit of momentum, then stop to attend to distractions or other commitments. 

Thus, they lose their gained momentum. When they decide to finally continue from where they have stopped, many realise that they have forgotten what they learnt previously and spend plenty of time relearning what they have already learnt. This leads to a loss of precious time and effort, and students may be unable to catch up in the end.

Incorrect Studying Methods

Many do not realise their educational strengths and weaknesses, leading to incorrect studying methods. One of the most common mistakes students make is to simply take notes without actively trying to understand what they are writing. While taking notes the right way can be beneficial, many students take down notes by simply copying whatever they feel is important in their textbooks. 

However, these notes are rarely useful because they are simply summaries of what the textbooks have written and students often do not ingest what they are truly writing. A better form of note taking would be to probe further questions in what they are writing such as: Why does this event occur? How can X change to Y? Can they prevent X from becoming Y, and instead make it Z? Such questions can evoke higher order thinking and develop further understanding – which should be the right way to take notes.

What to look for in a JC Tutor

Awareness of Student's Schedule

A good JC tutor would be understanding of a student’s extremely hectic JC life. There would be weeks where students are consumed by extracurricular activities and that is perfectly normal. However, simply overloading them with excessive work during these weeks will not do these students any good as they will only become stressed and burn out quicker. Therefore, a good JC home tutor must be able to communicate well with his student and understand a student’s weekly schedule. 

The JC tutor should be patient and reasonable with the student – by providing less work on weeks where students have competitions, activities, etc. and providing more work on weeks where students are more free. Tutoring can also be varied based on a student’s mindset. For example, on certain days, students might end school at 4pm. On this day, a private JC tutor should expect the student to already be tired and teach slightly more easier content on that day. Then, he can administer more strenuous work on days where a student ends school at 1pm. 

This is essential for a good JC tutor as simply spamming work and intensive lessons without understanding the student’s mindset is futile.

Straight to the Point

Time is of the essence in JC. Therefore, a JC tuition teacher should not waste time going through background context and additional information unless it is really significant. A student should be expected to have a decent understanding of the lecture notes, and a JC tutor should be able to move on to the subsequent steps of learning rather than simply repeating and rinsing the content of the lecture notes. 

Junior College tutors should use the time to clarify if the student is struggling to understand any aspects of his lecture notes, and then move on to mapping the key points of the topic. Then, he can provide progressive practices for students to try so that they can build their applicational knowledge in the subject. While the method of teaching may vary from tutor to tutor, the general consensus is to generally emphasise on the core of each topic so that students are sufficiently prepared for examinations.

Provides Materials

A good JC tutor will provide summaries. Students often may struggle to find what exactly is relevant from their thick lecture notes and/or textbooks. As such, Junior College tutors can provide summaries of what exactly is crucial for their examinations. In addition, students need to continually build momentum in their academics. 

Therefore, good Junior College tutors will provide materials for students to build their knowledge on outside of tuition as well. This could include readings, assignments and videos. The importance of this is to ensure that the student does not forget what he has learnt during the tutoring session, allowing the JC tutor to immediately progress to the next stage next lesson instead of spending time reteaching what was taught previously.

Benefits of JC Tuition

JC tuition can take away the stress of academics to a large extent. Under good hands, students can be assured that as long as they follow the schedule of their tutor, they will be able to cope with their academics. This can be crucial for their well-being, as JC can be especially stressful. 

By pursuing a JC tuition, students simply need to follow the lessons of tutors, and do the work they have been assigned by their JC tutors diligently. When they are unable to do so, they should sound off to their tutor so that both tutor and student can come up with a better schedule to adapt to differing needs. As such, JC tuition can relieve the stress of academic burden and ensure students’ well-being.

Having JC tuition for 1 subject can help with the other subjects as well. For example, students taking 2 sciences can apply the skills they have learnt from a science tuition for one subject, to their other science subject. This is because science subjects usually overlap in terms of skills and studying methods required to ace the subject. 

As such, having JC tuition for one subject can enable students to follow a “model” of sustainable learning – such as designing schedules, how frequently they should revisit their previously learnt chapters and how to learn new chapters. This gives them greater confidence and knowledge in approaching all subjects, giving them an all-rounded edge towards learning.

Doing well for A Levels does not necessarily equate to having a successful career. However, it does guarantee students more opportunities – for scholarships and courses in universities. Therefore, having a JC tuition can be greatly beneficial as it enables student to maximise their potential for that subject, and also teaches student how to implement similar strategies of learning into their subjects as well. 

As such, JC tuition is likely to give a student the edge to scoring well for his A Levels. The better one does, the more university courses he will be eligible for, giving the student more courses to choose from. This gives the student greater liberty to choose what he truly desires and wants to pursue for the rest of his life.

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